Real Relax Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

Skimming through massage chair reviews available online can prove to be a tedious task, however, in the long run, such extensive research can help with making sure that your money is spent on a product which is worth its cost.

real relax massage chair recliner

Massage chairs are categorized as a luxury item and are manufactured for the sole purpose of bringing utmost comfort to the user, therefore, can seem to cost a hefty amount.

The Massage Chair Recliner by Real Relax is one of the few massage chairs available in the market that lies in the comparatively lower price range than that of its competitors. The Massage Chair Recliner by Real Relax is appealing due to the factor of being economical on cost.

Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair Recliner
  • 2020 Updating favor 03 plus: Add Bluetooth audio play and changing Led light, 6 auto modes, more functional and affordable.
  • Full Body Masage:8 massage neck back rollers, 50 airbags placed to the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet, lower back...
  • Zero Gravity: One button zero-gravity design, feel virtually weightless.

Various Pre-set Massage Programs

The Massage Chair Recliner by Real Relax comes integrated with a total of four pre-set massage programs. Depending on the user, and the objective of using the massage chair.

The pre-set massage programs are designed to be utilized for relaxation purposes, rejuvenation for improving mental clarity, restoration, and recovery from body aches or injuries as well as for rehabilitation of the human body.

Depending on the desired effects of the user, the automatic massage programs can be used to differ in massage intensity alongside varying massage motions.

All four of the massage programs are integrated within the massage chair by specialists by mimicking the massage movements and energy of the world best known professional massage therapists.

50 Airbags for Optimized Relaxation

In attempts to provide an ultimate level of relaxation, The Real Relax manufactured their Massage Chair Recliner with a total of 50 airbags situated inside the massage chair.

The airbags integrated within, target core areas such as the arms completely up till the shoulders, the entire seat along with the legs to help provide its users with an optimum level of satisfaction.

Alongside the Airbags, the backrest area of the Massage Chair Recliner also has a total of 8 high massage points which work in perfect harmony to provide a head-to-toe, full body massage experience under the chosen massage program by its user.

Unique Armrest Linkage & Clip

In addition to the already integrated 8-backseat massage concentration points, The Massage Chair Recliner also consists of a specially designed armrest linkage system to promote blood flow and circulation within the arms.

Unlike many other massage chairs on the market, The Real Relax manufactured this particular massage chair with an arm clip consisting of additional airbags within it to help create a relaxing pulse-type sensation when the user's arm rests within the embedded clip.

VFD Screen Display

A Vacuum Fluorescent Display screen in high definition is also among the key features of the Massage Chair Recliner. VFD which can usually also be found in electronic products such as car radios, microwave ovens, and video cassettes, due to its popularity is highly user-friendly.

The HD Vacuum Fluorescent Display can be utilized by users to select from among the different automatic massage programs to best adjust the intensity of the massage with their desired result.

Extendable Footrest

The availability of an extendable of The Massage Chair Recliner by Real Relax allows its users to be able to manually adjust the accommodation of the chair with that of their height.

Regardless of whether the user is 5 feet tall, or above 6’2, this particular massage chair has a substantially advanced footrest which has everyone covered.

Foot-Roller Technology

Another distinctive feature of The Massage Recliner Chair is the presence of advanced foot-roller technology unlike the traditional, most commonly found air-massaging technique.

For creating the optimum soothing effect for relaxation of the feet, foot-rollers are used to increase the blood-flow circulation of the user.

Specialized Zero-Gravity Model

Massage chairs with the feature of the Zero-Gravity design are one which has spread like wildfire within the market; prospective buyers tend to opt for massage chairs that contain the feature rather than those which lack zero-gravity.

zero gravity design

The concept of zero-gravity in itself is that a massage chair with the feature mentioned above can place their user in such a position which imitates that of astronauts right before and during a space launch.

The position has been proven to eliminate any stress points within the spinal cord, therefore helping with maximizing relaxation.

The availability of an integrated Zero-gravity feature within the Massage Chair Recliner is one which is just as appealing as its sale price, and should also be taken into account while deciding to purchase it.

Availability of Waist Heater

Another prominent feature of the Reclining Massage Chair by Real Relax is the availability of an already built-in heating system around the waist area of the back seat.

This particular technology allows for a higher level of restoration and relaxation with an increased penetration of the massage motion, via the help of heat.

Pros & Cons of the Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner

Things I Liked

The economical price of The Reclining Massage Chair.

Specially designed foot-rollers and extendable footrest for taller individuals.

Manufactured with leather of high-end quality.

Pulsing-motion of the advanced clip armrest.

Wheels are built-in already, which helps ease the process of moving the Reclining Massage Chair.

3-year product warranty by The Real Relax.

Things I Disliked

The Reclining Massage Chair is delivered in two separate boxes and therefore, requires assembling which can prove to be arduous.

It lacks the feature of body scanning, therefore is unable to adjust the frame width or height of its user automatically.

The ability to create customized massage programs is unavailable.

Four preset massage programs are very few in comparison to other competitor products available in the massage chairs market.

The Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner is available only in two colors, black and brown.

Final Verdict

real relax zero gravity massage chair

The final verdict regarding The Reclining Massage Chair by Real Talk would not exceed more than three stars out of an aggregate of 5. The price tag for The Massage Chair Recliner, particularly with 60% sale discount is the only incredibly appealing component for this particular massage chair. 

For prospective massage chair buyers with a tight budget, The Massage Chair Recliner would serve a good value for money. However, those with a higher budget should consider options with a greater number of core features.

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