Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Fully Body Massage Chair Review

osaki os 4000 zero gravity executive fully body massage chair

Osaki is considered as among one of the best manufacturers of luxury massage chairs. Massage chair models manufactured under Osaki lie in a relatively more expensive price range; therefore, fail to accommodate customers with a price range below $1000.

The Osaki OS-4000 massage chair is among the widely purchased or opted for models by prospective buyers consisting of a medium price range. Containing a vast number of useful features, a more detailed Osaki OS-4000 review can be found in the below content:

Key Features of the Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Fully Body Massage Chair

Six Specialized Automatic Massage Programs

Automatic massage programs are an essential feature which all prospective buyers expect from a massage chair, regardless of whether they opt for purchasing a relatively cheaper massage chair or even one which belongs from a higher budget.

The OS-4000 has integrated within a total of six different massage programs, each of which is specially designed to achieve optimal results of relaxation, rejuvenation, recovery and relieve. Alongside the already pre-programmed massage settings within the OS-4000, customers also have the option of being able to alter their chosen massage motion via the ability to chose from among five varying levels of massage intensity and speed, to best achieve their desired results.

An additional six manual massage motions are also among the massage settings of the OS-4000. Users can create customized massage patterns from among a combination of Kneading, Swedish, Rolling, Tapping and two others.

Updated Air-massage Technique

The OS-4000 has manufactured within it, airbags alongside air cells, to be able to efficiently achieve the highest level of comfort via massaging not only the hips along with the lumber area of users but also, the shoulders, arms, foot and the calf of users. Such an extensive area coverage ensures an efficient full body massage experience being delivered to users.

Automatic Body Scanning Technology Merged Advanced Leg Scan

An electronic body scanning system integrated within any massage chair, as among its key features, significantly enhances the value of the chair along with the comfort provided to varying users. The automatic body scanning system of the OS-4000 delivers precision during the massage therapy via rollers by being able to adjust the positioning of the rollers per the body width as well as body height of its users.

The feature of massage motions changing to body mass of each user, as a result, can aid the OS-4000 in comfortably accommodating users consisting of all types of body-frames, broad or narrow, short or tall.

Taking the feature of body scanning one step further, Osaki also included an additional function of Leg-scanning to be able to avoid users from facing any discomfort during the time they receive the leg and foot massage.

Zero-gravity Alongside an Ergonomic S-track

Both the features mentioned above function together to be able to deliver a massage experience of maximum comfort and relaxation. The Ergonomic S-track technology is utilized by the OS-4000 to be able to monitor the placing of the spine on the back-seat of the massage chair, following which, the massage motion is contoured in accordance to each idiosyncratic spinal cord placing of users.

A 2-stage feature of zero-gravity is also among the main components which make up the OS-4000. Each stage of the zero-gravity positioning, guarantee that a gradual incline takes place for the eradication of un-necessary strain being targeted upon the spine of the user. Any tension points of pressure trapped within the lower back of the user are eliminated as a result of which, optimal levels of relaxation can be achieved.

Two Control Systems

The OS-4000 consists of not only one, but two different controllers. The primary controller is of full-size, which allows users to be able to control all the key and secondary massage chair functions.

The second controller of the OS-4000 is highly advanced due to being wireless, unlike the primary central controller. The compact size of the wireless remote serves the purpose of users being able to alter the main settings of the OS-4000 without having to interrupt the comfort of a reclined position while utilizing the massage chair.

Efficient Heating System

The OS-4000 also has a heating system integrated within, as one of its principal features. For a higher level of efficiency, instead of one, two separate heating pads are placed within the lower back area of the massaging chair to ensure that maximum massage motion penetration can take place to achieve optimal comfort.

Pros and Cons of the Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Fully Body Massage Chair

Things We Liked

  • Automatic timers are integrated within the OS-4000; users can manually choose from a massage time range of 5 minutes till 30 minutes.
  • The durability of the massage chair is highly increased by being fully covered by PU.
  • Air-pressure massages are specifically targeted towards the shoulders and the hips.
  • Two different zero-gravity positions help achieve maximum relaxation.

Things We Disliked

  • Rollers functioning inside the backseat of the massage chair are relatively subtle, even after the additional comfort cloth placed between the chair and the user is removed.
  • The written text upon the controllers is excruciatingly tiny, making it arduous for users to be able to read in a dimly lighted room successfully.
  • The chair weighs a total of 260 pounds and is delivered unassembled; making it extremely challenging and time-consuming to assemble.
  • The massage chair Comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Final Verdict

I prefer massage settings which are considerably higher in intensity to be able to fully enjoy the relaxing experience being delivered by a massage chair. The Osaki OS-4000 consists of massage settings within the lower back area which were too subtle for my liking, which was definitely a drawback specifically for me. Another issue that I noticed was with reading the labels of the control systems, due to their relatively smaller text, even though I consider myself to have a good vision.

Other than the aforementioned issues, the Osaki OS-4000 is a massage chair which consists of all essential message features and has the ability to deliver consistently high level massage therapy.

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