How Does Sports Massage Therapy Benefits an Athlete?

According to studies carried out by McMaster University, situated within Canada, massage therapy can lead to an eventual growth of Mitochondria within the anatomy of receivers, leading to an enhanced level of muscle growth.

Keeping the earlier mentioned benefit in mind, Sports Massage therapy was introduced as a form of replenishing and rejuvenating the bodies of athletes, in particular, to optimize their performance in the field.

The core benefits such as those mentioned below of Sports Massage therapy can be of much interest to prospective athletes, or even individuals whom of which live a lifestyle which can be defined as being physically active.

Prevents Soreness of Muscles

As stated by the ACSM, the American College of Sports Medicine, soreness or adhesions within the body can be felt following the period of 12-24 hours which if not dealt with a specialized massage framework can lead to adverse consequences in performance on the field.

While Sports Massage therapy sessions cannot halt the pain caused due to DOMS; Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, it can efficiently mitigate discomfort through the process of loosening the prior formed adhesions; therefore, highly speeding up the process.

Decrease Risk of Injury

Through the process of keeping the anatomy of athletics healthy by healing cases of inflammation within muscles, and minor tears, Sports Massage therapy helps keep athletes on their feet even after high-intensity workout routines.

According to a study carried out by NIH, which evaluated the muscles of athletes along with their muscles tissue following varying time-periods of high-intensity workouts and concluded that long-term Sports Massage therapy led to activated levels of Mitochondrial Biogenesis within the anatomy.

Mitochondrial Biogenesis is most often referred to as the ‘powerhouse cells’ within the body since they significantly increase energy levels leading to a minimized amount of muscles exhaustion even after prolonged physical activity. Therefore, decreasing and preventing various injuries.

Improved Performance

Athletes are usually delivered a combination of Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy along with Sports Massage therapy for helping them not only improve muscles performance but also increase oxygen circulation several times a week. Whereas, deep-tissue massage therapies are usually delivered on a once a week basis for more in-depth, intensified massage sessions to athletes.

The release of Endorphins within the body following frequent Sports Massage therapy also helps alleviate any pain being caused due to muscle adhesions within the body.

A combination of light-pressured therapy sessions; therefore, along with once a week deeply intensified massages has helped athletes perform better both physically and mentally, where subjects have reported enhanced concentration levels along with increased motion-range.

Due to the sheer advantages and high frequency of Sports Massage therapy needed within the sphere of sports, a majority of teams now consist of a professional Sports Massage masseuse for increased convenience for their players.


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