Best Panasonic Massage Chair 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Do you consider yourself to be a loyal customer of Panasonic? At the same time are looking to purchase a regular massage chair to replenish your muscles and body? Well! Look no more.

Exceptional functionality, sheer durability as well as quality, is what comes foremost into my mind when I think about Panasonic as a manufacturing brand.

panasonic massage chair

Regardless of whether you have had prior experience with purchasing massage chairs or even if it is your very first time, the long list of Panasonic massage chairs I have reviewed within this post is not only active massage chairs but also highly affordable. Keep on reading to relatively simplify your quest to find the ideal Panasonic massage chair 2019.

Best Panasonic Massage Chairs 2019

Panasonic Massage Chair  Reviews (2019)

panasonic massage chair reviews
Panasonic EP-MA73T Massage Chair

When it comes to the Panasonic EP-MA73KU Massage Chair, What I prefer most about it pertains to the various stretching options embedded within which offer users a profoundly relaxing experience.

Upgraded advanced massage rollers have heating systems incorporated within which transmit warmth as per the user's manual setting to best achieve the massage objective. Whereas, a full-body scanning system makes sure that all massage motions contour the individual body-shape of each user.

An aggregate of 6 automatic massage programs provide specially pre-set massage objectives; whereas, manual massage motions such as kneading, rolling, tapping, etc. can be used to create up to 110 different manually customized massage programs.

Multi-directional massage technology embedded within provides utmost relaxation rather than the usual vertically directional massage movements commonly found. Pain/stress and tensions can better be alleviated.

For enhancing not only the massage experience but also the massage motions, 33 air-cells extensively massage the body via their 3-D technology, accurately updated to mimic the touch and feel of hands for optimal results.

The only drawback; however, of the  EP-MA73KU  comes in the form of the massage chair itself being too bulky; therefore, not only being too heavy to move around with ease but it also fails to be furniture friendly.

Although the Panasonic EP-MA73KU Massage Chair lies within a relatively more expensive price range; yet, the massage chair can deliver optimal massage results.

Therefore, I would highly recommend the Panasonic EP-MA73KU Massage Chair to prospective buyers.

Panasonic EP-30007 Massage Chair

The most distinctive feature of the Panasonic EP30007 Massage Chair in my opinion and experience would be its memory-functions storage for up to four different users which allow for increased user convenience by saving previously customized massages.  

Full or a partial reclining option ensures optimal relaxation as well as recovery by eliminating any strain trapped within the Vertebrae. Whereas, an automatic calibration component embedded within makes sure that the massage chair can deliver a consistent massage experience to users who are short as well as tall.

Several different automatic massage settings along with countless manual massage programs can be effectively created to cater to individual objectives. The EP30007 Massage Chair also consists of a manually adjustable foot-rest for accommodating users of all body-frames whether short or tall.

Another great feature I noticed of the EP30007 Massage Chair is that it makes minimalistic noise while functioning; therefore, significantly enhancing user comfort.

The only prominent letdowns of Panasonic EP30007 Massage Chair were in the form of fixed foot/armrests when the massage chair reclines, making them unusable as well as the absence of a heating system.

For recovery purposes, I would not recommend this massage chair since sufficient heat dramatically aids with enhanced healing and retrieval.

Panasonic EP-MA10K Massage Chair

With the aim of imitating massage therapy of world-renowned masseuse, a total of 4 different automatically preset massage functions are embedded within the massage chair. Whereas an aggregate of five different massage motions allow for users to create various manual massage programs effectively.

A sheer total of 14 separate airbags are embedded within to target the lower legs of users via a massage which is exhilaratingly contoured to increase blood flow and promote relaxation.

Efficient body adjustments can be made as per each user's height and body frame by the EP-MA10KU to cater to a broader range of users.  Whereas, profoundly advance rollers can pinpoint core points within the Vertebrae to best eradicate tension or strain ‘knots’ formed within.

What especially liked most about the EP-MA10KU was it's fully illuminated, user-friendly remote which significantly enhances user convenience while maneuvering the massage chair via color coding.

14 separate airbags alone are embedded within to target the lower legs of users via a massage which is exhilaratingly contoured to increase blood flow and promote relaxation.

The size of the massage chair is rather compact; therefore, preventing the massage chair from becoming the center of attention in a room. Even with a relatively small design,  built-in wheels at the back of the massage chair make it easy for users to move the massage chair around.

The one prominent drawback I did notice was that the lower leg massage only involves somewhat discomforting squeezing motions. I would have better-preferred rollers than airbags to cover the feet and the calves of users.  

Panasonic EP-1285KL Massage Chair

My favorite most feature of the EP-1285KL Massage Chair is its outer structure which features aluminum accents to deliver a contemporary outlook for enhanced visual aesthetics.

Alongside its modern look, high-quality leather utilized as the form of upholstery ensures extended durability even with heavy utilization.

An aggregate of separate automatically set massage programs merged with the choice of 8 manual massage motions allows users the convenience of creating their massage programs.

Users also have the choice of adding or removing additional padding to treat the body manually with a higher or a relatively lower intensity massage for increased massage penetration.

Enhanced convenience is delivered via a user-friendly remote by making it easy for customers to maneuver the massage chair settings.

The rollers embedded within the foot-rest being stationary is the only setback of the EP-1285KL Massage Chair. 

Aside from which I would highly recommend the Panasonic EP-1285KL Massage Chair for prospective buyers since it has the durability and quality to deliver exceptional massage experiences to users.

Panasonic EP MA70 Massage Chair

What is it that makes the Panasonic EP-MA70 so unique? Without a doubt, it would be its heat transmitters incorporated within which deliver a deeper level of massage penetration allowing users for reaping the results of a Japanese Junetsu massaging technique via UltraKnead.

3-D massage technology utilizes the concepts of hand-like touch and feels so that users are delivered a massage experience like that of a professional masseuse in a spa. Alongside which, upgraded massage rollers are also embedded within to ensure that a multi-directional message is delivered to users for a full-body massage experience.

An automatic body scanner analyses the user's body-frame and adjusts each massage motion by best target all core tension or stress points. For delivering optimal user convenience, an aggregate of 3 different user-memories embedded within lets users save their manually formed customized massages.

Lastly, the Panasonic EP-MA70 delivers optimal circulation via continuous warmth being transmitted via multi-directional rollers.

Aside from the slight drawback of high pricing, the Panasonic EP-MA70 Massage Chair is an excellent massage chair. Manufacturers provide a 3-year limited warranty in case of any repairs needed.

I would highly recommend prospective buyers with a price budget of a relatively higher range to opt for the Panasonic EP-MA70 Massage Chair since it delivers users all essential features which should be embedded within a regular massage chair.

Panasonic EP-MA10K Massage Chair

The one aspect I consider as an ultimate advantage of owning the Panasonic EP-MA10K Massage Chair is that it only weighs 144 pounds making it relatively more comfortable for users to move it around.

Ultimate care is taken to deliver an excellent massage experience for users mainly targeting the spine as well as the neck to ensure an increase in blood circulation; therefore, eventually correcting the body posture.

The massage chair also consists of an aggregate of 5 various massage motions including kneading, rolling, tapping, etc. with the purpose of allowing users to customize their own desired massage settings.

Alongside manual massage programs, four separate automatically preset massage functions are incorporated within the system to mimic massage therapy sessions of professional masseuse effortlessly.

An automatic height scanner adjusts each massage motion as per user's body-frame for increased efficiency. While a vast number of airbags work in perfect harmony as per the selected massage settings to deliver a full body massage experience.

The Panasonic EP-MA10K Massage Chair is ideal not only for relaxation and achieving optimal comfort but also works best for enhanced recovery, mainly via utilizing traditional Japanese massage motions embedded within.

Panasonic EP-MA73KU Massage Chair

Thermal coverage like never before is delivered via a full-body heating system which includes heat transmission all the way from the neck to the arms, shoulders, back, legs as well as feet. Even the palms of users are targeted by heat transmitters for deeper massage penetration making it among the core, most loved features of the Panasonic EP-MA73T.

Numerous automatic massage settings, as well as manual massage motions such as ten separate kneading action types, are integrated within for making sure that users can create custom; yet, specialized massage programs with ease.

Automatic body scanning not only adjusts massage motions as per user's height but also per user's body width so that all essential tension knots and problematic points within the body can be targeted.

All massage motions not only target core body areas such as the back or the legs but also body parts which previously have not been covered by other massage chairs in the market such as the palms or the toes etc.

A large number of airbags are merged with advanced rollers for making sure that a full-body massage experience is provided which presses all the main as well as minor body parts such as the palms.

3-D technology embedded within the rollers as well as the air-cells deliver massage experiences to users who feel precisely like hands being used to relax or comfort the body.

The hefty price prospective buyers will have to pay for the Panasonic EP-MA73T Massage Chair is the only down-side to this product. With such an extensive range of highly advanced features being provided to users, high prices are expected. 

Video Rev​iew - Panasonic MA73

Panasonic Real Pro Ultra Massage Lounger

An aggregate of 8 manual massage motions along with five automatic massage settings cover a broad range of massage objectives such as relaxation, comfort, rehabilitation, recovery, refresh as well as relief.

Enhanced convenience is offered with the help of 6 different user-program memory which can be used to store manually customized massage sessions making it of ease to utilize them again.

The highlight feature of the Panasonic Real Pro Ultra is its ultra fine kneading in the form of a specialized Junetsu Japanese massage which can deliver both relaxation and recovery exceptionally.

An aggregate of 36 airbags delivers a total of 460 square inches of massage space to users. Alongside airbags, Reflexology technology, particularly for the feet of users, provides an optimal massage experience by targeting all tension points on the feet and calves.

Highly advanced gradual stretching as well as reclining not only works towards eliminating tension points trapped within but also increases the flexibility of users.

The aspect of the Panasonic Real Pro Ultra Massage Lounger being a little too bulky for my liking can be overlooked or effectively be subsided due to its excellent massaging features particularly Junetsu which works the body effectively via small yet deep circular motions to loosen up any tense or tightened muscles.

Swede-atsu Companion Massage Lounger - Black

Which one feature differentiates the Panasonic Swede-atsu from the other reviewed models? Well, users of this chair are provided the option to choose from among target specific massages such as a full-body massage, an upper body massage or even, in particular, a lower body massage to best suit their needs.  

The massage chair has an effective stretching system embedded within which can also manually be adjusted. The stretches allow users to enhance their flexibility as well as increase blood flow to previously tensed body parts.

Four preset massage sessions along with eight manual massage motions can be merged to form up till 80 different combinations. Whereas, a dual-use ottoman system works effectively with ensuring that massage movements are perfectly contoured alongside the body of users.

The massage chair itself also only weighs 155 pounds making it relatively more comfortable to move around without any additional help required.

I would recommend the Panasonic Swede-atsu Companion Massage Lounger to prospective massage chair buyers, but only those of whom which wish to place the massage chair is separate rooms instead of common-rooms since the massage chair is somewhat bulky and exceptionally not appealing to the eye.

Panasonic Massage Chair Brand

panasonic massage chair

Panasonic is a principal brand name within the world of electronics, worldwide. Panasonic during its initiation started off as producers of lightbulbs in 1918, before their decision to expand operations to a wide range of electronics including, television sets, air conditioners, kitchen appliances, massage chairs, along with much more. Today, Panasonic has its name engraved on the wall of top-notch electronics manufacturer’s right beside Sony, Toshiba as well as Canon Inc.

The slogan ‘A better life, a better world’ is utilized as the marketing slogan for the company itself. Panasonic, although offers its products at relatively more expensive rates yet their excellent brand image regarding their products being able to deliver optimal functioning alongside durability keeps a constant demand among the population.

Within massage chairs, in particular, Panasonic has always been the top recommendation, it caters a broad range of budgeting options. The Panasonic EP-MA70, for example, is categorized between a $6000-$7000 price range, featuring highly advanced features such as body scanning, thermal rollers, numerous automatic massage functions as well as customized massage options which can even be saved within 5-6 user-memory embedded within.

The EP-MA10KU on the other hand effectively caters buyers which a massage chair budget of between $2000-3000, with lesser features yet the same quality of functions as the EP-MA70.

One of the major advantages of opting to purchase massage chairs manufactured by Panasonic is the extended warranty which is provided alongside the product as well as the efficient customer services rendered where users are kept as the topmost priority of Panasonic customer care services.

Panasonic; therefore, is an excellent choice for prospective massage chair buyers to indulge in since the functioning, durability, and quality of each massage chair makes up for the money spent on buying it.

Panasonic Massage Chair Buying Guide

panasonic massage chair buying guide

Massage chairs manufactured by Panasonic are directly affiliated with quality, durability as well as exceptional functioning due to the overall brand image of the company across the globe. Panasonic has a vast line of massage chairs present within the market, due to which, a prospective massage chair buyer can easily get confused regarding which model would best suit their objective.

The content mentioned below includes guidelines regarding the basics involved in trying to choose the ideal Panasonic massage chair.

1 - Identification of Needs

The first and foremost step towards deciding upon which Panasonic massage chair to purchase includes identifying your personal needs from a massage chair. All massage chair objectives can eventually be counted down into two separate categories, optimal relaxation or enhance recovery and healing. To achieve an improved level of healing or recovery, it is essential for a massage chair to consist of not only an efficient reclining function but a full-body scanner along with a heat transmitter is necessary.

Heat transmitters are among the core components for increasing the efficiency of the healing process in cases of injuries since it helps the massage motions penetrate deeper. The Panasonic EP-30007, in this case, would not be advised since it lacks a thermal heating system incorporated within.

Whereas, the Panasonic Swede-atsu Companion Massage Lounger would be ideal for recovery since its massage motion nodes specifically target all core acupuncture points, provides adequate stretching and an excellent built-in heating system.

2 - Customized Massage Motions or Preset Massage Settings

All Panasonic massage chairs have both automatically pre-set massage settings embedded within alongside a variable number of manual massage movements which can be used to create customized massage programs. It needs to be taken into account that for a prospective massage chair buyer whom of which pays higher preference towards utilizing automatic massage programs, it is important to opt for a chair which has relatively higher, more specialized automatic massage functions.

In such a case, the Panasonic EP-MA73KU Massage Chair and the Panasonic EP-MA70 would be ideal since each of them consists of a total number of 6 automatic massage functions unlike the usual four found in other Panasonic massage chairs.

For prospective buyers whom of which prefer manually customize their massages not only is it important to have a relatively higher number of manual massage motions embedded within but a user-memory should also be incorporated within the massage chair.

User-memory allows each user to be able to save their previously created customized massage programs so that they can be utilized again without having to go through the entire process of creating it all over. The MA-10KU; therefore, would not be recommended since it does not consist of any user-memory functionalities even though it has an aggregate of 5 manual massage motions incorporated within.

3 - Budget for Buying Panasonic Massage Chairs

budget for buying panasonic massage chairs

The budget a prospective massage chair buyer has in mind is just as important for deciding upon the final Panasonic massage chair to purchase, then the factors mentioned above. For those of whom that have a moderate budget which can go up until $7000 then the ideal Panasonic massage chair model for them would without a doubt be the EP-MA70.

While those of whom have a relatively tight budget of $2000 to $3000, the EP-MA10KU would be recommended; although, the model does lack a user-memory it consists of a wide range of advanced features embedded within to support both recoveries as well as relaxation consistently.

Other components such as the overall weight of the massage chair, the warranty offered as well as the outlook of the Panasonic massage chair chosen should not be overlooked, while finalizing upon the Panasonic massage chair ideal for your objectives.


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