An Independent Massage Therapist VS. Massage at a Spa, Which One is Better?

Massage Therapy is considered as being among the most popular forms of achieving physical recovery for a selected number of medical ailments as well as mental relaxation.

In the year 2015, within the territory of United States alone, Massage Therapy was calculated to be a sheer $12.1 billion industry, according to the American Massage Therapy Association.

Massage Therapy utilizes different types of massage motions including kneading, rolling, tapping, vibration and much more to achieve the preset objectives which can ultimately be narrowed down for either recovery and healing or relaxation.

Due to its constant demand for the world population Massage Therapy can be opted for either by visiting Spas or salons or, an individual masseuse can be hired to deliver a professional massaging experience.

If you are interested in trying out Massage Therapy as a form of either achieving utmost relaxation or even for enhanced recovery, choosing between daily sessions to the spa or visits from an independent Massage Therapy practitioners can be tricky.

The advantages and disadvantages regarding both the options must separately be analyzed to choose whichever suits you, your lifestyle and individual objectives best. Factors mentioned earlier can better be understood by the content discussed below:

Spa/Salon for Massage Therapy

A spa can be defined as being a commercially based establishment which offers services that pertain to beauty treatments as well as forms of health therapy, including Massage Therapy.

The most commonly found forms of Massage Therapy within Spas or Salons depends on the location of the establishment itself, for example, within the territorial boundaries of Thailand, ‘Thai Massage’ is the most commonly found form of massage service available.

While in a country like the United States, ‘Swedish Massage’ or also known as ‘Classical Massage’ are more widely offered. Advantages of opting for receiving Massage Therapy in Spas or Salons include the following:

Relaxing Environment

One of the major advantages of Massage Therapy being delivered in a spa includes the fact that all well-established Spa’s keep a high-quality ambiance as among their top priorities so that an optimal massaging experience can be obtained.

Various Facilities alongside Massage Therapy

Spa’s most commonly do not only offer Massage Therapy alone, but other services related to beauty enhancement are also provided. Therefore, users looking for an entirely comforting and a relaxing experience can easily opt for additional comfort affiliated services alongside a Massage Therapy session.

Disadvantages of Spa/Salon Massage Therapy 

The inconvenience of Travelling Daily

Daily trips to the Spa/Salon can prove to be extremely inconvenient since clients will need to drive through traffic all the way till the spa or use the metro/bus for reaching the desired destination on time.

Extremely Expensive

Due to Spa’s and Salons having standardized per hour Massage Therapy rates, regular trips may end up being too expensive for some clients in the long-run.

Limited Massage Specialization

As mentioned above, the types of massages a Spa/Salon might offer depends primarily upon its location, Thai Massage Therapy, for example, may not be readily available within the Spas or Salons of United States in comparison to Asian countries.

Privacy is Jeopardized

At times, spa massage therapy rooms may be furnished in a manner to accommodate more than one client; therefore, significantly jeopardizing the privacy of each client.

Massage Therapy through Individual or Independent Practitioners

According to data collected by the American Massage Therapy Association, sole or independent practitioners make up 58% out of the total number of practicing massage therapists present within the United States.

Independent massage therapists allow users the convenience of receiving massage therapy in the comfort and vicinity of their own homes.

Advantages of hiring an independent massage practitioner include the following:


Unlike in spas or salons, clients who hire independent massage therapists can control the privacy in cases where the massage is being delivered within the vicinity of the client’s home.


Since independent masseuse, opt for providing massage sessions within the location chosen by clients themselves; therefore, significantly enhancing client’s comfort.


Independent Massage Therapists most often are specialized in a particular kind of a massage type; thus, clients can hire masseuse who is an expert in the category of massage desired.

Relatively Lower Cost

For long-term daily massage therapy, independent masseuse, tend to offer subsidized massage therapy prices when compared to the standardized per hour massage prices at spas or salons.

Disadvantages; however, may include: 

May Not Be Professional's

Credentials and qualifications of independent massage therapists must always be double-checked to ensure that they have sufficient experience as well as are qualified professionals within the field.

Keeping in mind the advantages mentioned above as well as disadvantages, it is safe to deduce that hiring an independent massage therapist is a better option. However, that is only my stance on this matter.

Both the options mentioned above of receiving massage therapy are excellent; yet, the effectiveness of each of them may depend from person-to-person regarding their individual needs, financial status, and other aspects. 

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