Relaxzen Massage Chair Review 2020

Not everyone can bear the daily expenditure of enjoying frequent trips to the spa for professional massage therapy treatment, and neither can everyone afford the luxury of purchasing massage chairs of a relatively higher price range.

To achieve a middle ground, individuals choose to opt for massage chairs of an affordable budget, usually under $500.

RelaxZen Deluxe Padded Massage Recliner
  • Eight vibration massage motors relax the upper back, mid back, thighs and calves
  • Choose independent massage zones or 9 pre-programmed random modes, each with 5 intensity levels
  • Soothing heat treatment in lumbar area. Seat Height From Floor (MAX) - 17. Chair Back Cushion Width - 22. Chair Back Cushion...

For prospective massage chair buyers whom of which opt for cheaper budgets particularly under $500, the sacrifice is made in the form of lack of features integrated within the chosen massage chair. The Relaxzen massage chair is among the category of cheaply priced massage chairs which can easily be found on the market.

With a highly affordable price of below $300, prospective massage chair buyers with a small budget should check out the below-detailed review of the Relaxzen massage chair recliner, to see if it best suits their needs or not.

relaxzen massage chair

Extensive Massage Coverage

When prospective buyers look at the massage chair of their liking, the total amount of area covered by massage transmitters is an essential component which either helps make or break the deal for purchase.

Although the Relaxzen Recliner Chair costs alarmingly low, the massage coverage it provides via eight massage motors is exceptional for its price.

The Relaxzen Chair has integrated within a total of eight different massage motors which work together to be able to transmit the selected massage motion.

The motors are strategically placed throughout the seat of the massage chair to be able to provide an extensive massage coverage area to users.

All core subjects of a user's anatomy are targeted via the motors of the Relaxzen massage Chair.

The upper back or the shoulders area is targeted to help lift off any strain being placed, along with the mid-back and the lower back, to ensure that via elimination of pressure, blood flow can increase resulting in a better body posture of users.

The calves of users are also targeted by massage motors to enhance further the process of relaxation being delivered.

Manually Adjustable Massage Settings

Massage chairs featuring both automatically set massage functions alongside the availability of users being able to customise massage settings are highly preferred among prospective buyers.

The Relaxzen Recliner Chair regardless of its incredibly low price ensures users outstanding massage features via allowing them to manually chose the massage intensity of their preference.

A total of five different massage intensities are integrated within the Relaxzen Recliner Chair, each of varying levels ranging from slow to fast. Users can opt for the massage intensity which best suits their mood, or requirement manually via a remote control.

Alongside the above mentioned, users can also select a pre-programmed massage motion or an automatically set massage setting of their liking from a range of nine different modes. Each pre-set massage function is correctly set by manufacturers to achieve an objective whether it pertains to optimal relaxation or efficient recovery.

Lower Back Heating System

The Relaxzen Chair also consists of a lower back heating system as among its key features. A heat transmitter placed perfectly to target the lower back of user's serves the purpose of efficient ensuring that strain is eradicated from the Vertebrae area.

Alongside promoting the process of recovery, the chair also has a heating system integrated within to help with delivering exceptional levels of relaxation to users.

Furniture Friendly

A major concern that many massage chair buyers tend to have is regarding the massage chair they purchase being too bulky or disrupting the house furniture setting.

The Relaxzen Recliner Chair counters the concerns mentioned above by featuring a compact size, ensuring that the massage chair does not take up too much of space.

Along with not being bulky, the massage chair is also mainly designed carefully with micro suede padded upholstery in a warm brown color to be able to blend in well in standard rooms of homes or office places.

The base of the chair is created with pure wood to guarantee durability as well as give a classical touch to the Relaxzen Chair.

Pros and Cons of the Relaxzen Recliner Chair

Things I Liked

  • The Relaxzen 60-078011 Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair is very reasonably priced; therefore, seems very appealing.

  • The massage chair can swivel as well as recline while massaging to help enhance the level of relaxation and recovery being delivered to users.

  • This particular massage chair weighs only 51 pounds making it very easy for users to move around the house or the workplace.

Things I Disliked

  • The Relaxzen 60-078011 Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair is not suitable for users above the 5’6 height mark.

  • The massage chair does not have a body scanning system; therefore, the massage motors cannot adjust by the body frame of users.

  • The padding placed as cushioning within the seats are not enough due to which discomfort can be caused to users.


The were several very prominent issues with the Relaxzen massage chair; the most dominant of them was regarding the massage chair being too compact.

Due to the small frame of the massage chair, users of only a petite body frame could enjoy the massage functions while owners with a relatively taller height frame like mine were subject to discomfort and dissatisfaction following the purchase.

Although the cheap pricing of the chair may appeal significantly to prospective massage chair buyers with a relatively more reasonable budget, I would not recommend this particular massage chair due to its flaws.

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