Best Sharper Image Massage Chair 2020

Massage and its importance is not unknown to anyone whether someone is spending hours in front of a desk or at home doing the house chores. 

Whatever is the case, at the end of the day, you are going to need a relaxing massage and some time to yourself, don’t you?

Most of us either do not have the time to go to a massage parlor or we find the money spent there a waste.

How would you feel if I give you an option that helps you with all your worries? 

Modern times sure bring modern solutions and a massage chair is one of them. I personally find this invention a blessing as I cannot afford to drag myself to a massage parlor every other day and I believe many of you are with me on the same boat.

sharper image massage chair

Buying a massage chair can be tricky if you have no or little experience. And even if you are an expert, a little guidance from someone won't do harm, right? 

Before we get started, let me tell you about the types of massage chairs there are:


Therapeutic massage chairs are the ones that only focus on your physiological needs, which of course, is the core purpose of buying the massage chair.

Such massage chairs have features that deal with chronic body aches and help you get relief. 

Functions like deep massage, heat and vibration, different modes to soothe the sore muscles can be found in therapeutic massage chairs.


Hobbyist massage chairs are the ones that focus on the features that appeal to its consumer`s eyes and meet the modern day needs of the users these days. Functions like USB charging port, LED lights, remote control can be found in hobbyist massage chairs.

So, after all the basic information you can get into before buying a massage chair, here are my two picks for a sharper image massage chair that maybe your next buy:

Best Sharper Image Massage Chairs 2020 (Top Reviews)

sharper image massage chair reviews

Sharper Image Foldable Massage Chair

1. Sharper Image Foldable Massage Chair
  • The foldable Shiatsu massage chair from Sharper Image delivers relaxing, deep-tissue massage and compact design.
  • Foldable design makes this chair easy to store, even in a cramped space.
  • The chair features four massage modes designed to target the neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back and hindquarters.

If you have a space that does not allow a massage chair to grab its hold or you just find a chair unnecessary to be showcased in your living space every time a guest comes over or you just like changing your home setting so you love things that are easily movable than this chair is a good purchase for you. 

Whoever you are, you just got yourself to the right place. This Shiatsu foldable chair is what you need. 

Wondering what qualities it does have? Well, here it goes. 

Space Saver 

This foldable chair is a super space-saver. In this modern time, almost all of us love compact designs where the space looks less occupied with maximum facilities in the reach of your hand and this massage chair is designed for such people. 

Elegant Design

With everything at the reach of your arm rest (literally) and its elegant vegan leather, this chair is the true example of beauty.

Also, we all avoid cleaning too much or things that are difficult to be cleaned. Well, the vegan leather exterior of this chair is easily cleanable!


Relaxing is the first quality we see in a massage chair, DUH! 

The Shiatsu massage chair relaxes your body with deep tissue massage therapy.  

Its six massage nodes leaves you with a kneading massage and the nodes in the neck and shoulder cushions give you quick relief. 

It is not just good for your body but your mind as well!

Four Massage Modes 

After a long and hectic day, don’t you crave for your neck and shoulders to be massaged on the right points? Or your upper and lower back to feel relaxed?

Well, this chair`s four massage modes allow the user to focus on the neck, shoulders, lower and upper back and hindquarters. 

Cell Phone Charging Facility 

This chair enables its user to relax completely, but how? 

We all find our cellphones inseparable, especially at the end of the day when we get a little time to ourselves. 

This Shiatsu massage chair from sharper image has a USB port that charges your phone while you are still using it. 

For all the workaholics out there who can`t let the site of their phone go away, this feature could impress them the most. 

Heat and Vibration Feature

For people who love warm and vibrating sensations must know that this chair by sharper image provides you the heating and vibrating feature with three different intensities. Henceforth, you can enjoy a completely customized massage.

This Shiatsu massage chair shuts down automatically after 15 minutes of use. Thereby, you need not worry about over using it. 

Also, it helps your blood circulation to regulate in an even better manner.

So, for people who are looking for their physical and psychological well being, I suggest you choose this chair for your daily massage therapy. 

Sharper Image Deluxe Spa Massage Chair 

2. Sharper Image SMG3002 Deluxe Spa Massage Chair
  • [Programmable] Choose from 5 preprogrammed massage modes, 4 targeted body regions and 3 strength settings for a truly...
  • [Relaxing] Invigorating massage boosts circulation, sooths aching muscles, and leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed.
  • [Wireless Control] Easy to use wireless remote control allows you command all the chair's functions.

This sharper image spa massage chair is a wonder in itself. Relaxation and luxury is all over written on it.

I myself have always been a fan of things with multiple functions provided in one product and who doesn’t like it?

If you ask me, this deluxe spa massage chair is a really smart buy, considering the amount you`re investing and the facilities you`ll get.

Now enough with the bragging, let me list down the things you need to consider before buying this chair. 

Customized Experience 

Before making your decision to buy a massage chair, know that the sharper image spa massage chair is offering you five different massage modes, targets four different body regions and comes with three strength settings.

You`re your own boss when choosing this massage chair! 


While using  a massage chair, what do you crave most? Comfort? Smoothness? Relaxation? 

Well, the deluxe vegan leather used in its exterior will fulfill all your requirements.  

Remote Control

Don’t you feel like laying down, all in your thoughts, with a cup of coffee and enjoy a massage while controlling everything with your fingertips? 

If so, then VOILA, you got yourself a good option to consider in the face of this massage chair. 


In most of the massage chairs I have realized that adjustability can be an issue. Some chairs do not offer a proper reclining facility or the size of the chair limits its users because of fixability. 

This sharper image massage chair enables people with different sizes and shapes to enjoy its comfort. 


After a long eventful day, most of us feel like going to a spa, lay down and let the masseur deal with the sore muscles and aching body.  

Some of us can do this every once in a while but do you have the time, energy and money to do it on a regular basis? Or is the money going there worth it?

If the answer is no then go no further. This chair relaxes your body by soothing your aching muscles and boosting your blood circulation.  

Zero Gravity Position

Fan of a friends show? Remember how Joey and Chandler spent the days on their recliner and watched TV without getting up? Well, you can get something even better than that.

This zero gravity deluxe spa massage chair can be reclined to the zero gravity position for you to relax your body and mind to the fullest!

Full Body Heat and Massage System

This massage chair by sharper image comes with a full auto and manual massage system, mid back massage zone area, massage padding zone and calf massage area zone for you to experience a soothing heat and vibration to relax your limbs.

Life is not easy these days with all that trouble and hectic routine we have embossed on ourselves. 

And in all this chaos, you must give some time to yourself. After all, you deserve it. 

Here considering our routines and the economy, I don’t think everyone can afford regular spa visits. So, bringing the spa to your home and that too at a reasonable price can be the answer for you. 

Also, think of this purchase as a long term investment. 

How? If you will give consideration to your well-being now you won't have to pay unbearable bills (God forbid) in the future. 

So, let the thought of taking care of yourself sink in this time! 

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