Massage Chairs – Is it More Gimmick Than Massage?

The decision of whether to purchase a massage chair or to opt for individual massage sessions within the spa or by a professional masseuse should be dependant upon some factors.

The most primary of elements include the time as well as finances one may have in hand, along with the frequency of massage therapy sessions one may get on a monthly basis.

If you have significant free-time, as well as prefer getting massages on an average to moderate monthly basis, then spa sessions would best suit you.

If you are looking to sneak in a massage session in your highly busy schedule and give preference to massages on a relatively regular basis then opting for purchasing a massage chair which best suits your preset budget, objectives, as well as needs, are best advised as being a relatively cost-effective alternative.

If you are unsure of investing in a massage chair for your utilization, then the below mentioned reasoning and benefits that they offer could be of much help.

Massage at Your Convenience

One of the core advantages that many agree with is that a massage chair can deliver to its owners is the luxury of getting a massage session at your own time.

When the massage chair is kept in the vicinity of your own home, regardless of whether it is dusk time or dawn, one can enjoy a comforting massage session whenever they wish or have the time.

Whereas when opting for a personal masseuse or going to the spa, the inconvenience of setting up an appointment as well as driving/walking to the designated place for the massage is required.

Automatically Set Massage as well as Manual settings

Depending upon the brand that you opt for or the price range that prospective buyers opt for, massage chairs offer not only some preset massage settings consisting of carefully integrated massage motions in a particular combination for effortlessly mimicking the 3-D hand motions of a professional masseuse. 

Alongside preset massage motions, certain massage chairs due to advancement in technology also allow users to be able to create a massage session of their liking and choice.

Varying massage motions, along with massage timing, heat-transmission settings, the angle of recline as well as the intensity of the massage itself can be altered to suit the individual mood or objective of users.

To deliver optimal comfort as well as convenience, user-memory is also at times integrated within for allowing each user the ability to store their manually created massage motions for later utilization.

Aside from the above mentioned, each massage chair depending upon its manufacturers offers a wide range of features, each of which is designed to either deliver optimal full-body comfort or enhanced physical/psychological recovery; therefore, my verdict regarding massage chairs would be that they are definitely worth the investment.

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