Osaki Pinnacle Massage Chair OS-7200H Review 2019

Are you in search of purchasing a reliable massage chair which will deliver not only comfort but also extensive physical recovery, that too from a well-known manufacturer? 

Then, my friend, you have come to the right place. Osaki is the brand I would recommend to you, and if you are unsure of which model to opt for then, I would suggest taking a look into the Osaki OS-7200H.

osaki os 7200h

Regardless of whether you wish to comprehensively go through the main features of the Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair Recliner, the pros or cons and, even the most recommended buyers, this post is specifically dedicated to cover it all.

For an even higher edge, I will also be discussing along with sharing user/customer feedback to ensure that all possible elements towards reviewing the Osaki OS-7200H are fully covered, for removing or resolving any queries present within your mind about the massage chair.

Most of all this post, by the time you are done carefully reading it, will aid you with making up your mind upon the decision of whether to purchase the Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair Recliner or to opt for a different model, to best cater to your distinctive needs.

Without any further delays, let’s come right to point with overall reviewing Osaki as a massage chair manufacturer itself.

In the market sphere of technological goods, regardless of whether it pertains to kitchen appliances or even luxury commodities, like massage chairs or massage appliances, Osaki has always maintained a respectful position. Featuring a broad massage chair line, Osaki makes sure to cater to an optimal percentage of users with massage chair models both for prospective buyers with a tight budget and those with a relatively more moderate budget scale.

Osaki massage chair models such as the Osaki OS-4000 have time and again made its way into the Top 10 Massage chairs including for the year 2019. Therefore, OS-7200H is no exception. The Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair Recliner incorporates not only a visually appealing outlook but also has integrated within a range of high-standard massaging features which work together in harmony to deliver both optimal recovery and sheer relaxation.

In a nutshell, aside from an astounding aggregate of 51 air-bags incorporated within the massaging system of the Osaki OS-7200H, what I truly love about the massage chair is its fully extensive automatic body scanner, especially around the legs of users to adequately analyze the body-type of each user.

Specialized massage modes, along with rollers and an audio system incorporated within makes the Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair Recliner worth its price. If you are already hooked onto the thought of knowing more about the Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair, then keep on reading! All the comprehensive details can be found mentioned in the post below.

1 - Similar Models in the Market Sphere

If in case you are fully not satisfied by the Osaki OS-7200H or are in search of a similar model by the time you are done reading this post, then I would highly suggest taking a look into the below-enlisted models for a higher number of available options in the market sphere.

Let's take a look then, shall we!


2. Kahuna LM-6800S

3. Real Relax Robotic S Track Massage Chair

2 - Major Specifications of OS-7200H





Product Name

Osaki OS -7200H Massage Chair Recliner


Model No



Product Dimensions

50 x 35 x 49 inches


Gross Weight

301 pounds


Product Weight

230 pounds


Length of the Wire

Controller wire: 1.2m


Power Supply Wire



Rated Voltage



Rated Frequency

50/60 Hz.


Auto Timer

5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes

3 - Osaki OS-7200H  (Pros VS Cons)


  • Specialized programs can cater to not only the Vertebrae but also the shoulders, Pelvic and the neck of users for an optimal full-body massage experience.

  • Bluetooth technology embedded within allows users the convenience of connecting their cell-phones with the massage chair.

  • A removable head-pillow allows users the comfort of manually controlling the head-massage experience but adding additional or bare pillow support.

  • Optimal most durability is offered in the form of PU leather upholstery, furthermore, making the massage chair easy-to-clean.


  • The manual of the Osaki OS-7200H was of a rather poor quality where the English translations made minimal sense. Along with which specific steps regarding the successful functioning of the massage chair or assembly, were missing.

4 - Features of the Osaki OS-7200H

features of osaki os 7200h

If you consider yourself to be an amateur when it comes to an understanding the features integrated within a massage chair, along with what the massage features are meant for, then this particular section of the post should be read with much concentration. Each of the core massage features of the Osaki OS-7200 along with comprehensive details can be found ahead, Let's start, shall we!

Full Body Automatic Scanner

I cannot emphasize enough upon the importance of an automatic full body scanner to be integrated within a massage chair, specifically in cases where multiple users are expected to utilize the same massage chair. When multiple users are utilizing a massage chair, with the absence of an active automatic full-body scanner, it is impossible for the massage chair to deliver or maintain a consistent standard of massage delivery since each user will have their idiosyncratic body-type.

The full-body electronic body scanner integrated within the Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair Recliner helps with effectively analyzing each body-type along with adjusting the massage nodes and massage type to accommodate the user with an optimal massage experience best.

What I love most about the Osaki OS-7200H is its ability to go a step further by automatically scanning the legs of each user to best cater to the lower-body of each user along with the usual adjustments of the upper body massage nodes.


Receiving a head-massage is not what most buyers would expect from a massage chair since the common massage target areas are either the back, arms, legs, and feet. The Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair Recliner, however, goes a step further for delivering an optimal massage experience by integrating within a head-massaging system.

With the help of effective Quad-rollers, users can enjoy a highly effective head-massage, which, with the help of manually placing or removing the attached head-pillow can be altered in terms of intensity.

Specialized Massage Programs

Osaki utilizes professional masseuse as well as health practitioners within the field when creating specialized massage programs, for both delivering either sheer relaxation or enhanced physical recovery. Programs exclusive to Osaki as a brand, such as Chromo-therapy help with ensuring the effective eradication of any form of strain or tension trapped within the muscles of the anatomy for physical relief.

While massage modes such as the stretch-mode aim at delivering relaxation and rejuvenation of the body as well as the mind via specialized reclined positioning merged with air-massage patterns.

Varying massage patterns, speeds, intensities as well as massage types integrated within each specialized massage program help with delivering results depending upon the distinctive needs of each user for an optimal massage experience.

Manual Massage Settings

Aside from the specific pre-programmed massage modes integrated within the Osaki OS-7200H, users are also able to design their massage programs depending upon their desired mood or their needs. The option of creating a manual massage session aids users with selecting their preferred massage type ranging from a variety of massage patterns such as stretching, kneading, rolling, tapping and even vibration.

Air-bag Massage Technology

The Osaki OS-7200 Massage Chair Recliner not only has rollers incorporated within to deliver an active massage experience but also has an astounding total of 51-airbag massaging nodes included within the overall massage chair. An optimal level of massage coverage is achieved with the help of each airbag being specially integrated and spread out evenly within the Osaki OS-7200H.

Users, specifically those of whom give preference to a relatively subtle massage experience can highly benefit from the sheer number of airbags integrated within the Osaki OS-7200H.

For utmost convenience, each user is also able to further manually control the air-bag massage intensity being delivered to cater to the individualistic liking/needs of each buyer/user.  

Ergonomic Roller Track

The Osaki OS-7200 has a highly advanced Ergonomic Roller Track structure integrated within as among its core components. Ergonomic design in itself can be of much significance to prospective buyers whom of which are in search of a massage chair for Vertebrae related medical conditions.

Massage nodes are more effectively able to contour to the characteristic curves of the Vertebrae of each user when placed upon an Ergonomic Roller Track for ensuring optimal massage effectiveness.

Ergonomic Roller design is further based upon the core concepts of targeting major acupuncture points within the Vertebrae of users, for not only eradicating strain trapped within but also for improving blood-flow and; therefore, the overall well-being of users.

Zero-gravity Positioning

Another core component of the Osaki OS-7200H highly beneficial for those suffering from Vertebrae related issues is the Zero-gravity positioning incorporated within the recline settings.

Zero-gravity positioning helps with placing each user in a specific position where their hearts are set lower than the rest of the body for optimizing blood flow within the anatomy of users. Such a particular position is most commonly utilized right before space-shuttle take-off where astronauts are placed in a similar position to help eradicate as well as minimize strain being placed upon the anatomy of astronauts.

Efficient Heating System

To fully enhance massage effectiveness for both relaxation as well as recovery, via a higher percentage of massage penetration, it is essential for a massage chair to have an efficient heating system integrated within.

The Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair Recliner has heat transmitters embedded within each massaging node for ensuring the highest level of massage penetration with the help of loosening muscles via heat.

5 - User Feedback (OS-7200H)

To get to know the most unbiased reviews of a massage chair, it is best to initially go through the consumer feedback, as for the Osaki OS-7200H, varying customer feedback can be found mentioned ahead, so keep on reading!

Mixed reviews were noticed among the users of the Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair Recliner, leading to this particular model being given an aggregate of 4 out of 5 stars. A sheer majority of the reviews via customers consisted of those of which rated the Osaki OS-7200H to be of an excellent quality massaging model consisting of all core massage features, at an affordable price.

Many customers praised the Osaki OS-7200H for delivering a profoundly relaxing massage experience via merging heat therapy, along with roller and airbags massage technology.  

The Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair Recliner was most commonly praised for being highly beneficial for those users, whom of which were seeking physical comfort for chronic back issues.

osaki os 7200h user feedback

There was a specific user whom of which complained about the poor quality of how the massage chair manual was created as a result of which inconvenience was faced during the effective assembly of the massaging chair. While another customer review highlighted the complaint on how their purchased Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair Recliner broke down only after a week of functioning; therefore, causing a high level of inconvenience.

os 7200h user feedback

6 - Problems Experienced

With an aggregate rating of 4 stars out of 5, there were not many issues faced by users and even I, when utilizing the Osaki OS-7200H; however, I would suggest caution to be taken when opting for a seller online. It is best to choose sellers or retailers whom of which offer an extended warranty, just in case where a defected model might be delivered to your home. A warranty in such cases, specifically one which comprehensively covers insurance for core massage element embedded within, can effectively avoid inconvenience being faced by buyers. Thus, it is best advised to opt for sellers with high ratings as well as adequate reliability standards.

Another element of caution I would suggest to prospective buyers, particularly those that have a relatively heavy body-frame is to keep in consideration that the Osaki OS-7200H is unable to cater to users weighing more than 275 lbs effectively.

7 - Best Online Seller (Osaki OS-7200H)

As mentioned previously as well, it is best advised to only opt for sellers in case you are purchasing a massage chair online, whom of which can be relied upon or featuring positive customer feedback. If it is; therefore, an entirely credible online seller you are in search of, then the one mentioned below is what I would recommend and will have you fully covered, to avoid inconvenience in the long-run when the Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair Recliner is utilized carefully.

8 - Most Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1 Will it support someone who is 6' 3" and 300lbs?

Yes, 275 lbs is the maximum weight.

Q.2 Will all massage features work while sitting upright?

Yes, it fully functions in an upright position.

Q.3 Is this chair a wall-hugger? 

No, it is not.

Q.4 How fast does this seller deliver it?

The usual delivery time is one week, depending upon where you reside.

Q.5 How many colors are available for Osaki OS-7200H massage chair?

We have all the colors available: Black, Brown, Cream, and Charcoal.

Q.6 Is this massage chair suitable for short heighted people like 5ft tall?

Yes, it can cater both short and tall users.

Q.7 I'm 6'2" 200 lbs. Will I fit in this chair?

Yes, you will be able to fit into it with much ease.

Q.8 Where is this massage chair made?

The Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair is made in China.

Q.9 How many airbags does this chair have?

It has a total of 51 Airbags integrated within itself.

Q.10 Is there a white glove delivery option for integrating and assembly?

Yes, but it includes additional cost.

Other than the issue of opting for an online seller which is both reliable as well as credible, I would highly recommend the Osaki OS-7200H to prospective buyers. Featuring a price range of less than $4000, as well as being fully packed with highly advanced massage elements such as head-massagers, powerful heat transmitters, air-bags as well as rollers, the Osaki OS-7200H is a must-buy, for those with the adequate budget.

Regardless of whether you are opting for attaining relaxation or even enhanced recovery, the Osaki OS-7200H will have your needs fully covered. I would suggest this massage chair to prospective buyers even regardless of whether they enjoy an intense massage experience or a relatively subtle massage intensity, the Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair Recliner adequately caters to a vast range of user needs and desires.



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