MCombo Massage Chair Review 2019

MCombo as a manufacturing firm has been known to cater the creation of a vast variety of good. Many of the products manufactured under MCombo are placed under the category of standard household furniture including tables, chairs, trampolines and even massage chairs.

mcombo massage chair

Another great feature regarding MCombo relates to the company producing massage chairs under various price ranges, including the relatively cheap as well as the extremely expensively priced massaging chairs. The MCombo massage chair, is among the former mentioned price category, consisting of a range which does not exceed $700.

A more detailed review can be found below for prospective buyers, whom of which wish to keep their options open regarding the massage chair to purchase which best suits their needs.

Main Features of the MCombo Massage Chair

mcombo massage chair review

1 - A Zero-gravity Stance

The chair consists of a Zero-gravity design mainly designed for delivering optimal comfort as well as relief and recovery.

The integrated feature of Zero-gravity is highly preferred among prospective buyers, particularly whom of which wish to purchase a massage chair for primarily physical or psychological recovery purposes. A Zero-gravity stance within massage chairs places its users in a positioning which mimics that of astronauts before and following shuttle take-off.

Such a position is specially designed to be able to balance out the overall weight of users specifically from the lower back region; therefore, is ideal for whom of which suffer from chronic back problems. By eliminating or reducing strain being placed on the nerves of the Vertebrae, overall blood flow is eventually increase leading to a higher number of Endorphins released into the anatomy.

2 - Manual and Automatic Massage Settings

Almost every to all massage chairs within the market consist of preset massage functions embedded within their system to be able to provide a professionally designed massage combination to users. Each separate automatic massage motions is individually perfected to be able to deliver particular massage objectives such as optimal recovery or maximum relaxation.

The MCombo Massage Chair has integrated within multiple numbers of automatically set massage motions as well as the option for users to be able to create the massage program of their choice. Massage motions for manual massage settings include kneading, air cushioning via airbags as well as vibration.

3 - Airbags Massage Technique Merged with Rollers

The massage chair also utilizes both airbags as well as rollers as methods of delivering exceptional quality messages to users. Airbags are commonly known for being able to offer soothing massage motions which are relatively more towards the subtle side; whereas, rollers massage technology can provide an intense deep-tissue massage experience.

With both the massage techniques integrated within the MCombo massage chair, users can easily opt for the type of massage technique they desire, both intense or subtle.

4 - Lower-back Heating System

To ensure that an effective massage experience is delivered to users and relaxation or recovery is further enhanced, MCombo embedded a heating pad within the lower portion of the backseat in this chair.

The heat generated from the pad integrated within specifically targets the lower Vertebrae of users as to further promote elimination of strain being placed on it as well as to increase blood circulation significantly.

5 - Extendable Foot Rest

Discomfort, as well as dissatisfaction, can be caused among users if the massage chair that they purchase fails to accommodate users of a relatively taller height range.

To be able to overcome the issue as mentioned above, The MCombo chair allows users to be able to manually extend the footrest so that users of all height ranges can comfortably be accommodated.

6 - User-friendly Controller

To increase the level of convenience is provided for users, The MCombo chair is delivered with an easy to read, understand as well as function remote control. The remote control can be used to maneuver all the key as well as minor features of the massage chair, as well as to create customized massages as per the user's wishes.

Pros and Cons of the MCombo Massage Chair

Things I Liked

  • The chair is equipped with an automatic shutting off system which ensures that any unnecessary energy is not wasted in the form of electricity.
  • The massage chair can be used to a maximum continuous time limit of half an hour.
  • This particular massage chair has wheels attached to the bottom of the chair so that users can quickly move the massage chair around without difficulty.

Things I Disliked

  • The chair is extremely arduous to assemble completely.
  • This particular massage chair does not consist of body scanning functions due to which massage motions fail to adjust themselves under each user's body frame successfully.


The biggest issue that I faced with The MCombo chair was regarding assembling it. The massage chair is delivered in four separate boxes, and even with the comprehensive manual, the massage chair was tough to assemble completely. It took up more than 3 hours to get The MCombo massage chair joined and functioning.

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