55 Best Meditation & Stress Relief Blogs You Can Follow in 2020

Being a Psychologist and an avid reader of content related to stress relief, meditation and the like, I browsed for such blogs and discovered various sites. After a thorough research, I found some of the sites that one cannot resist lingering on.

So, if you are looking for some mental tranquility through help and guidance, you are definitely at the right spot. Here is a detailed list of the '55 Best Meditation & Stress Relief Blogs' that have got it all covered for you. So, read it through and thank me later!

top stress relief relaxation and meditation blogs

The list is not in order and I consider all the blogs worth following.


Primal Therapeutics provides you with the best Cannabis infused massage therapy. It provides its services to the residents of Colorado, cannabis refugees and any visitor to their state.

If you're heading to their state and looking for the best spa experience directly to your home, business or hotel, you must book an appointment with Primal Therapeutics and get relaxed with their massage therapy.

shama kern

A massage academy that provides you with the best online training programs for Thai Massage. Either you're a beginner or familiar with Thai Massage, you can get wide range of massage and therapy courses.

The site also includes informative articles on Thai massage. Follow their blog to get the best online training courses and become an expert in Thai massage.

carl vernon

Carl Vernon is the best-selling author and writer, who writes about anxiety, depression, stress and success on how to overcome them for your well-being.

With his 15 years of anxiety experience, Carl provides you with the best solution to overcome anxiety and manage stress in his best sellers, “Anxiety Rebalance” and “The Less-Stress Lifestyle”.

His blog also includes a course on Anxiety Rebalance. If you’re dealing with stress, anxiety or depression, you must join his community to get the best solution to your worries.


Breethe is an easiest way to meditate, to de-stress yourself and sleep peacefully with just a 10mins coaching with your personal mediation coach.

Download the Breethe app and bring peace, calm and clarity to your mind. You can try it anywhere, on your phone, tablet or computer. Get it for free and remove all stress from your life.


An online directory of massage providers that help you to get relief from your burdens and feel good. It is created by a leading online psychotherapist directory, GoodTherapy.org.

You can find a massage provider in your area through their online search directory. Their blog also provides tips and useful info for professional massage therapists.

Check out the blog and learn about massage therapies and techniques through their helpful online resources.

real bodywork

Real body work provides a variety of online courses, massage DVDs and massage videos with great techniques to help you improve your massage skills.

The site also sells a unique massage cream for deep tissue massage and produces educational anatomy apps for your phones. Check out the site, learn best techniques and apply them immediately in your massage practice.

the anxiety guy

The Anxiety Guy podcast/blog is changing the way we see anxiety from managing the symptoms and cognitions, to eliminating the attachment all together.

Dennis provides a no sugar coated approach to holistic healing through methods based around CBT, NLP, and Buddhism teachings. Remember, you are more than anxiety.

stress management society

A non-profit organization that helps private and public sector organizations and individuals in managing their workplace stress.

Being the UK’s leading consultant on stress management issues, it aims at empowering people to take charge of their complete well-being. It helps people improve their mental health and performance within their workforce.

Neil and his team provide workshops, guides and regular updates to help you maximize your well-being, success, and productivity with an approach to reduce stress and promote happiness.

mindful minutes

Mindful Minutes is a blog by Melissa, who aims at sharing her knowledge on meditation and mindfulness to help you learn on how to live a mindful life.

She shares practical tidbits on how to stay calm in your busy schedule. If you’re looking for a guide to mindfulness, you must get her amazing book, ‘The Type A's Guide to Mindfulness: Meditation for Busy Minds and Busy People.'

Check out her inspiring blog to bring mindfulness to your life even in your jam-packed routines.

giovanna live and dare

Live and dare is a blog by Giovanna, who writes about meditation, personal growth, and spirituality. He helps you get more out of your life, supports you to grow as a person and advance in your spiritual journey.

His blog includes meditation courses and podcasts that cover interviews, insights, and stories about meditation and relaxation.

If you’re suffering from stress or negative emotions, check out his blog to get guided solutions on stress management and learn more on how to relax your inner self.

Andy Puddicombe

With a mission to improve health and happiness of the world, Andy provides teaching on meditation and mindfulness to people around the world. Try Headspace for free and get a meditation guide right in your pocket.

Check out their blog and get inspired by their exciting stories on how meditation and mindfulness can help you in your day-to-day activities. 

phuket meditation

Opened in 2009, on Phuket Island, this Meditation, and Retreat center aims at inspiring people to find peace within in their hearts. Tobi and Parn, owners of the center, provides yoga or Qigong classes and counseling sessions in Phuket.

They also have teachings, videos and guided meditations etc which might help people relax while on their massage chairs.

If you’re planning to visit the beautiful Phuket Island, you must check out their blog to get useful information and tips on what to do in Phuket and how to relax your mind and get inner peace.

meditation shift

The main aim of MeditationSHIFT is, Meditation and mindfulness-properly taught and applied, to help people understand the compulsive nature of their minds and stop the suffering it causes in their life. Their online course, ‘An owner’s guide to your mind,' has been helping people around the world for 15 years.

They have published more than 100 articles on mindfulness, meditation, and other related topics. If you’re tired of your never-ending stream of thoughts and struggles and can’t escape your mind, MeditationSHIFT is the best way out for you.

big tree school

Big Tree School is the creation of Cindy, who believes that Qi (life force) flows within us all. The main intention of the blog is to offer a place of inspiration for the potential self-awareness and hands-on healing.

With her deep knowledge of massage therapy and Chinese medicine, Cindy offers online courses and in-person certification programs on meridian massage. If you’re interested in Chinese medicine and want to add depth to your massage practices, you must get her popular book, ‘Meridian Massage: Opening Pathways to Vitality.'

the daily meditation

The Daily Meditation was created by a meditation specialist Paul Harrison, with over 10 years practice in meditation. It provides complete online courses and resources covering all meditation and spiritual techniques for healthy living.

Check out the blog to get the best techniques on mindfulness, meditation, and self-growth.

pure knead massage

Pure Knead massage aims at providing all healing benefits of massage to people and making massage therapists recognize their potential in helping the well-being of people. The site offers several types of massage to knead your worries away and help you de-stress your mind and body.

Check out their site to book an appointment with professional therapists and bring the spa to your home, office or any other place in 1 hour time.

the self massa

The Self Massa is a unique massage stick that helps you relieve your back, neck, and shoulder aches. It provides you the power of self-massage which massage therapy and yoga could not provide.

If you don’t want to pay for a massage, you must get this amazing stick to get a free massage, anytime or anywhere you like. Check out Hannah’s blog to get useful tips and learn how to use this amazing stick.

look within you

Look Within You was created with a dedication towards meditation, inner peace, spiritual awakening, and nonduality. Remez, the author of this site, provides motivating readings on how to focus on your mind and attain peace in daily life.

He also shares inspirational quotes on spirituality and meditation. If you’re looking for self-improvement tips for life, you must follow his blog to awaken your spirituality and look more deeply within you.

san mateo cbt clinic

San Mateo CBT Clinic was founded by Jonah, a licensed clinical psychologist. With his aim to help others, Jonah provides treatments to people suffering from anxiety disorders.

His blog provides useful information on how to overcome these fears to live a satisfied live with peace of mind.  Check out his blog to overcome these fears and find tranquility in your inner self.

positively mindful

Positively Mindful has been created to free people from all negative thoughts, stress, and worries through its positively-mindful techniques. It provides classes and courses on mindfulness to help you find a balance in your happier and less stressful life.

With his training in Mindfulness, coaching, meditation, yoga and holistic massage, Neil aims at providing all these together at one place to make your life happy and healthier. If you’re looking for a coaching session to deal with your anxiety or stress, you must contact Neil to enrich your daily life.

the stress channel

A channel created by Istvan to share his journeys and experiences on what to do and what not when finding a relief to de-stress yourself.

He also provides practical tips on stress relief. If you’re tired and stressed out, you must checkout his easy steps on how to relax yourself and live a stress-free lifestyle.

my anxiety companion

If you are going through a mental illness like anxiety or stress issues, My Anxiety Companion can bring hope and positivity in your life while helping you cope with it effectively.

This site is owned by Mel who is a brave South African girl who did not only cope with her anxiety disorder but also helped many by writing a book about her journey.

all mad here

All Mad Here is a successful blog created in 2013 by Claire Eastham who is a rather inspiring person for all those suffering from different sort of mental illnesses.

She made her Panic Disorder and Social Anxiety her strength instead of letting it take her down. It is her strong belief that mental health can be maintained with right help and that’s what her blog’s aim is.

ekhart yoga

EkhartYoga is the perfect site for all those looking for some yoga inspiration. It has got everything about yoga covered for you, be it yoga videos, articles, workshops, app and even a yoga dictionary.

You need not to browse elsewhere for anything related to yoga once you are on this site.

tyler rich counseling

Richer Life Counseling was created by Tyler Richer who is a Therapist Intern with University of Phoenix.

You can book an appointment with the therapist online. The site also consists of blogs that talk in detail about anxiety, LGBT and sexual addiction. Their main goal is to help the client achieve mental serenity.

anxiety therapy san diego

Located in San Diego, CSAM is specialized in evidence-based treatments for stress and anxiety management. It aims at providing you the best solutions to relieve your stress and make you more healthy and focused. 

To deal with your worries, negative thoughts and feelings, CSAM provides in depth assessment, individual and group therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Biofeedback, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. If your anxiety or stress is really bothering you, schedule an appointment with them and get a professional treatment from their specialized therapists.

anxiety slayer

With over 350 anxiety relief podcasts and 4.5 million audio downloads, Shann Vander and Ananga Sivyar have been helping people for over 8 years. Equipped with powerful stress and anxiety reducing techniques, they aim at providing you the best anxiety release exercises and tools to bring peace to your minds. Follow their blog to slay your anxiety, heal your mind and live your life!

simple mindfulness

Simple Mindfulness offers a wealth of information on how to pause in the midst of stressful times to recenter and relax your mind and body and use mindfulness as a tool to manage all that life throws at you.

The site includes articles and free guides on meditation, handling difficult relationships, making difficult decisions and designing and living the life you desire.The articles and free downloads inspire you to explore new, mindful ways of being that move you to a happier, more fulfilled life.

meditation for beginners

Meditation for beginners is a guiding source for all beginners, who want to learn new techniques of meditation to find peace and tranquility. It provides practical advice about meditation, breathing and Qigong techniques.

Their new book “The Essence of Meditation” is also available to give you handy information on meditation techniques and benefits. Check out their site to get all the details about this amazing book.

denver peace of mind massage

Created in 2009 and located in Denver, Peace of Mind Massage strives to provide you with the best massage therapy in town. With their aim to help people, they bring their clients out of their heads and into their bodies to make them experience the positive effects of massage therapy.

Their creative, talented and unique massage therapists provide you with result oriented massage therapies and a relaxing experience in a soothing environment.

your life creation

Adi, an ardent student of life, aims at helping people improve their experiences, goals and help you find your real passion and your own way to make your life. It teaches you many techniques to help you make your true passion a reality. To help you work towards your passion, it offers best online courses for self-improvement, law of attraction, self-growth, self-help, self-development and meditation.

laila thai massage

Laila Thai Massage aims at improving your well-being and boost your confidence by pampering you with a luxurious range of massage therapy treatments. It provides you the best massage and beauty treatments in Randwick.

Check out their site to book an appointment for a perfect massage and beauty combo and get benefits from their tips about general health and wellness.

cate stillman

Cate, the founder, created Yoga Health to help people live the lives they dreamed of. It provides courses, tools and skills to remove stress from your lives and help you grow your business and improve your lifestyles.

Check out her wellness pros to boost your health, improve your careers and enhance your lifestyle.

yoga inspires

Yoga Inspires, offers videos and articles, designed to offer a quiet, calm space online for busy women to receive simple yoga and meditation tips and advice, for stress relief and relaxation from a yogic perspective.

Ntathu, the founder, tries to make the blogs/videos practical tips you can easily do during a busy day to invite moments of calm into your day.

rachel yoga

Rachel hosts an award winning blog with online classes, extensive tips for both students and teachers, and her signature "three-minute epiphanies", which bring yoga philosophy to life in the real world. 

She is the author of "Wit and Wisdom from the Yoga Mat" as well as the much-anticipated "Head Over Heels: A Yogi's Guide to Dating". (launching 1st Oct)


Calm is an amazing blog that is created with a mission to bring calmness to your life. Through the power of meditation and mindfulness, Calm aims to make the world a happy and healthier place.

Their blog is created to complement their amazing Calm app and book. It provides inspiring stories and practical insights on meditation and mindfulness.

The blog also shares Q/A posts based on user-submitted questions to help the Calm community grow their meditation practice. If you want to bring calmness to your life, you must check out their blog and install their app to give it a try.

visual meditation

Visual meditation aims at bringing positivity to your life and making it better with its powerful meditation videos and mp3's. The site provides high quality, professional, subconscious meditation videos, which help you improve your subconscious mind and make your life better. 

To put your life on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement, you must try out their amazing meditation videos.

adam hocke

Adam Hocke Yoga is a blog by Adam who has been practicing vinyasa flow yoga since 1999. He offers strong and precise yoga classes to help you develop mindfulness and get relief from all stress and worries!

He tries to explore traditional practices from a modern perspective. His audio and one-to-one yoga classes include relaxation exercises, short sequences, and strength-building postures. If you’re looking for an amazing place to learn yoga, you must check out his blog.

meditation relax club

Meditation Relax Club is a musical duo that tries to arouse positive feelings in people through their best selection of music. Their main goal is to provide you complete relaxation through their meditation and relaxing spa music to sleep and study.

With its soothing and calming music, it aims to help people practice meditation through positive thinking. If you’re looking for some great music and useful tips on how to improve your quality of life, you must check out their amazing world of music.


A blog by Kerri, who aims to inspire you to live your life mindfully. Her blog is for people who are busy in their hectic routines but still want a spiritually fulfilled life.

She writes about mindfulness-based stress reduction to help you relieve your stress. Check out her blog to learn how to be more mindful in your everyday lives.

andrew richardson

Feeling better is the best solution to your out of control emotions and thoughts. Andrew Richardson has been providing his counseling services for over 10 years. With his latest hypnotherapy and tailor-made audios, he helps you relieve your anxieties, angers, depression and much more.

He provides a complete range of self-help audio programs to help you deal with your worries more quickly than you might imagine. Contact Andrew to get the most reliable treatment with his latest scientific knowledge and experience.

mindfulness exercises

Mindfulness exercises is a world’s top resource for mindfulness. It offers more than 1500 free mindfulness audio meditations, worksheets and videos. Sean, the founder, also offers teacher certification programs and personal coaching on mindfulness. His training helps teachers to deepen their emotional intelligence and meditation.

Check out his blog to get the best exercises and training programs on mindfulness and meditation.


Meredith created ZenSmarts, with the aim to help people get relief from their stress and find tranquility in their lives. She offers convenient and effective treatments through meditation and mindfulness.

She provides a 6-minute meditation video to help you get rid of stress instantly. Her blog also includes different advanced services, like private coaching, online e-course, and meditation retreat.


A health and wellness center dedicated to promote the benefits gained from massage therapy and highlight the contributions of massage therapists in helping people understand its positive effects.

If you’re stressed out and looking for an effective therapy to relax yourself, Massage Therapist Development Centre can prove to be a good choice. 

zen at work

Zen at Work aims at providing you a stress free life through the benefits of mindfulness. It helps you recognize your infinite ability to refine your mind and improve your daily work.

Through their happiness coaching session, the qualified mindfulness mentors help you stay happy and healthier with a strong control of your life. If you’re stressed out and unable to concentrate on your work, you must check out their blog to get the amazing tools and strategies to overcome your challenges.

audio meditation

The blog’s mission is to promote meditation as a self guiding tool to improve your health and well being. It’s online guided meditation includes audio meditation courses, Guided Visualizations, sleep meditation, stress management techniques for relaxation and self help.

Linda, the owner, also shares blog articles and video podcasts to help you understand the body-mind relationship. Follow her amazing site to learn the best meditation and relaxation.

daoist meditation

Robert James Coons, the owner, created this site to introduce the traditional Chinese Daoist Meditation to the west. His comprehensive book, “Internal Elixir Cultivation” is a concise and clear introduction to the Daoist Meditation.

If you’re looking for a practical and direct approach to meditation, you must get his amazing book before your next meditation sessions.

mind with matter

Mind with Matter is founded by Yulia, a mom and a mindfulness and yoga teacher. It provides you the best techniques to have a balanced and joyful life. Her blog includes a wide range of wellness strategies that can easily fit in your hectic days.

She also offers personal coaching programs, free videos for kids, yoga4moms, and wellness retreats. Check out her blog to add some joy to your life.

know stress zone

Know Stress Zone is a complete resource for stress management know-how. Melissa, the founder, provides you with the best techniques and strategies for stress management.

From dealing with your stress and anxiety to self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques, you will learn useful tips to make your life happier and healthier. Visit her blog to get valuable tips on how to cope up with your stress, anxiety and depression.

relief from anxiety

Relief from anxiety is a blog by Amy who aims at providing inspiration, support and advice for those looking for some relief from their anxiety. Through her personal experience, she shares tips and explanations on overcoming anxiety, stress and depression.

If you’re stressed out and tired of your anxiety, you must check out her inspirational posts to get relief from your worries.

i can relieve my stress

Anthony created ‘I can relieve my stress’ to find effective solutions for stress relief and share them with you. His blog includes natural stress relievers, amazing stress relief apps and useful tips on how to relieve your stress. He also provides reviews on best solutions and recommended products.

multi meditation

MultiMeditation is a comprehensive platform of multiple meditation techniques with a non-religious approach.

With their wide range of meditation videos you will feel relaxed, satisfied and energized to deal with your day to day tasks. Their all in one easy to access portal gives you a chance to bring positivity to your life. Follow their site to unlock the amazing benefits of MultiMeditation.

allen wei

An inspirational blog by Allen, who aims at providing the best relaxation techniques for people suffering from stress, anxiety and anger. His blog shares tips and advice on how to achieve a joyful life and relaxation in a balanced and happy manner. If you’re seeking natural pain relief techniques and a healthy lifestyle, LearnRelaxationTechniques is where you want to be.

anxiety trauma therapy

Therapeutic Center for Anxiety and Trauma is providing extensive services to deal with stress and anxiety provoking issues.

Their professional therapists help you overcome anxiety of any sort, be it about your relationships, life events or any negative experience. So, if your stress and anxiety is causing disruption in your life, you should contact their experienced therapists to get an immediate relief from your stress and anxiety.

diana lang

Diana lang, the founder and a spiritual teacher, has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1980. She helps people achieve awareness and well-being through the meditation she offers. She also conducts counseling classes and individual yoga and meditation sessions.

She provides practical applications and tools to experience meditation in her book “Opening to Meditation - A Gentle, Guided and Approach”.

Follow this virtual sanctuary to grow your spiritual consciousness and learn how to relieve your stress and get relaxed.

Aren’t these just the best ones you could discover over the internet?

I am sure you have found your true inspiration that you have been longing for after reading this. I follow them all and learnt a lot about how important our mental health and peace is.

The blogs do not just provide you with mere blog posts but they carry out sessions, workshops and even appointments. They provide the best of the service. So, what are you waiting for?

Share it with your friends and family if you found it helpful.

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