Best Osaki Massage Chair 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Being within the massage chair market sphere for over 15 years; Osaki has made its name prominent within the worldwide list of massage chair manufacturers. Osaki time and again has proven to be among the most dominant distributors of electronics associated with therapeutic massages for relaxation and recovery. 

Being a PRO with massage chairs, I can understand how difficult it may be for prospective buyers relatively new to the world of massage chairs to pinpoint the one which possibly suits them.

The most prominent issue I initially faced with choosing among which Osaki massage chair to purchase was due to the many models which they upgraded, and then reintroduced within the market.

To ease down any similar confusion prospective buyers may face, I have created a guide which best pinpoints and reviews the Top 10 Best Osaki Massage Chairs of 2020. Without any further adieu, let's get right into the reviews then shall we! 

Best Osaki Massage Chairs Reviews

Osaki OS4000TD

The one feature I truly love about the Osaki OS4000TD Massage Chair is that the seat can deliver both vibrations as well as squeezing motions as a form of massage to users for optimal comfort.

The Osake OS4000TD has integrated within a total of 6 automatic massage settings alongside six manual massage motions so that users are provided a wide range of massaging options to choose from or even customize. For a fully customized massage experience the intensity, as well as the speed of each manually created massage program, can be altered and selected from a total of 5 different variations.

An advanced zero-gravity feature incorporated within enhances the ability of the massage chair to decrease any chronic back pains that the user might be suffering from via decompressing nerves within the Vertebrae and eventually increasing blood flow.

A highly advanced full body, digital body scan make sure that the unique body-frame of each user is analyzed so that the massage motions can be altered to spot core massage points within the body.

S-track massaging rollers work towards delivering an efficient massage experience in a manner which effectively targets a sufficient number of acupuncture points located within the massage chair.

The one aspect I do not like of the Osaki OS4000TD Massage Chair is that it is incredibly bulky and cumbersome; therefore, making it a necessity for more than one person to move the massage chair around from one place to another.

OSAKI OS-4000 Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair embodies a highly contemporary outlook, which makes it among my most favorite feature of the massage chair as well as one which will appeal to prospective buyers whom of which are somewhat furniture friendly. 

To deliver a precise massaging experience as per each users body-type, an automatic body scanner is also among the core features of the massage chair so that the massaging motions can be adjusted under each user's body-type. S-track rollers are further embedded within the back seat of the massage chair so that they can perfectly contour to the individual shape of the Vertebrae of each user while applying consistent pressure.

Aside from the automatic body-scanner, users can manually as well as automatically adjust the calves length, and the foot length for a consistent massage experience regardless of whether short or tall. Quick as well as tall. To further aid with increasing healing and recovery, particularly for the back of users, an efficient heat transmitter is located within the backseat so that massage motions can penetrate the body deeper, for enhanced efficiency. 

To be able to manually adjust the intensity of massage being delivered around the neck area, users can manually via choosing the attach the additional neck pillow provided alongside the massage chair for a subtle experience or remove it for a stronger massage session.

The absence of rollers within the foot-rest of the OS-4000 Massage Chair is what I found lacking from the massage chair itself since I expect a relaxing, intense foot-massage experience at the end of a long tiresome day.

Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair

The one feature which is a stand-out in the Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair is the full-body heating system embedded within which delivers a higher level of massage penetration, that too providing a full-body coverage.

Six specialized automatic massage programs along with an aggregate of 13 different massaging nodes are embedded within so that users are delivered a full massage experience with varying massage types. A highly advanced body scanner with micro-scanning precision ensures that the body curves are efficiently and consistently covered.

The Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair consists of a highly advanced zero-gravity positioning incorporated within to make sure that nerves compressed due to strain within the lower-Vertebrae can be released via elimination of tension knots.

The one disadvantage I got to notice regarding the Osaki OS-7200H Massage Chair came in the form of the manual being highly outdated and; therefore, extremely arduous to understand.

At the same time, specialized preset Thai-stretching options integrated within along with, zero-gravity and a lower back heating system when merged, are excellent with optimal healing and recovery.

What is it that makes the Osaki OS4000A Massage Chair so unique? Well, for me it has to be seating of the massage chair not only consisting of the option of providing continuous vibrating motions but also Lumber and hip squeeze motions for effectively releasing tension.

A full body scanning system of the Osaki OS4000A helps with accommodating tall as well as short users as per their heights. Whereas, an aggregate total of 8 different massage programs, each of which is specialized to achieve a particular objective is embedded within along with five varying levels of speed intensities for entirely being able to customize the massage experience as per each user's wishes.

The durability of the chair along with user-convenience is enhanced via advanced PU covering in the form of upholstery; therefore, making the massage chair profoundly easy to clean.

Two separate stages of zero-gravity deliver users an exceptional experience via gradual recline, following which they are placed in a balanced position mimicking that of astronauts before shuttle take off, optimal for lower-back comfort.

The one disadvantage of the Osaki OS4000A Massage Chair is such which I have commonly noticed among Osaki Massage Chair models, the chair itself is impossible to carry or move around without additional help due to an extremely bulky nature.

Other than that, each feature embedded within works effectively to deliver an incredibly comforting massage experience to users while the same cannot be said about effectively enhanced recovery being provided.

The Osaki OS-1000C Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-1000C consists of a total of 4 manual massage motions including kneading, tapping, rolling and a combination of tapping and rolling are offered as well as five incredibly easy to function, yet specialized preset massage programs within the massage chair.

Aside from the automatic as well as manual massage motions embedded within, what makes the Osaki OS1000C idiosyncratic is the four rollers integrated within which perfectly contour the Vertebrae of users via advanced scanning systems embedded within each roller for providing an excellent massage coverage.

Furthermore, a sheer total of 20 airbags are also embedded within alongside the rollers, each of which is strategically situated and works perfect harmony to deliver a relaxing massage experience while users can also select from 3 different airbag massage intensities to best suit their need.

The Osaki OS-1000C Massage Chair also consists of the ability to recline to a 170-degree angle, which not only aids with relaxation but also with the elimination of strain from the lower-back over future usage. Each massage point embedded within the chair is made so to target specialized ‘tsubo’ points within the body while specialized cushioning contours to the shape of each user's unique body-frame.

The one essential feature which the Osaki OS1000C does lack is a heat transmitter incorporated within, which can prove to be a significant inconvenience for many; therefore, caution must be taken before purchasing the Osaki OS1000C.

The Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber

Utmost convenience to users is delivered with the help of an incredibly, easy to use fully lighted remote controller makes functioning the massage chair of maximum comfort; therefore, being my most preferred feature of the Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber Massage Chair

To be able to deliver an optimal massage experience, the massage chair consists of 3-D massage technology embedded within each air-cell as well as rollers to best mimic the motions of a professional masseuse. While a large aggregate of 36 airbags provides a full-body massage experience to users, each of which has specifically been designed to deliver a larger than usual massage coverage area placing a relatively lesser amount of stress on the chair.

The automatic full body scanner merged with separate leg scanner effectively locate acupuncture points within the body, regardless of whether users are of a relatively shorter height frame or taller while adjusting each massage motion to best suit the user's body. Alongside, an automatic reclining along with a 2-stage highly specific zero-gravity feature both help with decreasing any strain or tension knots trapped within the lower back or Vertebrae of users.

Although I prefer an intense massage experience; yet, I must point out that the massage motions, particularly on the lower-back of the Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber Massage Chair, in a reclined position, are too harsh and extremely discomforting; therefore, proving to be a significant disadvantage.

Aside from that, the Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber is an excellent massage chair with a very contemporary outlook available in two color upholstery, red as well as black.

The Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair

What is it that I love most about the Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair? I would say it has to be how each massage program is explicitly designed to provide massage coverage over essential ‘Tsubo’ points located within the body for successfully eradicating trapped tension within the organization.

The Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair utilizes rollers, as well as air-cells, to deliver an optimal massage experience. A total of 4 rollers are incorporated within the target specifically the back of users, each of which is embedded within with scanners to be able to contour each user's Vertebrae correctly.

Users of the Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair can also create self-customized massage programs with not only different manual massage settings but also different massage intensities and speeds. Alongside manual massages, five specialized preset massages are also incorporated within to enhance user convenience.

The Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe also incorporates the ability to recline to a 170-degree angle which as a result, promotes the process of lower back healing by shifting the strain being placed onto the Vertebrae, eventually relaxing the users.

Although wheels are attached to the bottom of the massage chair; yet, the massage chair is still extremely heavy making it somewhat difficult to move it around quickly that too without any additional aid.

The absence of heating system embedded within also pays as a heavy toll in the worth of the massage chair itself; therefore, prospective buyers are advised to carefully evaluate the pros as well as cons of the Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe Massage Chair.

The Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair

The choice for users the utilize or take off additional padding placed upon the seating of the Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair is what I love most about it. This feature allows users to control the massage intensity being delivered to the anatomy directly.

An extensive range of automatic as well as manual massage settings is embedded within the Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair. Ten highly specialized automatically preset massage motions provide users a vast range of massage types to choose from, whereas 29 different styles of kneading further increases the ability of users to be able to create their preferred massage settings.

Ten highly specialized automatically preset massage motions provide users a vast range of massage types to choose from, 29 different styles of kneading further increases the ability of users to be able to create their preferred massage settings.

Furthermore, the ability to recline manually as well as per the selected automatic massaging mode works well with recovery for specifically those whose Vertebrae is prone to becoming accumulated with strain due to bad posture.

An ‘Air magic massage’ is delivered to all core body parts such as the feet, calves, seat, back, arms, wrists, and shoulders via an extensive set of airbags incorporated within the Osaki OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair for optimal relaxation.

A point navigation system functions the same way as an automatic body scanner. The sole purpose of being able to adjust the massaging functions under each user's body-frame successfully.  

I would not recommend The OS-4D Pro JP Premium Massage Chair to prospective buyers primarily with a relatively low budget, because of its extremely high price.

The Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber C Massage Chair

The ability of the Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber C Massage Chair to accommodate users between the large height frame initiating from 5-feet to 6’5 feet is my most preferred component of the massage chair itself. Furthermore, automatic, self-adjustable footrest evaluates the length of each users legs to be able to best accommodate him/her with utmost consistency.

To mimic the motions of a professional masseuse, the massage chair has 3D massage technology embedded within which delivers a hand-like feel and touch to users.

Rollers are incorporated within the chair, each which can be controlled via varying intensities to be able to provide a deep-tissue massaging experience which delivers deeper massage motion penetration.

Two different stages of zero-gravity are embedded within to effectively eliminate any strain trapped within the Vertebrae of users by placing them in a position which stabilizes the Vertebrae; therefore, de-compressing the nerves.

The one drawback of the Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber C Massage Chair is that users have to pay extra for assembly along with doorstep delivery since the massage chair weighs a total of 350 pounds; making it almost impossible for users to move or assemble the massage chair on their own.

The Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer

The Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer consists of an aggregate of ten automatically preset massaging programs which provide professional massage settings while manual massage motions can be utilized to create a more customized massage experience.

Alongside each automatic massage setting as well as manual, digital body scanning technology is utilized which alters each massaging function so that targeted massage areas such as acupuncture points can effectively be located within the body of each user.

What I love most about the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair are the specialized stretching programs which are embedded within to loosen and relax the muscles of users individually.

The Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair S-track also has rollers incorporated within rather than the usual vertical rollers which can automatically be adjusted not only regarding their length but also their width so that an active massage experience is provided to each user.

Massage seat vibration when merged with Zero-gravity promote the eradication of strain trapped within the entire Vertebrae; as a result, the body posture can eventually be corrected.

Aside from its massive structure and its relatively heavy weight, I would highly recommend this massage chair to prospective buyers on a relatively high budget due to its exceptional massage technology.

Osaki Massage Chair Brand

Osaki has well established its roots in not only manufacturing the underlying most massage chair models but has also released a vast number of highly advanced massage chairs. Therefore, is considered as among the most dominating names in the massage chair market sphere.

Osaki Massage Chairs has a history of bringing forward highly updated, more advanced versions of their earlier released models which are then reintroduced into the market with a more substantial more useful number of features embedded within.

Osaki caters prospective buyers of both, a relatively lower price budget with their massage chair models initiating from the $1000 price tag and can go up till a sheer $9000 price limit. Therefore, targeting a large segment of prospective buyers.

Some of the prices of Osaki Massage Chair models go towards the high range due to professional masseuse along with medical practitioners being utilized for creating newer, more advanced features each of which serves the purpose of either delivering utmost relaxation or optimal recovery to users.

Maintaining its name within the leading dominating brands within the world of massage chairs, Osaki massage chair models should be considered for purchase by prospective buyers.

Buying Guide - How to Choose the Best Osaki Massage Chair

With such a large number of models, particularly those that have been re-introduced to the market with newer features, it is easy for prospective buyers to get highly confused regarding which massage chair purchase to make.

It is; therefore, essential for potential buyers to initially identify the objectives which they wish for the massage chair to deliver along with other components mentioned below for successfully being able to finalize upon a massage chair to buy.


An automatic body-scanner is among the essential most features a massage chair should have embedded within if more than one user intends on utilizing the massage chair functions. The absence of a body-scanner fails to provide users of varying heights a consistent standard of massage.

The Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer, for example, not only adjusts each massage motion as per the user's height-frame but also analyses the body width of each user to locate target points within the body of users successfully. 

The Budget

The money a prospective buyer is willing to spend on purchasing an Osaki massage chair significantly decreases his/her available options. If for instance, the maximum massage chair budget is $1500, then massage chair models such as the Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe or the Osaki OS-1000C would be ideal. 

For a relatively more moderate budget, massage chair models such as the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer or the Osaki OS-4D PRO JP might be a better option, since both the massage chairs mentioned above lie within a price range initiating from $5000 and goes up till $9000. 

Ultimate Relaxation or Recovery

Massage chairs regardless of the vast number of functions they may offer can ultimately be sorted down to two delivering two fundamental objectives, either recovery and healing or comfort, and relaxation.

To enhance levels of healing and recovery, a massage chair must consist of both, a heat transmitter and a zero-gravity positioning embedded within to support lower back conditions.

Whereas for relaxation, features including soft padding and a wide range of massaging options including automatically preset massages and manual motions should be embedded within a massage chair.

Since years, Osaki Massage Chair manufacturers have been effectively delivering exceptional yet consistent results via their massage chairs. Prospective buyers should still take out the time and energy to go through customer reviews as well as consumer feedback to best asses which massage chair would best suit your needs before spending $1000’s of dollars on purchasing one.

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