Massage in Pregnancy – Benefits of Body Massage in Pre and Postpartum

Are you expecting a child? Or is someone you know expecting one? Well, whatever the case, this article based upon the benefits and ways by which pregnancy massage can decrease discomfort being felt can be of much help.

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Pregnancy is considered as a beautiful time for the mother carrying the baby as well as the family expecting it; however, for the mother itself, when the body goes through physical changes it can bring forward a range of aches and pains.

One noninvasive method which has gained a lot of popularity among the masses for the reduction of discomfort and pain being felt is known as ‘pregnancy massage.’ 

pregnancy massage

To ensure that optimal results are attained from the massage itself, it is essential that only the most experienced of professional is hired for the task.

If you are confused regarding how you could find a specialist, you can consult and as for recommendations from your Obstetrician or the midwife.

The internet base is also filled with details and possible trails to professional pregnancy massagers or masseuse whom of which specialize in Antenatal Massage. 

What is the Pregnancy Massage All About?

The foundations of the Swedish Massage is most commonly utilized within pregnancy massage techniques due to its ability to promote lymphatic drainage as well as reducing muscle strain within the body via subtle strokes.

Specific masseuse might also rely upon the usage of aromatic therapy during the massage session itself to further promote relaxation.

However; caution must always be taken regarding which oils are being utilized since certain aromatic essential oils such as rosemary, basil and oregano can encourage Uterine contractions within the body.

pregnancy massage benefits

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the amount of skin which should be exposed within a pregnancy massage therapy.

The extent of clothing solely depends upon the client and how comfortable she may be regarding apparel. It is advised although; to allow the masseuse as much access to the skin as possible since it will enhance the efficiency of the massage.

What differs most within the techniques utilized within a pregnancy massage than regular massages is the careful placement of pressure, during pregnancy pressure being placed on specific body parts such as the wrists or even the ankles of those expecting can prompt contractions.

The most subtle of motions and movements are; therefore, used within a pregnancy massage to prevent any complications from taking place.

Another difference in massage styles that arises is within the equipment used, the positioning of the body during the prenatal massage stages is exceptionally crucial for enhancing the effectiveness of the massage being delivered.

Through recent studies, the usage of standard massaging tables has been advised instead of the ‘cut-out’ massaging table which leaves the abdomen of the expecting mother hanging unsupported and can; therefore, cause stretching.

pregnancy massage

A vast range of pillows and cushions are most commonly utilized depending upon the pregnancy stage a client may be in, for example, those who have crossed their first trimester are not recommended to lay on their back.

If you are still unsure of whether you should opt for Pregnancy Massage, then the listed benefits can help you out.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

A Pregnancy Backache as well as other Kinds of Pains​

With the growth of the baby, it is only natural for the body posture of the woman expecting to alter in accordance to the extra weight. The imbalance within the position can result in frequent discomfort as well as back-aches being felt.

A pregnancy massage; however, via subtle massage motions keep the blood circulation going while also eliminating any additional strain being placed upon the Vertebrae; therefore, preventing imbalances within the posture.

Stretch Marks Pre and Post-natal

Tightness within the skin as the baby bump grows can result in causing stretch marks on the skin.

During a pregnancy massage, specialists create a blend of pregnancy-safe aromatic essential oils which they then incorporate within the massage itself to keep the skin fully supple to prevent or minimize any further stretch marks from being created.

Relieving Sciatica Pain

With the growth of the Uterus, the Sciatic nerve which is located within the back of the thigh can at times become compressed due to which severe discomfort can be caused.

A pregnancy massage in such cases aids with maintaining blood flow; therefore, releasing any pressure that may be placed upon the nerve itself to prevent from discomfort being felt by expecting mothers.

Increase of Endorphins

Not only does a pregnancy massage allow the expectant mother’s body to relax and rejuvenate itself fully but via gradual massage sessions, Endorphin levels within the body rise as a result of which the levels of stress and anxiety being felt are reduced.

Reduction of pressure associated hormones overall increase the general well being of both the mother and the expecting child.

More relaxed mothers during the progression of labor itself are as a result of the pregnancy massage at a relatively lower risk of developing interventions during the process of birth.

Alleviate Joint Pains and Anaemia

The deficiency of Iron within the anatomy becomes common in expecting mothers due to the increase in demand. With the help of the intake of sufficient Iron-dominant foods as well as a full-body pregnancy massage, the lymph circulation of the blood will increase; therefore, increasing hemoglobin as a result of an enhanced red blood count.

Regardless of whether it is prenatal pregnancy massage you are opting for or postnatal, before the pregnancy massage one must consult the process with their doctor to best analyze whether it will be suitable for the individual anatomy or not.

Another aspect that must be kept in mind is that only an experienced professional within the field of Antenatal massage should be hired.

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