How Does Body Massage Help Patients with Stroke?

With the National Stroke Awareness month coming up, three months from now, in May, I took out the time to specifically dedicate this post to explaining as well as discussing the advantages as well as the best massage techniques suitable for stroke patients. If you wish to know more, keep on reading!

A stroke is caused as a result of a complete halt or a decrease in the blood being supplied to the brain. The reduction or interruption in the blood supply to the brain can result in the deprivation of nutrients as well as oxygen; therefore, resulting in the death of brain cells.

Furthermore, a stroke can also be caused as a result of the leaking of a blood vessel or even an artery blockage. Due to an eventual increase in annual stroke rates, more and more non-invasive ways are being brought forward to aid stroke patients with help in recovering. 

stroke patients

According to the S.H Ho Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke Center,  various kinds of external counter-pulsation treatments, including specific types of massage therapy aids in the increased recovery of Ischemic stroke patients. The study carried out, but the S.H Ho Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke Center included a total of 32 stroke patients with 68 being the mean age among them.

Following only 35 days of being subject to ECT forms of treatment that the patient's heart functioning increased by 74 %, the blood pressure by 13% and there was a 9% increase in blood flow to both sides of the brain.

The non-invasive form of treatments was stated to have been derived from the foundations of traditional Chinese massage therapy and was claimed to have brought forward much more advanced results than any other conventional form of stroke recovery treatment would have brought forward.

To understand more, regarding the benefits which stroke patients can seek via massage therapy are best explained further so keep on reading! 

improved circulation via swedish massage

First and foremost, when seeking out massage therapy as a form of enhancing recovery, one must always opt for highly specialized massage therapists within the field.

A stroke tends to cause subtle or extreme inflammation within the body, once the swelling has somewhat subsided the massage therapist utilize drainage techniques via massage such as Lymphatic drainage for improved blood circulation. 

Through the elimination of tension or strain points, enhanced blood flow can help in the repairs of sensory damage done within the anatomy as well as increase the regeneration of muscle functions.

Regeneration of Muscle Functioning Via Deep Tissue Massage

deep tissue massage

Physical therapy with the help of a professional when taken up alongside massage therapy can significantly aid with regaining muscle control as well as improving motion of the anatomy of patients.

Massage therapy particularly a Deep Tissue massage therapy can specifically enhance bodily movement. The Deep Tissue Massage itself aims at using relatively stronger massage motions which successfully penetrate the muscles for loosening up strained or tensed muscles. 

Utilized most commonly within the world of sports for helping improve recovery of sportsmen injured within the field during play, a Deep Tissue Massage therapy is also used with patients of a stroke.

Stretching when merged with deep tissue massage motions can aid in the sensory organs as well as nerves better guide the anatomy towards the movement of muscles or more formally known as proprioception. 

Enhanced Endorphin and Serotonin Levels


One of the most commonly found effect of continuous massage therapy which works best among stroke patients is that of the increase of both Serotonin and Endorphins within the anatomy. The rise in Serotonin works with reducing the risk of suffering from further Vascular related issues and problems.

The addition of both Endorphins within the body as well as Serotonin aid with efficiently alleviating depression alongside reducing anxiety being felt within the body by stroke patients.

Alongside depression, anxiety is also decreased within the anatomy as a result of regular massage therapy sessions. Although the reduction of stress itself cannot directly determine physical recovery of patients; yet, improved well-being via reduced anxiety can result in an enhanced psychological system which will encourage the healing capabilities of the anatomy.

Reflexology for Regained Memory

A various number of prior studies have been carried out for the purpose of pinpointing the effects of reflexology on Alzheimer's and Dementia patients for recovery of related memory damage done. When working with stroke patients, Reflexology massage specialists target core acupuncture points as well as nodes within the body which directly respond to the brain such as the Adrenals, core heart points as well as the neck.

It is also essential to point out that thorough briefing between the patient and the reflexology specialist should be done so that the specialist itself can design a massage therapy which will best suit the patient as well as their specific medical case.

The pointed out benefits of Massage Therapy for recovery of stroke patients can only be attained once experienced professionals within the industry are hired. Personal consultation with the hired specialist is just as important to ensure that they are fully aware of your prior medical history as well as your anatomy and its functioning.

Once a massage therapist is fully briefed and aware of the patient's body can he/she create a therapy plan which would best suit the patient as well as optimize recovery results. 

It is also important to point out that the results obtained via massage therapy for stroke recovery may vary from patient to patient due to differences in their anatomy, medical record as well as body response rate.

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