Best Massage Chairs for Tall People

Being relatively on the taller side myself, I feel as though it is safe to say that tall individuals themselves have special needs too. By special needs what I specifically mean is that all tangible things such as clothes, shoes, the chairs we sit on have to be extra relatively large.

The same is what goes for Massage Chairs as well, being a massage chair enthusiast, let me tell you, a massage session on a chair which is unable to cater your tall body type can be an extremely discomforting experience.

massage chairs for tall people

According to research, taller individuals are more prone to Vertebrae related issues than those whom of which have a relatively shorter height frame, while massage therapy has been backed up by several studies to have an positive effect upon the reduction of chronic back aches.

If you are on the look-out for a massage chair which will comfortably be able to cater not only your relatively tall body-frame but also deliver an optimal level massage experience then look no more! You, my friend, have come to the right place. This post in specific aims to cover among the top 3 massage chairs available within the market to cater tall individuals with consistent and optimal standards of comfort.

The two core components I suggest to look for in a massage chair to feature tall individuals would be an automatic body scanner, which helps with readjusting massaging nodes according to each user body-frame. The second most crucial feature each massage chair which is to be used by a tall individual should feature is an automatic or a manual foot extension, which aids with elongating the massage chair to fit the aggregate height of each specific user.

With all the basics aforementioned, Let's get right into the core of the post then shall we!

Best Massage Chairs for Tall People 2020

inada sogno dreamwave massage chair

For me, what I especially love about the Inada Sogno DreamWave Massage Chair is that aside from it’s automatically embedded 16 massage sessions, specialized massage programs targeted for the youth are further incorporated within the massage chair to cater to all users, regardless of whether young or relatively old.

Optimal most massage efficiency is delivered to each user regardless of their varying body types, specifically taller individuals due to an automatic body scanner re-adjusting the massage node placement as per each body structure.

Enhanced massage penetration is promoted with the help of active heat transmitters embedded within the back seat of the massage chair, specifically to target the lower back of users; therefore, highly useful for those suffering from Vertebrae related issues.

Core acupuncture points within the anatomy are targeted with the help of massage nodes, each of which can feature a figure ‘8’ like massage motion to eradicate any strain or tension trapped within effectively.

panasonic ep ma70 massage chair

For me, the most preferred feature of the Panasonic EP-MA70 has got to the specialized Japanese Junetsu Massage delivered via Ulta Kneading massage nodes, each of which has integrated within highly powerful heat transmitters embedded within.  

To effectively mimic the hand-motions of a professional masseuse, 3-D massage technology is utilized for the eradication of any tension points or strain trapped within the anatomy or specifically muscles of users. Highly advanced deep-tissue massage rollers are further embedded within the backseat of the Panasonic EP-MA70 to ensure maximum massage penetration, each massage node is designed as such to deliver a multi-directional massage treatment.

To ensure that the massage chair is ideal for both, tall as well as short individuals, an automatic full-body scanner is also embedded within, which aids in altering the massage node points as per each users body-frame.

Another highly advanced feature of the Panasonic EP-MA70 pertains to the incorporation of user-memory, which allows each user the luxury of saving their manually designed programs, to be used again whenever desired.

Although the Panasonic EP-MA70 is slightly more costly; yet, the sheer number of features being delivered indeed makes it worth it.

e 190 bestmassage chair

The BestMassage E-190 features a profoundly advance S-track rolling system merged into an L-track motion roller, both of which when functioning collectively can provide a heavenly massage experience to users successfully eradicating any strain trapped within the anatomy.

The blood-flow is significantly enhanced with the help of Zero-gravity positioning, which alleviates the body as such to make the legs of users higher than the remaining anatomy, for improving the overall posture and wellbeing of each user.

Regardless of whether you are relatively short in height or seamlessly tall and sleek, the BestMassage E-190 can cater to both body types with utmost ease with the help of a manual foot extension system to ensure consistency is massage delivery.

A sheer aggregate of 78 air-cells integrated within the E-190 can work on a unified S-track roller, each of which is targeted to provide massage coverage to essential acupuncture points within the body of users.

The massage intensity can further also be controlled with the help of 3 cushioned layering, each of which can be removed manually to intensify the massage motions being felt by users.

Due to rollers being integrated within to target the calves and feet of users, the massage penetration levels are high due to a relatively stronger massage experience; however, still beneficial with the eradication of tension spots trapped within.

As mentioned above, tall individuals have special needs, and it is only unfair for them to suffer from discomfort as a result of purchasing a massage chair which does not adequately cater their tall body-frame. Therefore, an automatic body scanner along with foot-extensions are essential most elements to be looking for when searching for a massage chair to purchase, examples, such as the excellent three massage chairs reviewed above.

Good luck with your hunt for the ideal massage chair to cater to your body-frame and needs!


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