Best Titan Massage Chair 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

If you have been a loyal customer of Titan, or are planning to opt for it, then let me tell you, this post is the idealistic place for you to be.

Mind you, when I talk about Titan, no, I am not referring to the assumed comic ‘rightful rulers of the earth’ (Godzilla; King of monsters reference). What I am really referring to, are going to be the topmost 7 Titan massage chairs, reviewed in full detail within this post.

According to researches carried out, an estimated 77% of the American population suffer from symptoms whom of which are induced by stress, states the American Psychological Association.

In the Millennium lifestyle which is driven primarily the urge to continually meet deadlines, very few things in life can bring relaxation, from trying out Yoga, to professional massages at the spa to even weight training or hitting the gym.

titan massage chair

What best worked for me, not only financially but also stayed aligned with my hectic routine was a reliable massage chair, I kid you not. Such an answer to attaining relaxation, not only keeps in consideration delivering effectively to your needs but also being relatively more lenient towards your wallet.

Ever since I have become a PRO at being massage chair-savvy, among few of my several favorites, happen to be Titan/Osaki which are also the leading names within the market sphere.

Therefore, whether it is reviews you are in search of or an extensively covered buying guide towards purchasing the idealistic massage chair for your specific needs, I would advise you to sit tight and keep on reading.

Let start then, shall we!

Best Titan Massage Chairs 2020

Titan TP-8400 Massage Chair

The Titan TP-8400 has integrated within a total of 5 differently specialized automatic massage settings, each of which explicitly delivers not only modes affiliated with; Refresh, Relaxation, Relief, and Recovery but much more. Professional practitioners being utilized in the process of designing the preset massages incorporated in the Titan TP-8400 Massage Chair ensures that optimal standards of massage are delivered to each user.

Depending upon the need as well as the mood of each user, manual massage settings are further allowed by the Titan TP-8400 as to cater for creating a fully customized massage session featuring the desired speed, motion, intensity as well as timing of the massage program.

What I truly love most; however, about the Titan TP-8400 is it’s functional ability to deliver an entirely comforting and a profoundly healing massage session targeted around the feet of users. Initiating from the airbags which aim the ankle knobs, there is no part of the user's feet which is not targeted by the highly specialized full range foot-massage via airbags embedded within the massage chair.

Rollers incorporated within the main seat of the massage chair are set on an L-track system aimed at being perfectly aligned with the Vertebrae of users, to ensure that optimal eradication of any stress or strain trapped within the Vertebrae, causing lousy posture, or chronic pains is eliminated effectively.

An automatic full body scanner within the Titan TP-8400 further helps with perfectly contouring each massaging node with the natural body-type as well as the body curves of each user for an active massage experience.

Moving the Titan TP-8400 around the household or the office can be an extensively arduous task when additional help is not around, making it among the core drawback of owning the massage chair.

To deliver a profoundly relaxing and a therapeutic massage experience, a Zero-gravity positioning is also offered to users, placing them in a stance which enhances blood flow; therefore, eradicating strain or tensions trapped within the anatomy. A 5-year warranty further delivers convenience to each user, by extensively covering up for technical breakdowns of the massage chair.

Titan Chair Apex AP-Pomp Zero Gravity Massage Chair

What I prefer most about the Titan Chair Apex AP-Pomp Zero Gravity Massage Chair is its ability to deliver a light, yet a profoundly comforting heat transmitting experience alongside each massage node, specifically around the lower back area to ensure optimal results. Although the default settings allow for a relatively light level of heat to be transmitted; yet, at the same time, users can also manually control the standards as per their needs.

Even alongside its relatively bulky body, the Titan Chair Apex AP-Pomp Zero Gravity Massage Chair is designed as such to be able to operate with optimal most consistency even with 2-inches of space from a wall with the help of a highly specialized space-saving technology embedded within.

To ensure the delivery of full-body deep-tissue massage experience, a highly effective L-track massaging system is embedded within, initiating at the neck and curving all the way carefully down till the hamstrings of users to ensure the effective eradication of stress/strain trapped in the Vertebrae.

For those explicitly suffering from chronic pains, a space-saving zero-gravity position allows each user to be placed in an astronaut-like stance right before shuttle take-off, to allow for optimal most enhancement of blood flow within the anatomy.

Titan Pro Alpha Zero Gravity Massage Chair

What I prefer most about the Titan Pro Alpha Zero Gravity Massage Chair is that it has highly advanced, Bluetooth connection capabilities embedded within to allow each user the ability to enjoy the music or audio of their choice while the massage chair is connected to their selective device.

For those of whom enjoy a relatively intense massage experience, I would highly recommend the Titan Pro Alpha Zero Gravity Massage Chair since it features deep-tissue massaging technology merged with L-track rollers targeting not only the neck and shoulders of users but also the Vertebrae, Glutes as well as the Hamstrings.

Automatically preset massage settings allow users the convenience of being able to select the massage program of their choice, ranging from Relief, Recovery, Relaxation as well as Rejuvenation. While the ability to create manual massage setting as per the desire of each user allows for full massage customization where not only the massage type but also the massage intensity and timings can be altered.

Space-saving technology when merged with a zero-gravity positioning allows users to be able to place the massage chair in relatively smaller rooms even with its relatively big size. Zero-gravity positioning helps balance the body-posture by putting users instance where the heart, is lower than the legs; therefore, significantly increasing blood-flow.

For users whom of which have a relatively labor-intensive daily routine, the foot-massagers embedded within the Titan Pro Alpha Zero Gravity Massage Chair can feel a lot like heaven, via a deep-tissue massage experience targeting the feet.

Titan TI-7700 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The one feature I cannot praise enough about the Titan TI-7700 Zero Gravity Massage Chair pertains to massage spot-adjustment. What is massage spot-adjustment you may ask? Well, it gives users the control over fully maneuvering each massage node to placement which best suits their body type as well as desire. Such an element within the Titan TI-7700 Zero Gravity Massage Chair can significantly help with physical recovery by targeting massage concentration to problematic anatomy parts.

A full-body extensive massage experience is delivered with the help of air-bags embedded within whether it be around the lower back or users or even the feet, while customization can be attained by altering the intensity of the massage experience via manual settings.

For those of whom which suffer from bad posture can significantly benefit from the outer shoulder massage technology embedded within the Titan TI-7700 Zero Gravity Massage Chair. Stretching, kneading and compression when merged enhance the loosening of any strain trapped within the shoulders due to a labor-intensive routine.

Since the massage chair features a highly appealing beige exterior, manufacturers utilized Polyurethane as the upholstery material to allow for ultimate ease with cleaning the massage chair and keeping it looking like its new.

Last but not the least, heat transmitters specifically around the back and lower-back target the Vertebrae of users for ensuring that any strain, or tension trapped within can effectively be released via enhanced massage circulation with the help of heat transmission.

Titan Chair Apex AP-Pomp Zero Gravity Massage Chair

My most favorite feature about the Titan Chair Apex AP-Pomp Zero Gravity Massage Chair has without a doubt got to be the dual rollers embedded around the feet of each user, ensuring that an optimal level massage experience is delivered specifically around the feet. For those with a labor-intensive routine, the targeted foot-massage can be a treat at the end of the day.

For utmost user convenience, an aggregate of 4 automatically preset massage programs is embedded within the Titan Chair Apex AP-Pomp Zero Gravity Massage, designed with the help of professionals in the industry to ensure optimal standards of comfort and relaxation.

Users also can create manual massage sessions as per their mood as well as requirements, via being able to alter and readjust the massage motions, intensity as well as massage timings with the help on an aggregate of 6 different massage motions.

L-track rollers help with fully contouring to the body curves of each user for the successful elimination of strain or tension trapped within, alongside which heat transmitters aid in further enhancing the levels of massage penetration.

The Titan Chair Apex AP-Pomp Zero Gravity Massage allows users the allowance of a consistent recline or a zero-gravity positioning, even when the massage chair is placed with only 2-inches of backspace from the wall due to its space-saving design which delivers not only convenience but also utmost consistency.

Titan Tp-Pro 8400 Full Body Massage Chair

What I love most about the Titan TP-Pro 8400 Full Body Massage Chair, is without a doubt its highly advanced outlook, featuring a modern look in Black and strips of Khaki upholstery makes it very appealing visually.

A full body scanner helps with identifying as well as analyzing the over-all body type of each user, and depending upon which massage nodes along with the foot extensions are likewise adjusted. Such an ability with altering the massage nodes, as per each users body-types ensures that an optimal and a consistent massage standard is delivered to each user, whether short height or tall, narrow-boned or relatively wider in structure.

A total of five automatically pre-set massage settings are embedded within the massage chair each of which is specially designed to deliver the following, but not limited to; Relief, Recovery, Rejuvenation, and Relaxation. To further enhance user-experience, manual massage programs can also be created with the help of varying massage motions for a customized level of massage.

Leg and all-around foot massagers target the lower body with a deep-tissue massage to eradicate not only strain but also enhance blood-flow by constant stimulation of core Tsubo points present within the lower anatomy of users.

Lastly, but not the least, body posture and blood-flow are fully balanced out with the help of placing users in a stance with their heart lower than their legs, also known as the Zero-gravity reclined position, optimal for those suffering from chronic backaches.

Titan TPPRO8400D Model TP-Pro 8400 Massage Chair

Among each of the Titan Massage Chairs reviewed above, I would consider the Titan TP-Pro 8400D Massage Chair as the most aesthetically appealing featuring an off-white, brown and a beige upholstery combination; It is something to look at!

A highly easy to use controller helps with delivering utmost convenience to each user, whether tech-savvy or not with functioning the massage chair programs as well as core features. To adequately accommodate users of varying body styles as well as body frames, a fully automatic body scanner is incorporated within merged with leg and foot extensions, which allow the process of extending the massage chair to cater taller individuals.

A total of 5 specially designed automatic massage programs are given to users to choose from, while each user is also provided with the opportunity to fully customize their massage program as per their individualistic needs/requirements.

Ankle knobs are a specific feature mostly affiliated with Titan manufactured massage chairs which specifically ensure that feet, as well as the surrounding vicinity, is fully covered via an extensive massage session.

Zero-gravity massage features are further incorporated within the Titan TP-Pro 8400D Massage Chair to ensure recovery specifically targetting the Vertebrae of users by balancing out the body posture via effectively eradicating strain through enhanced blood circulation.

Titan, as Manufacturers

titan massage chair brand

As mentioned earlier on, towards the beginning of this post as well, Titan is categorized as among the topmost massage chair Manufacturers within the market sphere in my experience, and there are many reasons behind its allocation in that list.

Whether it is sheer physical relaxation a prospective buyer is in search for, psychological comfort or even a massage chair on a moderate budget, Titan can successfully cater to a majority of buyers within the market. 

Each massage chair can deliver an optimal level massage standard with the help on extensive, yet, highly advanced massage technology embedded inside, which otherwise within the market would cost buyers above the $5000 or $6000 price mark.

Another aspect which I find common among the massage chairs specifically designed by Titan massage chairs revolves around visual aesthetics. You can click upon any of the above hyper-linked Titan massage chair models mentioned within this post and find out for yourselves. Each massage chair model features a balanced color combination of upholstery to make it visually appealing as well as a modern design which thoroughly covers up for its rather bulky body effortlessly.

When talking about massage elements common among manufactured chairs by Titan, I cannot possibly miss out on mentioning how each model even with its bulky body design can recline and that too with minimal most backspace from the wall. Tested and tried, Titan massage chairs, particularly those enlisted within the post only require a mere total of 2-inches back-space from the wall to be able to fully recline as well as cater a Zero-gravity positioning via the element of space-saving.

The one element, I find most comforting and relaxing, common to each of the 7 Titan Massage Chairs reviewed above definitely pertains to the holistic, yet,  highly comforting massage coverage provided to the feet and legs of each user. What I have noticed, as well as witnessed many users around me praise, is the extensive massage coverage provided to not only the calves and legs but also, the feet of users that makes Titan among the best massage chair manufacturers in the market sphere.

If by now, you have made up your mind about purchasing a Titan manufactured Massage Chair then the below-mentioned section can help you out with picking the ideal model for your specific needs and requirements.

Let's get to it then, shall we!

Titan Massage Chair Buying Guide

titan massage chair buying guide

The sheer number of models in the market sphere can tend to confuse a Pro like me when it comes to massage chairs, let alone non-specialists, in search for a Titan Massage Chair to purchase for the very first time which is why I always advise prospective buyers to fully carry out their homework before entering the world of massage chairs. 

When it comes to picking out the massage chair which best suits you, or your family, one must keep in mind and consider many components including but not entirely limited to those enlisted below in the post since each user has individualistic needs.

Let us begin with the buying guide then, Shall we!

The Budget

I cannot possibly stress enough on how important and crucial of a role, the ultimate budget kept by a prospective buyer, plays upon limiting the available options/models within the market sphere. When it comes to Titan as a manufacturer; however, a majority of their models are below the $4000-$5000 price budget, making them relatively cheaper when placed in comparison to other manufacturers in the market, with massage chairs of the same nature.

The Titan TI-7700 Zero Gravity Massage Chair, for example, is packed with a heap of massage features including feet and hand massagers and is available at a reasonable cost of only $1400. While the Titan TI-7700 Zero Gravity Massage Chair, a model from their luxury line of manufactured models only costs an astounding $2500, featuring not only an array of highly advanced features, extended warranty but also a highly appealing design and visually beautiful upholstery.

Automatic Body Scanner

An automatic Body Scanner is a highly prominent feature which plays a vital role in delivering a consistent massage standard to multiple users. In most cases, a massage chair is most often utilized by several users rather than just one. In such cases, each user has their body-form, each of which requires special care when it comes to massage placement.

Titan is among the very rare massage chair manufacturers whom of which incorporate a full-body automatic scanner within a sheer majority of their massage chairs. In other words, massage nodes, as well as foot-extensions, can automatically adjust themselves after analyzing the body type, whether height or body width of each user.


Regardless of whether you, as a prospective buyer is in search of sheer relaxation or enhanced physical recovery, the feature of Zero-gravity is as such, it caters effectively to both the needs. What is Zero-gravity, you may ask?

Well, Zero-gravity is a reclined stance which places each user in a position similar to that of Astronauts, right before shuttle take-off. Such a reclined position puts users in a recline, as such where the heart or the chest of each user is lower in level than the feet. Therefore, significantly enhancing the blood-flow around the body, an increase in the blood flow, thus, results in a relatively most balanced body posture when utilized on a regular basis.

Luckily, each of the 7 Titan Massage Chair models reviewed within this post consists of highly advanced Zero-gravity positioning, which not only places users in a reclined position but is also merged with space-saving technology. The element of space-saving gives users the advantage of putting the massage chair just 2-inches away from the wall regardless of whether in an upright position or reclined, the massage chair works wonders in its own designated space.

Titan, as a massage chair manufacturer, has paved its way into the list of the top most massage chair manufacturers in the market sphere not only due to the relatively reasonable prices their models are placed under but most dominantly due to the optimal most levels of relaxation the manufactured massage chairs can deliver.

Each Titan manufactured model is packed with a diverse array of massage components, all of which work in harmony to deliver both enhanced physical recovery as well as psychological relief. An excellent massage experience, providing utmost comfort, that too at highly affordable prices, well what more would you want!

Good Luck with seeking out the ideal most Titan Massage Chair for yourself!


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