Best Massage Chair for Old People – Buyer’s Guide

The human body requires special needs as it begins to age with time, unless proper care is taken of the overall anatomy, especially the muscles, they can start to deteriorate over relatively a high pace.

As old age begins to loom, various aches and pains all around the body start to surface which according to the AMTA can be effectively reduced via daily massage therapy. If you are entering old age yourself, or if you are wondering to purchase a gift for your aged grandparents, or even your parents, then look no more.

Being a massage chairs enthusiast, I would without a doubt consider a massage chair to be the idealistic present for those entering, or already within their post 50’s. Although it may be on a relatively more pricey side; yet, when the right massage chair is chosen for purchase, it will never fail to amaze.

Offering both comfort and rejuvenation of muscles and the overall body, a massage chair is what I would consider to best suit old people.

massage chair for old people

If you seem to have made up your mind about purchasing a massage chair, yet are unsure of which model to buy, then worry no more specifically!

This post is specifically dedicated to enlisting the top most preferred massage chairs for old people in 2020. Without any further adieu, let’s get into reviewing each of them, shall we! 

Best Massage Chairs for Old People

kahuna sm 7300

In my preference what makes The Top Performance Kahuna SM-7300 truly special are the additional four automatic massage settings integrated within the massage chair rather than the regular five whom of which are most commonly found in Kahuna manufactured massage chairs.

An aggregate of 9 automatic massage settings aid with delivering an optimal level of convenience to users as well as prospective buyers. 

Furthermore, an aggregate of 6 deep-tissue massage rollers provides users the convenience of selecting from a range of targeted massages including targeted spot massage, half body massage as well as a full body massage experience.

Alongside automatic massage settings, six manual massage motions are also featured within the Kahuna LM-7300 such as Shiatsu, to aid with delivering the ability to maneuver and create their own desired massage settings.

For successfully alleviating tension spots or strain trapped within the Vertebrae, the Kahuna LM-7300 consists of air cells integrated within alongside heat transmitters to be able to deliver an optimal massage experience.

mr direct electric full body massage chair

Although the Mr Direct Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair lacks an automatic body scanning system; yet, at the same time, to accommodate individuals who have a relatively taller body frame, the massage chair further features manual foot extensions which then allows the massage chair to cater both short as well as tall individuals.

The Mr Direct Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair consists of an aggregate of 8 massage node points each of which targets core muscles within the Vertebrae of users. Furthermore, a sheer total of 35 airbags work in complete harmony to be able to deliver an optimal level massage experience.

For only $700, the Mr Direct Massage Chair also has integrated within zero-gravity to be best able to lift off any additional strain being placed onto the Vertebrae of users, eventually balancing out any incorrect posture being developed overage.

medical breakthrough massage chair

When it comes to massage chairs manufactured under Medical Breakthrough, what makes each model so special is the number of professionals involved within the process of manufacturing to ensure that the optimal most level of massage experience is delivered to each user. 

A total of 4 hand-like rollers, set on an L-track motion system initiating the massage from the neck all the way down till the lower thighs aid with releasing strain or tension spots trapped within.

Numerous automatically set massage motions are integrated within the Medical Breakthrough 6 Massage Chair, alongside which utmost convenience is also offered via the help of the option to set manual massage settings each featuring varying massage motions, frequency, and intensity.

Highly advanced zero-gravity positioning is integrated within for effectively balancing out any tension of strain placed upon the Vertebrae of users by putting them in an astronaut like position. Space-saving feature further enhances convenience by allowing the chair to take up minimal backspace when in a zero-gravity position.

kahuna lm6800 massage chair recliner

The Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair is made special with the help of dual deep-tissue massage rollers integrated within, each of which is aligned with an automatic body scanning system to analyze each users body best, adjusting the massage motions accordingly to deliver an effective massage experience. 

An aggregate of 5 manual massage settings are integrated within through which; each user can create different massage programs featuring their desired motions, speed, intensity as well as timing. While, to deliver convenience as well as save time, an additional five automatically preset massage motions are also incorporated within the Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair.

To successfully eliminate any negative energy trapped within the body, users can utilize SH-Chiro, an automatically set specific massage program specifically known to be integrated within Kahuna Massage Chairs.

For its highly economical price, the Kahuna Massage Chair also has two varying stages of zero-gravity among its core features; each stage allows the user's body to initially fully get accustomed to the positioning for effective eradication of tensions spots trapped within.

novo xt massage chair

The Human Touch Novo massage chair has integrated within a vast number of not only automatically preset massage motions, which save time and provide professional massage experience. But the massage chair further has incorporated within the ability for users to create manually set massage settings as well to deliver optimal user customization fully.

Blood circulation is significantly enhanced via the effective eradication of tension points as well as strain trapped within the anatomy of users via highly advanced zero-gravity positioning. Furthermore, space-saving feature integrated within allows for a minimalistic amount of backspace required while in a zero-gravity position — a fully automatic body scanner aids with ensuring that the massage motions are adjusted as per each users body type and height.

Finally, heat-transmitters aid in enhancing the levels of massage penetrations to deliver an optimal level massage experience effectively.

As mentioned above as well, as people start growing older, they tend to have more special needs, exhaustion tends to hit relatively sooner while muscles can become tensed if not dealt with care.

Aged people, particularly those suffering from Osteoarthritis can specifically benefit from regular massage sessions via a massage chair since research backed up by the NCCAM has proven regular massage sessions to have reduced pain being experienced by patients.

To give your loved aged ones the optimal care experience, my best advice would be to purchase a massage chair which best suits their individual needs.


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