Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair Review

Luxury is the one word which adequately describes the Novo XT Massage Chair. The Novo XT is considered as the Rolls Royce among its industry, Costing up to a whopping $8000, starting off this post I would ask prospective buyers whom of which have a relatively lower budget to take caution.

Although the price tag is one of a substantial nature; yet, with it comes a vast number of top-of-the-line massaging features embedded within with the core objective of delivering optimal most comfort and relaxation to users. 

Novo XT Ultra High Performance Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Whether the Novo XT Massage Chair is ideal for you or worth the buy to suit your personal needs, I would suggest you thoroughly go through this post to extensively get to know about all core as well as minor aspects regarding the Novo XT Massage Chair.

1. Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair Review 2020

Human Touch Novo XT Ultra High Massage Chair

The Novo XT Massage Chair due to the highly advanced features embedded within to deliver relaxation is categorized as a ‘luxury massage chair’; therefore, making its way well-deserved into the the best massage chairs of 2020

Being dedicated to the title of  ‘game changer’ within the world of luxury commodities, The Novo XT merges exceptional performance as well as a distinctive design, to bring out optimum comfort and quality. Carefully manufactured to achieve a maximum level of psychological, alongside physical relief with its therapeutic massages, the Novo XT features an array of massage functions.

Whether it is a range of automatic massage settings one is looking for, an advanced zero-gravity design, a unibody L-track design or a 3-D massage experience, the Novo XT Massage Chair has it all covered. To find out more in detail regarding the features embedded within, be sure to keep on reading!

2. Major Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 63 x 31 x 43 inches
  • Product aggregate weight: 273 pounds
  • Product Shipping Weight: 324 pounds
  • Product Manufacturer: Human Touch
  • Item Model Number: 100-NOVOXT-004
  • User Height Range: 5’0 to 6’9
  • Recommended Max Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

3. Novo XT Massage Chair (Pros & Cons)


  • A premium level five-year product warranty is provided ensuring that optimal user convenience and comfort is delivered to each buyer.

  • An easy-to-use LCD offers a range of language settings including Korean, Chinese, English, and Vietnamese.

  • The Novo XT can efficiently switch from its upright position to a neural zero-gravity position in minimalistic space making its design very area effective.

  • Massage chairs manufactured by Human Touch are officially endorsed by WFC (World Federation of Chiropractic).

  • Extensive range of pre-set massage programs alongside the ability to customize massage programs delivers optimal relaxation.


  • For some users, the foot massaging technology grip might be a little aggressive; therefore, causing discomfort in specific high-level intensity settings.

  • The Novo XT does not consist of a port for headphones or a headset.

4. Detailed Features of Novo XT 

novo xt ultra massage chair

Automatically Preset Massage Programs 

A sheer aggregate of 34 specially designed automatic massage programs are embedded within the Human Touch Novo XT Ultra High-Performance Zero-Gravity Massage Chair.

Each of the automatically preset massage settings can be categorized under Rehabilitation, Recovery, Restoration, and Rejuvenation. Massage programs explicitly designed or Rehabilitation aims to help the anatomy of users increase the recovery rate for conditions such as Arthritis, Chronic aches, and pains, Sciatica, etc.

Mostly the recovery programs are designed for those that have a relatively physical labor-intensive routine, for example, athletes.

Programs aimed primarily at Restoration target core acupuncture points within the body to help with releasing tension or any strain trapped within to relax the body.

Massages designed under Rejuvenation are intended mainly to improve the general wellbeing of the user, specifically their mental clarity.

Manual Massage Settings

The option to choose from a variety of 5 different levels of intensity settings aids in the rehabilitation of many physically related conditions such as arthritis, back pains, fibromyalgia and even sciatica via the creation of fully customized massage settings.

The Novo XT also provides its users with the additional option to chose among three types of massages, each optimizing deep tissue therapy via their specialized programs. This feature in itself not only helps with thoroughly soothing the body muscles but also to rejuvenate the body and comfortably stretch it.

Unibody L-Track Design

The Novo XT features an L-shaped unibody design whose purpose is not only to maximize comfort but also to appeal to the eyes of prospective buyers.

Specially designed, the L-track is used to bolster the neck, all the way to its users back and then also the glutes for effortlessly achieving the purpose of rejuvenation. The Novo XT further aids in comforting its users via its functionality of being able to stretch and bend, both with a unique full-stretch feature.

The Human Touch Novo XT Ultra High-Performance Zero-Gravity Massage Chair is also available in a variety of different colors, another factor which adds to its levels of aesthetics.

USB and Bluetooth Built-In Port

Novo XT also features an easily accessible built-in USB port which allows for a natural recharge for the device. This particular massage chair also includes the functionality to connect the massaging chair via Bluetooth for enjoying uninterrupted music through the speakers of Novo XT.

3D Massage Technique

3D massage technology embedded within allows each massaging node to execute a specially designed motion which delivers the effects as well as feels precisely like a massage provided via hands.

With the option to manually set the massaging action, users can target specific areas of the body from among different tissue healing and intensity settings to best reap the fruits of purchasing the Novo XT by Human Touch.

Calf & Foot Massager

The extendable footrest allows its users to experience their own choice of customized reflexology via the manufactured underfoot and calf massagers.

Deep-tissue rollers are further embedded within the calf and footrest ensures that all core nerve endings within the lower half of the body are massaged for increased blood flow and mitigation of strain.

Acupressure Merged with Heat Transmission 

The Novo XT provides its users with the comfort of the cloud touch-focused acupressure. The Cloud touch technology of acupressure refers to the application of a controlled amount of pressure being placed on specific targets for the sole purpose of caressing major healing point within the human body.

Warm air being targeted towards the lumbar area is another excellent feature of the Novo XT which allows for the effective soothing of tightness within the user’s body.

5. User Feedback of Novo XT Massage Chair

The Human Touch Novo XT Ultra High-Performance Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Is rated within an aggregate of 4.5 stars out of 5. Overall, the customer feedback received was from customers fully satisfied with the massaging functions and other comfort affiliated features embedded within the Novo XT Massage Chair.

Several users explicitly praised the ability of the Novo XT Massage Chair by Human Touch to be able to enhance the process of physical recovery, particularly for those suffering from torn ligaments due to trauma/shock via a car accident.

novo xt user feedback

Customers of the Novo XT Massage Chair by Human Touch also specifically were appealed by the vast range and shades of upholstery color options available for prospective buyers to choose from. 

6. Where to Buy Novo XT

For those looking to make an online purchase of the Novo XT Massage Chair; however, are unsure of which medium to utilize for the buy or which buyers to give higher preference to, then you are in luck. I have mentioned the link to among the most reliable online sellers available of the Novo XT Massage Chair by Human Touch on

7. Frequently Ask Questions

1# Is this real leather?

No, the upholstery is made of a soft and durable SofHyde Material.

2# Is it possible to fit this through a 30.5" doorway opening?

No, a doorway spacing of 36-inch opening is required for the massage chair to go through with ease.

3# Does it have Heat transmitters?

Yes, heat transmitters are strategically placed within the back seat of the massage chair.

4# How many upholstery options are available?

A total of 5 upholstery color options are available for the Novo XT Massage Chair.

5# How many airbags?

The Novo XT has 36 airbags which cover the: Arms, Calves, Feet, Hands, Hips and Thighs, Upper Arms and Shoulder area.

6# Does this product ship White Glove?

Yes, it does.

7# How many watts to run the Novo XT?

The power consumption for the Novo XT is 1.3 Amps.

8# Where is it made?

The Novo XT is made in the PRC and explicitly designed by Human Touch for your comfort.

9# Does this chair hit your calves, thighs, upper back and shoulders well?

There are five levels of intensity for the compression explicitly targeting the calves and two massage nodes at the back of the calf that helps massage them.

10# Can warranty be extended?

Yes, if White Glove Delivery is used, the warranty can be extended as per the buyers choice.

8. Conclusion

Although the Human Touch Novo XT Ultra High-Performance Zero-Gravity Massage Chair may cost a hefty amount of $7999, however, keeping in consideration the essential features such as the 3D L-track shaped technology, Custom massage functionality, 5-year premium warranty and many more, The Novo XT is recommended for prospective buyers.


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