5 Important Things You Should Know Before Buying a Massage Chair

Massage has been considered as a form of therapy for attaining sheer relaxation as well as at certain times for physical or psychological recovery since decades.

With technological advancements in today’s date, it is no longer a necessity for individuals whom of which wish to receive massages on a frequent basis to make trips to the spa on a daily basis, a vast range of massage chairs have been brought forward into the market as a practical alternative. 

Featuring various components, prices as well as purposes, mentioned below are just 5 out of the many factors which should be considered before finalizing a massage chair to buy.

The Budget

The preset budget of a prospective buyer is among the primary factors which should be taken into consideration. As believed by us, along with others, purchasing a massage chair can become a hefty investment; therefore, must be done carefully.

budget for a massage chair

Massage chairs pricing with maximum features can reach up to a range between $10,000-$15,000 while the cheapest of models with a minimal number of features can be found within under a $500 budget as well.

If you consider yourself to be in the latter price range, then the product choices in the following post would be of much significance:


Prospective buyers opt to purchase a massage chair regardless of on a high or a low budget, for either attaining sheer relaxation or even enhanced physical/psychological recovery.

Massage motions or settings which mimic or aid with delivering a Swedish or a classical massage to users are optimal for ensuring a relaxing experience whereas a deep-tissue massage featuring high-intensity rollers merged with heat transmitters are ideal for recovery purposes.

features of a massage chair

Alongside with the massage motions, features such as zero-gravity become a necessity in cases where prospective buyers are opting to target physical recovery, particularly within their vertebrae or lower-back.

The features of a massage chair should; therefore, be fully dependent upon the desired objective or results expected by prospective buyers to avoid any inconvenience.

Size of The Massage Chair

The sizing, as well as the weight factor of a massage chair, must also be taken into consideration mainly by those that are relatively more conscious about their furniture or reside in urban designed homes which are relatively smaller in size.

Full-sized massage chairs should only be opted for when the prospective buyer does not intend on moving it around the house too often.

human touch massage chair

While in tight or relatively smaller rooms, to avoid inconvenience, more miniature sized massage chairs with a relatively higher portability factor should be given preference.


Since a massage chair regardless of whether purchased for relaxation or recovery will be used often or even on a daily basis; therefore, comprehensive research should be carried out with the help of already existing reviews by customers to analyze its durability.

panasonic massage chair

It is also best advised to make sure that massage chair brands which offer an extensive warranty covering the entire massage chair should always be given higher preference.


For prospective buyers whom of which do not consider themselves to be tech-savvy, the functioning of the massage chair itself via its monitor or remote is also another factor which should be thought over.

Opting for massage chairs with controllers that are simple and highly user-friendly not only enhance convenience but also prevent from disrupting the relaxing massage flow being delivered to users.

The factors mentioned above can efficiently be covered with the help of prior research being conducted via the internet with the assistance of already posted customer reviews, to ensure that the ideal massage chair which specifically suits your individual needs is finalized upon.

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