Are there Any Side Effects of Massage Chair?

By side effects, if you mean to say ‘benefits’ then hell yes! I have been an advocate of massage chairs ever since I could remember, and this post is all about turning you, yes you, the reader into one as well.

The concept of massage therapy has been present for decades, way before you and even our ancestors or I roamed the earth.

The core reason why the entire idea of massage for relaxation or recovery was kept intact was only and only due to the sheer number of side effects, in the form of benefits it has to offer to its receivers.

Massage therapy according to the American Massage Therapy Association has been proven to play a vital role in overall improving the immune system of the anatomy, along which it has many more benefits to offer.

With the ever dynamic world of technology, massage chairs were introduced as a blessing in disguise especially for those whom of which cannot afford to spend daily trips to the spa and even for those who do not have the time. With enough already said, lets ride get to the main crux of this post, shall we!

If you are not sure of whether to purchase a massage chair or not, then this post is what you need to convince you into buying the massage chair of your dreams to make your life much more comfortable and your body a lot more relaxed.

This post will, therefore, contain all the core benefits a massage chair has to offer not only for relaxation purposes but also for anatomy healing and recovery.

relieve pain

Whether it is chronic pains you are looking to relieve, headaches or even pulled muscles, massage therapy since ages has been utilized to alleviate or enhance the recovery process.

Although the traditional ways of massage have been altered via massage chair; yet, professionals are being used within the manufacturing process to mimic massage motions of professional masseuse effectively.

Serotonin, also in more straightforward terms is among the human anatomy’s primary mechanisms for anti-pain, has been known to have increased by an estimated average of 28% following massage therapy.

While levels of cortisone were noticed to have decreased considerably via regular massage sessions; via the changes in the anatomy, a human body is better able to manage pain being felt.

Massage chairs due to continuous advancements within technology now not only allow users to create manually set massage motions to best suit their individual needs but are also integrated with automatically set massages to deliver utmost convenience when required.

Due to the always busy lives of this generation as well as the ones before us, many suffer from chronic pains, which have significantly been either reduced or completely eradicated as commonly stated via testimonials of regular massage chair users.

Massage chairs; therefore, aid in offering a much more convenient, cost-friendly and a highly time-saving option when placed in comparison to daily trips to the spa or even hiring a professional masseuse.

Decompress and Significantly Improve Spinal Alignment

spinal alignment

A majority of massage chairs present within the global market sphere have the option to recline or even advanced zero-gravity positions integrated within, each of which aids significantly with the overall well being of the Vertebrae.

The zero-gravity positions work in a manner as such to place users in a positioning similar to that of astronauts right before shuttle take-off. Such positioning helps in alleviating strain and balancing out tension trapped within the Vertebrae; therefore, improving the spinal alignment.

Several premium massage chairs such as The Infinity IT-8500 massage chair, for example, have specialized features such as 3 different zero-gravity positioning embedded within, which although may cost a hefty price; yet, work effectively with eradicating spine affiliated chronic pains.

Improve Posture

improve posture

As discussed above as well, regular massage therapy significantly improves the overall spinal alignment; therefore, if it is a lousy posture you are looking to eradicate, then look no more!

Helping with balancing as well as highly improving the posture of regular users is among my most preferred benefits users of massage chairs can reap alongside aligning the spine and overall posture, the shoulders, arms, lower back and even thighs of users which is why massage chairs are highly popular among sports athletes.

Relax and Loosen Sore Muscles

relax and loosen sore muscle

The Human anatomy is designed as such to showcase signs of exhaustion when muscles are over-worked, such signs most commonly include sore muscles which is often causing discomfort as well as during severe cases, pain.

A massage chair provides its users the advantage of being able to enjoy a relaxing massage experience, at their convenience to best relax as well as eradicate tension trapped within sore muscles.

Special programs are integrated within to aid with targeting tension trapped within the anatomy such as Shiatsu as well as deep-tissue massages.

Honestly, following a tediously long day at work, among the most comforting things in life to look forward to during the way back home is of the massage chair session that is waiting.

Enhance the Immune System

enhance the immune system

Lymphocytes are considered as a type of White Blood cells which aid with helping the anatomy’s immune system fight against different kinds of diseases.

Why am I telling you this? Well because, an estimated hour of massage therapy has been known to increase the number of Lymphocytes present within the body; therefore, play a vital role within the wellbeing of the immune system.

Frequent encounters with illnesses such as a fever, or cold or even the flu can be better avoided via higher levels of Lymphocytes within the system.

As mentioned above, whether it is relaxation you are seeking or enhanced recovery, purchasing a massage chair effectively delivers a vast range of benefits to its users, specifically those of whom which utilize massage therapy on a regular basis.

Well, what exactly are you waiting for? Go ahead and purchase yourself one of these technological wonders of the 20th century and reap the sheer relaxation a massage chair has to offer.

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