Best Massage Chairs for Pregnant Women

I hear this question quite often "what is the best massage chair during pregnancy?".

I'm going to answer it THOROUGHLY in this post.

Pregnancy is among the most miraculous milestones a woman can achieve, where new life is brought into the world over a, although wonderfully sentimental; yet, physically excruciating 8-9 months period. Massage and pregnancy go well, hand-in-hand with one another according to many sources.

massage chair while pregnant

The overall process of having to bring life into the world is almost in all cases a heavily taxing experience on a woman's anatomy, if proper care is not taken, regardless of whether in the form of dietary intake or even daily physical activities. Minimal physical activity is advised by healthcare practitioners specifically because it may place a strain on the Vertebrae or other core parts of the anatomy. 

Relaxation, as well as physical recovery in the form of eradication of tension or strain trapped within the muscles of expecting mothers, is; therefore, of the utmost essence.

Being a massage-chair enthusiast, there is not another technological device I would vouch for when it comes to delivering both relaxation and enhanced physical recovery than a top-class massage chair. 

For expecting mothers although a massage chair that performs exceptionally well with delivering both relaxation and increased physical healing, may belong from a relatively costly price tag, yet, the comforting experience will make it worth the price.

If you are a prospective buyer, searching for among the Top 3 Massage Chairs for Pregnant women in 2020, then look no more! 

This post is specifically dedicated to reviewing as well as explaining a buying guide for a massage chair ideal to be used by pregnant women. 

Let’s take a look then, shall we!

Best Massage Chairs for Pregnant Women 2020

osaki os 3d pro dreamer d model

What I truly love most about the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair is it’s separate upper body automatic scanner alongside a lower-body electronic scanner, both of which work in harmony to analyze as well as readjust massage nodes as per each woman’s body type.

The Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair has an aggregate of 10 specific automatic massage programs embedded within, designed with the help of medical professionals to ensure optimal relaxation and recovery. Manual massage settings can further be created to aid with satisfying the particular mood of each expecting mother.

Highly advanced S-track rollers each of which can be adjusted in length as well as width as per each users body type are integrated within the massage chair. The rollers embedded within are designed for the effective eradication of any strain trapped within the Vertebrae by targeting core acupuncture points inside the anatomy.

Furthermore, since expecting mothers mostly suffer from back-aches, the Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair has advanced 2-stage zero-gravity embedded within to allow the users body with getting accustomed with the initially reclined positioning before the full recline. The zero-gravity recline places users in a position similar to that of astronauts right before take-off, for effectively balancing out the alignment of the body.

luraco irobotics 7 plus medical massage chair

The feature with makes iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair by Luraco Technologies special is the integration of an aggregate of 5 different user-memory settings which allows each user to be able to save their manually customized massage sessions for utmost convenience.

Tension points of strain trapped within the Vertebrae are reduced if not completely eradicated with the help of zero-gravity functioning integrated within the massage chair.

With the help of professional masseuse in the industry, an aggregate of 9 automatically preset massages are incorporated within the massage chair to allow users a range of differently composed massage programs each featuring varying motions. Alongside automatically set massage programs, manual massage settings can also be designed as per the mood and desire of each expecting mother for utmost comfort.

Each massage node integrated within the massage chair can be readjusted as per the body-type/frame of the user with the help of an automatic body scanner integrated within the massage chair for an optimal massage experience.

inada sogno dreamwave massage chair

For balancing out the overall body posture, the Inada Sogno Dreamwave has many specialized massage motions on stretching and gliding integrated within for ensuring the effective eradication of strain trapped within the muscles.

Rejuvenation, Relaxation, Recovery, and Relief, are just a few out of the aggregate of 9 automatically preset massage settings integrate within the Inada Sogno for delivering specific massage programs each of which features varying massage attributes.

For delivering optimal most massage coverage, a sheer total of 1200 square inches of massage area is provided to users with the help of an extensive amount of massage nodes integrated within, not only the back seat of the massage chair but also the remaining core parts.

My most favorite aspect of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair, for example, is, the sufficient massage coverage it provides to the thighs and calves of users with the help of air cells integrated all around.

Last, but not least, 3D massage technology is also embedded within the massage chair to successful mimic hand-like motions of professional masseuse for optimal most massage penetration.

Massage Chair While Pregnant - Buying Guide

massage chair during pregnancy

Massage treatment during pregnancy can be a blessing for the anatomy of expecting mothers. The overall process of pregnancy can still; however,  prove to be physically taxing upon the anatomy, specifically the muscles of those expecting, which is why it is essential for expecting mothers to be fully relaxed.

For those in search of a Massage Chair for someone who is expecting, whether it be themselves, should keep certain factors such as those listed below, in mind for locating the ideal massage chair.

1. Relaxation Merged with Recovery 

Among the essential features to be sought in a massage chair for a pregnant woman is not only components which deliver relaxation but also enhanced eradication of strain trapped within the anatomy. Therefore, aside from automatic massage motions, manual massage settings merged with heat-therapy as well as S-track or L-track rollers are a must-have for not only ensuring recovery but also effective relaxation during a massage session.

2. Zero-gravity

When expecting, pregnant women mostly suffer from chronic back aches throughout the pregnancy, due to which, Zero-gravity positioning embedded within is vital. Zero-gravity positioning places users in a stance which correctly allows for balancing out the alignment of the Vertebrae as well as successfully decreasing if not entirely eradicating strain trapped within the back as well as the lower back of expecting mothers.

3. Subtle Massage Motions

Most importantly, it is essential for expecting mothers to opt for massage chairs which either allow users to control the massage intensity and if not, then deliver moderate massage motions. For expecting mothers, especially within the third trimester, the anatomy should not go through any rough movements or motions even if it is in the form of a massage session.

4. Automatic Body-scanner

Throughout pregnancy, a woman’s body is continually changing, which is why if you are buying a massage chair, it is best advised to purchase one integrated with an advanced body scanning system. A competent body scanner helps with ensuring that the massage nodes placement is adjusted as per each users body frame for optimal massage efficiency.

The road to motherhood is an extraordinary time within a woman’s life, which is why she deserves the utmost comfort as well as relaxation whenever she wishes. Such can effectively be delivered with the ideal massage chair, keeping not the expecting mother physical relaxed but also psychologically in comfort too.



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