Best Massage Chair Under $1000 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you on the outlook for a reliable massage chair, but are entirely put off by the high prices? Do you want the relaxation and comfort a massage session has to offer daily without having to dent your wallet regularly by going to the spa or hiring a personal masseuse? Or are you merely on a relatively tight budget of $1000 for purchasing an electric massage chair? 

best massage chair under 1000

If such is the case, then you my friend have come to the perfect place, to seek out the possibly ideal massage chair for you and your budget. 

Within this post, I intend on comprehensively reviewing the best massage chairs 2020 that are available under $1000, discussing each of their core features.

Without any further adieu, lets straight get to work, shall we!

Best Massage Chairs Under $1000

ootori full body massage chair

What I love most about the OOTORI Zero Gravity Massage Chair are the comprehensively spread out massaging nodes strategically placed within the seat of the massage chair, thoroughly targeting the Vertebrae of users. An aggregate of 8 air-bag powered massage nodes can successfully deliver a massage session ideal for reducing if not eliminating strain trapped within the Vertebrae and Lumber area of users.  

The Zero Gravity Massage Chair by OOTORI is further equipped with the technology of delivering automatically preset massage session. Users are able to choose from a total of 4 automatic massage mode, each of which is carefully designed with the help of professional therapists and medical practitioners within the field, for delivering optimal recovery along with relaxation.

Aside from automatic massage programs, users are also provided with the convenience of customized massage modes with the help of creating the desired massage session manually, featuring the preferred massage type, speed, intensity and time.  For the effective eradication of strained trapped inside muscles as a result of an overworked body due to a labour-intensive routine, active heat transmitters are embedded throughout.

Complete rejuvenation is delivered with the help of massage rollers embedded in the leg rest of the Zero Gravity Massage Chair by OOTORI via targeting core acupuncture point within the feet. Stimulating muscle relaxation via acupuncture points further results not only in the reduction of strain but also in enhancing blood circulation; therefore, improving the wellbeing of the user after eventual utilization.

The only disadvantage I noticed of owning the Zero Gravity Massage Chair by OOTORI is the absence of an automatic body-scanner; however, for its reasonable price, I would still recommend the massage chair to prospective buyers in the market.

bestmassage zero gravity full body electric shiatsu massage chair

When it comes to the Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair by BestMassage, what makes it unique is USB charging ability integrated into the massage chair itself. Users can enjoy using their phone while also keeping it fully charged with the help of an easy-to-use USB charger.

Zero-Gravity positioning incorporated in the massage chair places each user in a specialised stance where the heart placed in a position either balanced or lower than the remaining body to lift strain placed upon the Vertebrae of users.

Furthermore, a highly advanced L-track aids in initiating massaging motions from the nape of each users neck and extensively covers the body of users by delivering a massage till the lower thighs of users. Wide-angled rollers placed upon the L-track can effectively loosen over-worked muscles along with any strain trapped in the Vertebrae to help balance the posture.

For maximum effectiveness, the Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner by BestMassage has an aggregate of 4 heat transmitters embedded within the massaging rollers for fully enhancing massage penetration levels.

Maximum customisation can be attained with the help of 7 different massage modes including but not limited to; Tapping, Knocking, Shiatsu, air-massage and even Kneading. Each user is delivered an optimal massage experience with not only being able to create their desired massage programs but also have automatically preset massage settings integrated for utmost convenience.

Last but not the least, each user of the Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair by BestMassage can play their prefered audio through high-quality speakers with the help of Bluetooth technology.

Available within the market sphere at a price tag of less than $600, the Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair by BestMassage is highly recommended, also keeping in consideration the extremely visually appealing upholstery choices available to prospective buyers.

2019 full body massage chair real relax

In my opinion, the highlight feature when it comes to the Electric Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Real Relax without a doubt has to be it's exceptionally soft and comforting upholstery along with cushioning. An aggregate of eight massage nodes within the main seat of the massage chair work in harmony, by being strategically placed to target core acupuncture points located in the Vertebrae.

The shoulders along with the arms are extensively targeted via airbags integrated into the  Electric Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Real Relax to fully eradicate any strain trapped in the body causing lousy posture or aches surrounding the shoulders or the neck. While airbags help effectively target the upper body anatomy, rollers integrated inside the leg rest aid with reducing tension or loosening overly worked muscles.

Even though the  Electric Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Real Relax does not have an automatic body scanner integrated inside, it does offer users with a relatively taller body-type with the option to manually extend the footrest. Manual footrest extension allows each user the ability to enjoy a massage session with a consistent standard of massage quality, regardless of their body height.

An aggregate of 4 automatically preset massage programs helps deliver users massage sessions specifically designed with the help of expert guidance in providing physical recovery, sheer relaxation or even complete physical rejuvenation.

Zero-gravity positioning when merged with heat transmitters, work correctly in enhancing blood-circulation; therefore, increasing the Lymphatic flow within the anatomy. A fully ergonomic design aids with requiring minimal back-space between the massage chair and the wall when in a reclined position; therefore, delivering sheer convenience to each user.

The only drawback of the  Electric Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Real Relax was regarding the hand remote being extremely difficult to understand; therefore, causing difficulty with manoeuvring the massage chair without the manual.

For its extremely reasonable price along with the highly-advanced massage technology the  Electric Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Real Relax has to offer, I highly recommend prospective buyers to give it a try.

full body shiatsu massage chair by r rothania

The Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair by R Rothania is what I would recommend to prospective buyers which give a high amount of preference to visual appeal, due to the modern outlook of the massage chair itself. Available in 2 different; yet, highly classical upholstery colour, the overall contemporary design of the Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair by R Rothania is what I believe to be the highlight feature of the massage chair.

Highly advanced airbags are incorporated in the massage chair each of which inflates as well as deflates separately, to create stretch motions for effectively loosening strained muscles. The stretching and twisting motions generated by the individual inflation/deflation of the airbags further also helps with increasing blood-flow particularly to areas previously strained such as the shoulders as a result of which users may suffer from chronic aches.

For a full body massage experience, airbags are further incorporated within the leg-rest, armrest particularly around the wrist as well as the forearms, for delivering great relaxation to the entire muscular anatomy.

A fully backlit and highly user-friendly controller display delivers convenience with readability in relatively dark rooms allows users to manoeuvre the functioning of the massage chair effectively.

The Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair by R Rothania further provides utmost user-convenience with the help of a three-year comprehensive warranty in case of a defaulted or a defected massage chair being delivered to users.

For its price, I would consider the Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair by R Rothania worth the purchase.

bestmassage fully assembled video gaming chair

Among the cheapest of its kind, the Full Body Electric Shiatsu Gaming Massage Chair by BestMassage is best advised for prospective buyers whom of which are not only into the world of video gaming but also prefer a massage experience while they are at it.

The Full Body Electric Shiatsu Gaming Massage Chair by BestMassage has a total of 5 different massage types incorporated within its system for users to create their own prefered manual massage sessions, including Kneading, Shiatsu, Knocking, Tapping and even Air Pressure. Alongside manual massage sessions, for users of which wish to enjoy an automatically preset massage session can experience from among three specially designed and already integrated programs.

What I love most about the Full Body Electric Shiatsu Gaming Massage Chair by BestMassage; however, is its SL-track system. The SL-track integrated into the massage chair not only functions in an L-track formation but also mimics the curves of the alphabet ‘S’ to effectively target main acupuncture points located in the Vertebrae.

Another highly desirable attribute of the Full Body Electric Shiatsu Gaming Massage Chair by BestMassage is in the form of the massage chair is delivered fully assembled; therefore, highly user-friendly.

I would; although, suggest caution when purchasing a massage chair is the users intend on being relatively taller since it may alter the performance of the Full Body Electric Shiatsu Gaming Massage Chair by BestMassage if unable to accommodate taller users.

Whether it is relaxation, you are in search of or enhanced physical recovery, purchasing a massage chair which you can entirely rely upon has become an integral part of the society. A controlled budget should not stand in the way of attaining optimal relaxation; therefore, choosing any from the options mentioned above that you feel may best suit you will be the right choice.

Good luck with the purchase!


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