Best Robotic Massage Chair 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

If you are confused about the term ‘Robotic’ being added next to massage chairs, then let me help you out. Robotic Massage Chairs is a formal term used for massage chair models which have or utilize electronic motors integrated within to deliver a sufficient massage experience.

With such a large market sphere, along with hundreds of models each featuring specifications along with price tags of their own, it can become confusing for amateurs to pick out a massage chair which would best suit their objective. 

robotic massage chairs

If you in case find yourself unsure of which Robotic Massage Chair to opt for, then let me help you out. My extensive experience along with knowledge of reviewing massage chairs will aid in setting you in the right direction. So sit tight, and continue reading to know more about the Best Robotic Massage Chairs of 2020 within the market sphere. 

Let's go, shall we!

Best Robotic Massage Chair Reviews

Real Relax 2019 Top Performance SL-Track 3D Robotic Massage Chair

The most prominent feature of the Real Relax Top Performance Massage Chair while I utilized it was the 3D SL-rollers track integrated inside. The SL-rollers track initiates a massage flow from the nape of the neck and delivers massage coverage all the till the lower thighs. Aside from a broad massage coverage in a longitudinal direction, the SL track further mimics the movement of an ‘S’ for effectively targeting all core acupuncture points located within the Vertebrae of users for an optimal massage experience. 

SL-track when merged with 3D massage technology aids with delivering an exceptional standard of massage, with each massage node explicitly designed to mimic the handlike motions of professionals within the industry. Designed to provide the utmost convenience, the 3D-SL track showcases exceptional flexibility with contouring effectively with the body curves of each user for a holistic massage experience.   

Automated massage programs preset in the massage technology of the Real Relax Top Performance Massage Chair can save the user time, and deliver utmost comfort with the help of specially designed massage sessions each delivering Relaxation, Recovery and Rejuvenation. For users whom of which give preference to a more customised massage experience also have the option to create their own desired programs.

Users can choose from a total of 12 different manual massage motions along with the ability to alter the level of massage intensity, massage timing as well as a massage target area for the full experience.

To sufficiently reduce strain or compression trapped within the shoulders of users due to being overworked, airbags are placed in the shoulder pads each of which can manually be adjusted to accommodate the body-type of varying users. Alongside manual adjustments, a fully automatic body scanner carefully helps in analysing the body type of each user to help place massage nodes at a position for optimal massage penetration levels.

An ergonomic design makes the Real Relax Top Performance Massage Chair highly space-saving even when in a reclined position; therefore, requiring minimal backspace when placed next to a wall. Built-in heat transmitters help with extensively enhancing massage penetration levels to reduce best if not eliminate strain within the anatomy, to give space for increased blood flow.

Foot rollers placed within the footrest can relieve tiredness felt following an overworked labour intensive routine; therefore, excellent for a full-body relaxation experience. Last but not the least the Real Relax Top Performance Massage Chair, has a highly advanced smart-pad connected to it making it extremely easy for users to manoeuvre the massage chair as well as function it effortlessly.

Featuring all core massage specifications ideal for delivering an exceptionally relaxing experience, the Real Relax Top Performance Massage Chair for its price, along with the 3-years warranty offered via manufacturers is definitely worth the purchase.

Cozzia 366 Robotic Massage Chair

What I love about the Cozzia 366 Robotic Massage Chair is the profoundly relaxing shiatsu massage experience it can deliver to each user, each massaging node has 3D Shiatsu massage technology embedded inside. 3D Shiatsu massage nodes are designed as well as able to adequately provide a massage experience mimicking professional hand-like motions for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Ideal for loosening up any tight or compressed muscles within the anatomy, the 3D Shiatsu cannot only relieve tension trapped within muscles but also decompress any strained arteries; therefore, enhancing the blood and Lymphatic flow of the anatomy.

Automated massage programs integrated within the Cozzia 366 Robotic Massage Chair can deliver convenience to users with not having to design massage sessions themselves. Whereas, manual massage programs are ready to help users create fully customised massage sessions featuring varying massage types, intensity and timing depending upon the personal preference along with the mood of each user. For complete customisation, users are also given the ability to choose the prefered massage to target area, whether the full-body experience, the upper, mid or even lower body.

A fully electronic body scanner aids in catering users with a consistent massage standard regardless of their body-type for the delivery of an exceptionally comforting experience. A highly user-friendly, LED controller attached to the Cozzia 366 Robotic Massage Chair can help users manoeuvre the functioning of the massage chair even if they are not tech-savvy. Featuring all core massage functions ideal for not only delivering sheer relaxation but also enhanced recovery, that too in a highly affordable price, I would recommend the Cozzia 366 Robotic Massage Chair to prospective buyers.

human touch ht 5320 wholebody massage chair

The most prominent feature about the Human Touch HT-5320 Recliner Robotic Massage Lounger is its ability to deliver a wholesome, full-body massage experience with the help of a vast massage coverage area along with arms, thighs and wrap-around feet cuffs.

Acu-point detectors strategically placed within the massage chair can best locate problem areas within the anatomy and adjust massage nodes in accordance to help eliminate tension/stain trapped inside. An extendable leg/footrest aids significantly with accommodating users whom of which have a relatively taller body frame, without affecting the massage standards being delivered.

A highly-user friendly remote helps users with functioning the Human Touch HT-5320 Recliner Robotic Massage Lounger effortlessly, particularly when it comes to choosing settings for target-specific massages. Users suffering from chronic back-aches or pains can best benefit from target-specific massage technology embedded in the Human Touch HT-5320 Recliner Robotic Massage Lounger via a more concentrated massage experience. Therefore, significantly enhancing the physical wellbeing of each user. 

Automated massage programs allow users the ability to enjoy already preset massage sessions while manual massage settings aid with the creation of customised massage programs. Each manually created massage program can feature the massage type, massage intensity as well as the timings of users liking along with preference; therefore, helping in delivering a profoundly comforting massage experience.

Available in two upholstery colour options, and packed with useful massage features at a highly reasonable price, the Human Touch HT-5320 Recliner Robotic Massage Lounger

Should be considered by prospective buyers on a relatively tight budget.

Featuring not only robotic motors embedded within for delivering massage motions but also additional features such as heat transmitters, automatic body scanners etc. the above reviewed Robotic Massage Chairs are ideal for prospective buyers. Offering both sheer relaxations along with significantly enhanced physical recovery, I would recommend keeping them in consideration when seeking to purchase Robotic Massage Chairs. Good luck with your purchase!


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