Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japanese Massage Chair Review

Massage chairs manufactured by Osaki, although are categorized as being relatively expensive, yet, they have also always been associated with sheer quality and consistently exceptional deliverance.

Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair
  • Superior 4D Massage Technology/Computer Body Scan, 12 Stages of Strength Adjustment
  • Upper Shoulder Massage/Roller Extension, Full Body Air Massage, Heated Backrest & Feet
  • Double Sensors for Shoulder, Double Heater, 41 Types Kneading, Stretch Massage, Triple Mode Air System

This is one of the core reasons behind why Osaki as manufacturers of massage chairs are highly recommended by many.

Featuring all core components within each manufactured model, Osaki makes sure that the ultimate objective of either optimal relaxation or eventual recovery is achieved via their massage chairs.

Prospective buyers looking for massage chairs mainly manufactured by Osaki should keep in consideration the OS-JP Premium 4S Massage chair. A detailed review of the OS-JP Premium 4S can be found below:

Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair

Advanced Stages of Manual Speed Adjustments

Although automatically preset massage functions are very commonly found integrated within massage chairs, a fair majority of users also prefer the creation of manual massage programs.

The intensity or the strength of massage being delivered is a core component of being able to customise massage programs fully.

Many users prefer the highest levels of massage intensity while others opt for more subtle or balanced massage strengths.

Regardless of whether the former or the latter, The OS-JP Premium 4S Massage chair has it all covered with a sheer total of twelve different massage intensities.

An Extensive Number of Automatic Massage Programs

The OS-JP Premium 4S Massage chair has a total of 21 different preset massage settings. Each of the 21 massage programs works towards mimicking professional massage therapy techniques used.

The automatically preset massage functions of the OS-JP Premium 4S Massage chair serve the cause of being able to provide higher levels of user convenience.

Each preset massage program is created specifically for achieving a particular purpose, the motions, speed, intensity and time integrated within each program is done so with the aim to provide optimal comfort, relief, rejuvenation, and recovery.

Advanced Full-Body Scanning Technology

The OS-JP Premium 4S Massage chair ensures that the optimal most levels of support are delivered to users via the utilization of full-body scanning technology integrated within.

Regardless of each user's body-frame, whether narrow or broad, tall or short, The OS-JP Premium 4S Massage chair works at perfectly contouring massage motions to each user's body.

Full-Body Massage Coverage

A great full-body massage is delivered via The OS-JP Premium 4S Massage chair. Airbags are integrated within the massage chair throughout to ensure that no body area is left unaffected by the benefits of the message being delivered.

Alongside airbags massage technique, 41 types of kneading merged with rollers massage technology work in harmony to help balance out any strain trapped within the body effectively.

Updated Heating System

The OS-JP Premium 4S Massage chair instead of the most usually found one heating pad within massage chairs, consists of an addition for enhanced effectiveness.

Each of the two heating pads found integrated within The OS-JP Premium 4S Massage chair ensures that via transmission of heat during the massage therapy, higher levels of massage penetration can take place.

With the help of increased levels of penetrated massage motions, into the anatomy of users, desired objectives such as recovery or sheer relaxation can significantly be achieved relatively quickly.

User-fiendly Control Monitor

User convenience is kept as a core priority by Osaki while manufacturing their products; The OS-JP Premium 4S Massage chair is delivered with a highly user-friendly remote control.

The controller itself is integrated with a big enough screen so that no difficulty is faced by users in trying to read, understand or maneuver the massage chair.

Pros and Cons of the OS-JP Premium 4S Massage Chair

Things I Liked

The OS-JP Premium 4S Massage chair comes integrated within with the technology required to recline automatically to strategically incorporated angles.

To ensure that the full-body massage experience is delivered, The OS-JP Premium 4S Massage chair consists of separate roller extensions for targeting the upper portions of each user's shoulders.

Additional body scanning sensors are placed within the neck and shoulder areas to avoid any discomfort being felt by users due to incorrect positioning of massage motions.

A total of half an hour’s worth of continuous massage period can be enjoyed by users of Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair.

This particular massage chair weighs only 164-pounds making it easier for users to be able to move it around without additional help.

Things I Disliked

Due to its compatible size, the Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair can only withstand a total weight limit of 250-pounds.

Relatively taller individuals higher than the 6’4 height mark can be subject to discomfort while using this particular massage chair due to its smaller structure.


Aside from people taller than 6’4, looking to buy an excellent quality massage chair, I would recommend considering the Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair.

Although, getting used to the vast number of features integrated within will take time, yet the quality of massage being delivered can positively be tasted as being worth its high cost.

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