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Top 50 Best Yoga Blogs of 2019 (Updated List)

In this world of chaos, people often try to find peace. They have their own ways and secrets to reach to harmony. But one common and a very popular source is Yoga.

Yoga is known all around the world for its amazing results, and most of all, for the relaxation that it makes us feel. Here, we are listing the '50 BEST YOGA BLOGS OF 2019' to help you understand what yoga actually is, and to give you a step-by-step guide on how to perform it.

P.S. This list is in no particular order, I'm a fan of them all.

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yoga basics

19 years! That's a long enough time to master at something. The 19 years of yoga practice leaves no doubt of the knowledge Timothy has gained of yoga. This expert has provided the best information regarding yoga on his blog.

Yoga Basics is one of the oldest yoga websites (founded in 2000), and also have a huge resource section on yoga poses, meditation, pranayama, and philosophy. Help yourself to the blog and experience the real yoga spirit.

gwen lawrence

Passionate Gwen is not just a quality yogi. The 20 years she spent providing massage therapy service and practicing fitness professionalism since 1990, has given her a good understanding of body functions.

She combines her various expertise to give special treatments, especially to athletes. She calls it ‘Power Yoga for Sports'. Her experience speaks for her excellent services and guidance that she offers by writing books.

Also, her newest book ‘Tactical Mobility' just dropped, and she will be introducing 12 Power Yoga for Sports Training Kits and a fun t-shirt line by mid to late October on her website.

alive in the fire

The inspiration of this lifestyle blog, 'Alive in the Fire,' has been found in the true teaching and mindful practice of yoga. Rachel Koontz, a Northern Californian native, along with her Sponsored Yogis team, manages this must-try website that includes the secret to calmness.

On this blog, you can see her desire for yoga, fitness, and mindfulness, and her love for peace.

Here's a convincing piece of Rachel's saying: "I believe that when we are quiet, we begin to see everything with love."

yoga with kassandra

Kassandra serves a complete pack of healthy lifestyle AND a peaceful life. It's not just a blog that highlights her amazing yoga practices, but also includes a collection of classes, personal blog entries, pose tutorials, delicious recipes, fashion and lifestyle.

She perfectly demonstrates "Wellness" through her blog. Also, she offers full-length yoga classes, which can be accessed by visiting her website.

nicole doherty

Sometimes life itself gives you a reason and teaches you how to heal. Such is the case of Nicole. The recovery of her hard times left her with the quality of "searching for peace and happiness". And this was the best thing that happened to her.

Since then, she has been a Yoga teacher and trainer, Shamanic Reiki Healer & Master Reiki Trainer, and an inspirational artist and writer. It's all about Healing. That's what Nicole aims to do. And if you find yourself in a similar situation where life is being hard on you, then look for Nicole's guidance.

aham yoga

No doubt India is the hub of yoga. Arundhati, an Indian yoga expert, has practiced such activities for many years in her mother-land.

Then, moving to WA gave her a new platform to spread the message of yoga. 

Since then, she has been involving herself in training for some essential yoga basics and teaching others to relax with the help of yoga.

love light yoga

The life of this blog is Danielle Hoogenboom. She uses this blog to express her passion for yoga, her various practices, her experiences, and her transformations.

She believes that yoga can bring a complete change in a person's life, and it has the ability to heal the mental as well as physical health. There are so many miraculous forms of yoga that she offers, which can be used for uncountable reasons and therapeutic purposes.

elena brower

Elena's blog is a very interesting site to visit. You can find several yoga classes, workshops, training, posts, and usual information on her blog.

She has organized the content in a quite orderly and motivating manner, which captures the attention of her viewers, inspires them, and help them access what-they-are-looking-for easily. Also, she has listed down numerous upcoming events that can be found beneficial.  

rachel yoga

It's not just her award-winning blog that she runs, but also, she writes for Yoga International, Huffington Post, and Half Moon. We are talking about Rachel, here. Rachel Scott is an author and educator, based in Vancouver, BC.

Her most recent book, Head Over Heels: A Yogis Guide to Dating is a hilarious and candid roadmap for bringing yoga philosophy off that mat and into your life. When she's not writing about relationship adventures, she loves to provide teachers and students with tangible tools to elevate their skills and practice.

jayne becca yoga

Jayne Squires is an international yoga instructor and the creator of this blog.. She runs a popular YouTube channel and hosts international yoga retreats. She is happiest when walking by the ocean, drinking coffee and practicing yoga with a kick-ass playlist.

Jayne loves to help others find their own freedom within yoga, find the courage within to be un-apologetically themselves and to live their life from the heart.

one with life

Stephanie has spent THIRTY-SEVEN years of her life, practicing yoga. It has helped her to attain balance, humbleness, and freedom in her life.

She focuses on guiding her students to sacredly explore the truth, authenticity, wellness and love in a meaningful way. Her blog explores the synergy between yoga life and happiness.

Subscribe to her site to get love, wisdom, fun giveaways and details on for her forthcoming book on yoga.

jennie lee yoga therapy

A certified yoga therapist, Jennie Lee, has invested 20 years of her life bringing the essence of yoga in people's lives and helping them heal through meditation and classical yoga. Along with her expert training, she also engages herself in writing and counselling people worldwide.

Her piece of writing includes two famous books – the award-winning "True Yoga: Practicing with the Yoga Sutras for Happiness & Spiritual Fulfillment" and “Breathing Love: Meditation in Action."

Through her writings, she aims at helping clients overcome grief, depression, anxiety, and stress, and create lives of greater joy. When she is not writing or coaching, she enjoys surfing and hiking with her husband near their home in Hawaii.

yoga cara

Every week, Yogacara GLOBAL posts Yoga blog articles by Students, Teachers, Lifestyle Practitioners and more. These blogs give different perspectives on Yoga, Lifestyles, Yoga Teacher Training, and more.

Yogacara provides a vision on everything. It includes a wide range of articles, from ‘Just for FUN’ topics to personal diaries and educational ones. They provide you a little bit of everything in their "Yoga Blog Soup."

yoga in the dragons den

It is an inspirational and a motivational platform, owned by Nobel, where different people gather to share their experiences related to yoga and other health beneficial sources.

They express their passion towards various practices, especially yoga, and how yoga helped them transform and heal themselves and assisted them to achieve a healthy lifestyle and mindfulness. These shared journeys can be a motivation for journeys about to begin.

shanti yoga shala

Shanti Yoga Shala is a LA-based blog and studio, which is being found and managed by Nathalie Croix. What's different about this yoga blog? The podcasts they offer. This is what takes the blog to another level.

One of their famous podcasts is "Life On Earth," which was very well-received by viewers from all over the world. They also offer many energy healing, meditation, yoga Nidra, restorative yoga, flow yoga, and life coaching sessions, and some inspiring conversations on healing techniques.

They specialize in their 200 and 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Due to the outstanding services being provided, now it is known as "Shanti Yoga Shala and Healing Center".

shine power yoga

SHINE. It explains the aim of this blog itself. You shine, first with sweat, and then with the glow that yoga gives you. 

The team together works as a successful promoter of yoga, by practicing it themselves and teaching others to make it a part of their life. They use a studio which is heated to 96 degrees, along with added humidity. It will make you sweat. But this is how they work. And their intense training gives amazing results which they share on their blog.

Get yourself such an intensity by visiting Shine Power Yoga.

ashtanga yoga asheville

This blog is more about Ashtanga practice. It is the kind of yoga which focuses on breath and posture, and this blog team is here to focus on you to make you understand the benefits of it. All ages of practitioners can gain the advantages that this yoga offers.

Ashtanga Yoga Asheville provides you with great support and workshops holding different timings, along with maintaining an encouraging attitude.

Their blog is super informational, managed by a group of professionals and well-trained teachers who are always available to answer your queries.

moonshine power yoga

Maintaining a powerful class as well as an inspirational blog is not an easy task. Moonshine Power Yoga can beat that. Your potential is beyond those chains of restrictions.

All that is required is a forced thirst of aliveness and a motivation that brings your mind towards the endless search of peace and happiness. This is what Moonshine Power Yoga believes and inspires others with, through Baptiste Power Yoga. They are a stand for community and the development of bold leaders.

They intend to share real stories, holding nothing back. They authentically share stories that create belonging and the sense that we are all in this together.

halfmoon yoga and art

Half Moon Yoga and Art blog is about how everything connects to yoga. Yoga means oneness. Hannah Faulkner draws inspiration from her surroundings and seeks to find yoga connections between the ordinary and extraordinary daily life.

She is inspired by the wise words of Leonardo da Vinci, "Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects with everything else."

Through her curiosity and adventurous spirit, Hannah has soaked in elements from worldwide cultures and books while combining her passions to create beauty in yoga, philosophy, history, art, nature, travel, yoga leggings, and wellness concepts.

yoga with adriene

Join Adriene. You will know why. But, here's a brief answer. Adriene is one of those personalities who changed their life with yoga, who did not just perform it but also felt the satisfaction that yoga brings, who gave yoga a whole new perspective.

She believes that yoga is the art of waking up and getting back to the true you. She knows how to do it right. So, take a deep breath and visit her site to know more.


The belief that led to the creation of Brogamats was that there are limits to yoga. Yoga can be a part of everyone; the practitioners can be of all ages and gender, they can be from all walks of life, and all Lululemon budgets.

These avid yogaphiles also keeps their focus on yoga products, so due to the narrow range of availability, they decided to come up with designs of their own. And guess what. It's all a big success.

Visit Brogamats, and you will find yourself introduced to a whole new world of yoga. 

minnesota power yoga

Not enough inspired by yoga? Check out this wonderful link. It is a site full of motivational blogs which will leave you with a surprisingly formed love for yoga.

The team of this blog aims to make you understand the purpose of your life and what difference you can bring in this world. And all of this is what they relate to peace which can be obtained with the help of yoga.

They are highly committed to the growth of the community and its wellbeing.

accessible yoga

The mission of the Accessible Yoga Conference is to bring together to the world's leading adaptive Yoga teachers for a weekend of education, community-building, and inspiration.

This blog provides a forum where the Yoga community can come together to connect, share, and support those who wish to expand access to the Yoga teachings for people who may not feel comfortable in a regular yoga class, people with disabilities, chronic illness, and seniors. 

The Accessible Yoga Blog provides an ongoing resource for teachers and practitioners.

raise your beat

Raise Your Beat was founded and created by Lauren Lee, international yoga teacher, and world traveler.

Through her adventures living, loving and learning around the globe, Raise Your Beat was born as an online platform to connect, support and inspire a like-minded community of seekers, travelers, dreamers, and doers.

habits of a modern hippie

Modern Hippie is about a 27-year old, named Kait, who has directed her life to the path of yoga, after discovering the inner peace and satisfaction that yoga brought to her. 

Since then, she reflected a healthy lifestyle. Not just this, she now also offers homemade products that she believes are extremely beneficial to bring wellness to life and for a better inner health.

evolation yoga

Founded by Mark and Zefea, Evolation aims at guiding you on a path to awaken yourself and know your true essence. It provides you the tools for living a conscious life.

It includes a comprehensive collection of yoga studios, teachers, and students and offers meditation, yoga, yoga teacher training, workshops, studio consultations, retreats, and bodywork. Mark and Zefea have been conducting world-class yoga teacher training since 2009 - Eighty-five of them to date.

yoga synergy

Founded by Simon and Bianca in 1984, it is Sydney’s largest and most respected yoga schools. Simon and Bianca offer teacher training, continuing education online as well as free information on their blog.

They studied physiotherapy (4 years) in order to improve their understanding of the body for their Yoga Teaching.

Through this study, they worked together to create the Yoga Synergy method which incorporates their knowledge from physiotherapy and blends east and west principles, making it a unique, safe and well-balanced practice.

Their yoga teachings are based on profound knowledge of anatomy, physiology, modern medical science and traditional hatha yoga.

james russell

A UK-based yoga teacher and blogger, James, has an expert approach of coaching and spreading the message-of-peace of yoga and meditation.

He has an extraordinary understanding of yoga, as he has read the entire history and culture of yoga, which has helped him to have a great grip on all moves of this practice.

After a training of 17 years and studying yoga in India, Nepal, and UK, James believes that yoga enquiry is a gradual process of observation in which flexibility and physical ability are concealed by the bigger purpose of self. And so, James creates a space for yoga which is wide-ranging and non-competitive.

yoga download

Working for the benefit of others is what Yoga Download do. This blog is owned by a group of yogi students and teachers who are well-aware of the importance of yoga and want others to get the best out of it too, by making an accessible, convenient, and affordable yoga learning platform.

Their blog contains a bunch of different yoga training, along with the perfect music for your yogi soul.

katie silcox

The renowned yoga practitioner, Katie Silcox, is an inspiration for the modern beings, who carries the practices from past. Her knowledge of Ayurveda, which is known for its benefits since centuries, is vast and this makes her an expert in the area she’s working in.

The extraordinary teaching style that she possesses includes the training of a wide variation of classical yoga, vinyasa-based asana, and Tantric philosophy. Her successful blog is a platform that she uses to help others gain the benefits of yoga and share her secret of happiness.

yogi times

Jean’s own inner peace became an inspiration for him to begin with this Yoga-journey.

Not just he made this a part of his life but also decided to become a source of harmony for others who need a break from their stressful routine. His struggle to promote this wonderful practice has made him a successful blogger and trainer of meditation and yoga, and healthy lifestyle.

exhale yoga retreats

A sanctuary for people who are looking for a relief and release from their financial worries and overbearing schedules.

She conducts yoga teacher training and retreat, in different places around the world, to help you discover your inner self. Check out Exhale Yoga Retreats to join the fun-loving crew and have a life-enhancing experience.

This list will surely help you to put away your stresses and find relief and a peaceful life, which at times seems impossible to get. Feel free to guide yourself to these links and gain the most out of this wonderful practice. Become a yogi.

Keep sharing my list of best 50 yoga blogs 2019... I'd appreciate the social love.

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