Best Massage Table 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best massage table to buy in 2019? This post will help you choose the ideal massage table out of the multiple options I've reviewed below.

I fully consider a folding massage table as a good choice regardless of whether one may need it for their office job, or even for relaxation at home. Designed specifically to be lightweight as well as portable, user convenience is enhanced with the massage tables being easy to fold and keep away in case users do not wish to utilize it in everyday life.

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Before actually making the purchase, it is essential for you to fully consider their requirements before finalizing upon a portable massage table since there are a vast number of massage tables available on the market, each of which delivers different features.

Therefore, within this post, I have only reviewed the best massage tables, each featuring their pros, cons, personal verdict as well as leading features.

Best Massage Tables 2019

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EARTHLITE Ellora Electric Lift Massage Table

My most favoured feature of the EARTHLITE Ellora Electric Lift Massage Table is that it is able to deliver optimal comfort to users with the help of triple-density Pro-plush 3” thick cushioning. To enhance user convenience, the massaging table is also available in 6 different upholstery color options.

A lifetime warranty is provided by manufacturers upon the frame of the massage table, along with a 3-year warranty on upholstery following a 2-year warranty on the electronic motor.

Whereas, its heavy-duty motor integrated within provides masseuse with a hands-free table adjustment properties via a foot-pedal.

A powder coated steel frame enhances the durability of the massage table and allows for a maximum limit of 600-pounds; therefore allowing for a very high weight capacity.

The one aspect which I specifically dislike about the EARTHLITE Ellora Electric Lift Massage Table pertains to the pertains to the occurrence of clunking noises when pressure is placed upon it while leaning.

Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table

What is it that I seem to love most about the Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table? Definitely its study structure, hardwood is utilized to create the frame of the massage table while dual-tension knots are attached on each leg to enhance stability and durability.

Manually adjustable arm-slings along with an adjustable headrest allows for comfortably repositioning the clients as per the masseuse’s desire.

PU, fully waterproof, as well as oil-proof leather upholstery, makes the massage table profoundly easy to clean, while 2” thick padded cushioning are attached to deliver comfort.

The non-marring feet structure of the table prevents it from slipping when pressure is placed upon. The Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table also allows users to be able to easily fold it; therefore, allowing for easy portability.

The one aspect I did not; however, like about the Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table was that it cannot manually allow for adjusting the rear positioning.

Also the Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table seems to begin wobbling even after someone weighing 175 pounds is placed upon it even though the manufacturers state the weight limit being 450-pounds.

Merax Aluminium 3 Section Portable Folding Massage Table

An entirely aluminum frame structure of the Merax Aluminium 3 Portable Folding Table increases the durability of the massage table, even after prolonged usage and allows for a 550-pound weight limit.

The arm-extenders, the face-cradle as well as the arm-rest shelf can be removed as well as manually adjusted.  While a free, high-quality carrying case delivered alongside the massaging table significantly increases masseuse convenience by allowing them the option of easy portability.

The extremely versatile core structure is not only durable but also allows for the back positioning of the massaging table to be manually adjusted.

My favourite feature of the Merax Aluminium 3 Section Portable Folding Massage Table is its 27” wide massaging table width, also featuring 2” thick padded foam which helps provide a full coverage massage experience effortlessly.

At the same time, the one feature I specifically disliked was that the face-rest was a little challenging to get assembled and periodically kept coming undone after minimal usage.

I would recommend the Merax Aluminium 3 Section Portable Folding Massage Table particularly for those that intend on using it with petite or moderate-sized clients since the width of the armrests neither the seating is wide enough to accommodate wide-structured clients comfortably.

Heaven Massage Table 3 Fold Cream Reiki Portable Massage Table

The one feature regarding the Heaven Massage Table 3 which won me over was the free of cost, semi-circle padded bolster which is delivered alongside the massage table to be able to provide support for the body of clients.

A pure Birchwood frame not only enhances the visual appeal of the massage table but also, provides an aggregate working weight capacity of 450-pounds. While a 2” thick dual padded cushioning aids with delivering high comfort levels to clients.

An all-inclusive free package is provided featuring a high-quality carrying case, an adjustable face-cradle as well as armrests for optimal levels of convenience.

The one thing I would caution prospective buyers about would be regarding the lack of durability of the Heaven Massage Table; therefore, I would not recommend it for high duty utilization. 

sierra comfort all inclusive portable massage chair

An all-inclusive bundle being offered to buyers is what I specifically like most about the Sierra Comfort Portable Massage table, which includes massaging sheets, a high-quality carrying bag, and other accessories.

A fully waterproof PU leather covering is both oil-resistant as well as waterproof, making it of utmost ease for users to keep the massaging table clean as well as highly visually appealing.

A pure hardwood construction not only increases the visual aesthetics of the massaging table but also enhances durability with a weight limit of 450-pounds.

Adjustable face-cradle and adjustable legs allow masseuse to manually alter the height as well as alter positioning of the massaging table as per the users body type.

Inconvenience can; however, be caused since the massaging table is divided into a vast number of parts which makes it extremely difficult to assemble.

The Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table is an excellent bargain for its price especially with a variety of accessories such as massage sheets etc. being delivered for free alongside the massaging table. I would not recommend; however, more than 230-pounds being placed onto the massaging table as it may affect its functioning.

​BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table

The BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table is extremely sturdy due to its Birch hardwood construction which enhances the visual appeal of the massaging table as well as its durability.

A large frame featuring 27” in width along with 71” in length helps with accommodating clients of all body types.

2” thick padded foaming integrated within aids with delivering optimal comfort to clients during a massaging experience. Whereas numerous free accessories are delivered alongside the BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table which significantly enhances convenience.

A burgundy upholstery significantly appeals to the eye of prospective buyers; therefore, for me, is what makes the BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table special. The upholstery utilised is oil-proof as well as waterproof making the table very easy to keep clean.

I would; however, comment on the drawback of how the BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table is relatively bigger and heavier than mentioned within the product description.

Other than that, the BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table is an excellent choice, explicitly considering that no breaks or cracks can be heard while a massage is being carried out, which is very unusual for a massaging table; therefore, it is highly recommended.

Sierra Comfort Professional Series Portable Massage Table

The 5-year warranty is provided alongside the Sierra Comfort Professional Series Portable Massage Table for enhanced optimal convenience; thus, is my most preferred feature of the massage chair.

Adjustable face-cradle, as well as arm-shelves, help with manually creating the ideal positioning. A free semi-circle bolster on the hand, along with disposable sheets as well as a carry bag delivered aside the massaging table create a full-package deal.

Luxe high-density 2.5” foam padding is used for delivering the ultimate comfort.

Fully water-resistant and oil-proof PU leather helps with keeping the massaging table clean even after prolonged usage.

What I did not like about the Sierra Comfort Professional Series Portable Massage Chair was its insufficient padding integrated within the massaging table; therefore, jeopardizing comfort levels. Aside from that flaw, the massage table is not only incredibly light but also highly durable.

BestMassage Portable Facial SPA Bed

Massage table accessories such as armrest and headrest covers, round semi-circle bolsters, towel hanger and fitted sheets are delivered for free alongside the BestMassage Portable Facial SPA Bed.

Hardwood construction featuring Birchwood ensures durability and allows for an aggregate of 450-pounds weight limit, to comfortably cater a wide range of client’s body weights.

2” thick black upholstery padding ensures that comfort is delivered to users via cushioning.

The remarkably sturdy structure of the BestMassage Portable Facial SPA Bed is I would consider to be the highlight of the portable massaging bed.

The headrest, as well as the height of the massaging table, can be altered to accommodate clients better; further accentuating the massage experience for clients.

The BestMassage Portable Facial SPA Bed is a little challenging to assemble and is relatively narrow shaped; therefore, discomfort can be caused to clients with a full body-frame.

EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table

A structure manufactured from plywood decking is what not only makes the EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table unique but also enhances visual appeal and  durability.

Non-slip feet, when merged with sure-grip specially designed knobs, provide a weight capacity of 600-pounds. The EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table is extremely straightforward to assemble as well a disassemble; therefore, optimising user convenience.

Dual density cushioning featuring 2.5” of padding can deliver optimal comfort to users.

A rugged nylon carrying case helps with enhancing portability of the massaging table.

I would like to caution prospective buyers regarding the carrying bag of the EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table since it lacks durability. Also, buyers would notice a bit of a pungent scent radiating from the table which lasts several days following initial assembly.

BestMassage 77" Long 30" Wide 4" Pad Massage Table

A fully waterproof as well as an oil resistant PU leather covering helps with keeping the massaging table visually appealing.

A total weight limit of 600-pounds due to a strong structure allows masseuse to cater a vast range of clients. The ability of the BestMassage 77” Long Pad Massage Table to be squeak-proof even after being utilised under high-duty is definitely what makes it special.

Being 77” in length along with 30” wide, the massaging table is able to deliver an extensive frame area the clients to lay upon comfortably. Whereas, a 4” thick padding delivers optimal comfort.

The only drawback of the BestMassage 77” Long Pad Massage Table is that it is relatively heavy.

The BestMassage 77" Long 30" Wide 4" Pad Massage Table is an excellent choice to be utilized for all body types, tall or short, narrow-shaped or wide-shaped due to its sturdy built as well as extensively full coverage.

How to Buy a Good Massage Table in 2019

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Regardless of whether one may be a professional masseuse within the industry of massage therapy or just starting out, carefully evaluating the features of a portable massage table before purchasing it is of equal importance.

It is essential to pre-check some factors before deciding upon a massage table to buy, some of the most important of whom can be found in the content below.

The Price Budget

The budget set out by prospective buyers is the principal factor which plays the role of a filter for selecting a massage table, with a vast number of massage table manufacturers available within the market, it is easy to find quality massage tables even on a tight budget.

massage table budget

Earthlite,  for example, is an ideal choice for those on a relatively low budget while hydraulic massage tables can work well for prospective buyers on a higher, more moderate price budget.

The Size

Just like the budget, the size of a massage table plays just as important of a role in gatekeeping the finalized choices. It is essential for prospective buyers to opt for a relatively full structured massage table so that clients of all body-types can easily be catered while at the very same time it is also necessary to be able to quickly maneuver your own body quickly, to allow for easy access.

massage table size

With choosing the ideal sizing, prospective buyers need to initially evaluate their body height in accordance to that of the massaging table. If you are relatively shorter, then purchasing a full massage table will not only jeopardize the level of access you may have over the client's body but also conversely affect your spine/backbone from flexing too much.

For such case scenarios, it is best advised to purchase hourglass shaped massage tables which are wide from the ends but narrow from the middle.

Working Weight

Working weight refers to the total weight limit a massage table can sustain, spread out evenly during a regular physical therapy session. The most commonly found working weight within the market for massage tables ranges between 400-500pounds. While some massage tables particularly those that are manufactured from steel may consist of an aggregate working weight capacity of 700-pounds, it is important to note that usual clients weigh between 200-300pounds.

working weight massage table

Even if the client laid upon the massage table is well below the aggregate working weight limit capacity, one must always help guide the client's movements since any sudden or prolonged focused weight placement in a specific area may cause damage to the board.

Foam Thickness

Analyzing the foam utilized upon the finalized massage table is essential not only for evaluating the levels of comfort and contouring which will be delivered to clients but also for checking how long the foam will last appearance wise even after long-term utilization.

With an increased foam density, the air pockets will consist of a more significant amount of substance integrated within; therefore, the foam will not sag nor go flat even after continuous usage. Standard foam thickness of 5cm is ideal; there may be massage tables with a diameter higher than that which can be opted for enhanced levels of comfort.


PU leather or PVC leather is most commonly utilized as upholstery upon massage tables. PVC leather is what should mostly be opted for not only because it is durable but also because PVC is fully waterproof as well as oil-resistant; therefore, the massage table can be cleaned with the utmost ease for maintaining its visual appeal.

PU leather, on the other hand, may feel soft and leather-like against the bare skin; however, it is not as strong as PVC nor is it always water-resistant or oil-resistant as a result of which keeping the massage table clean can become a hassle.

Other factors such as the massage table static weight or the material utilized for creating the frame should also be considered in attempting to finalize upon purchasing the ideal massage table which suits your clients as well as their individual needs.

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