Chair Massage Therapy VS. Human-Administered Massage, Which One is Better?

Massage as a form of physical as well as a psychological therapy has been commonly utilized for decades. Initially, massage therapy was only delivered via professionals or those qualified to be a masseuse.

However, with the growing technology of the world, massage chairs were brought into the sphere of massage therapy as a form of an alternative which is considered as many by being relatively less time to consume as well as a cheaper alternative. 

Improved circulation, alleviation of physical pain being felt or stress, a better body posture and overall relaxation are among the many benefits of receiving massage therapy on a frequent basis. Human touch has been proven to have therapeutic benefits according to the Touch Research Institute.

If you wish to reap the results of massage therapy; yet, are unsure of which form of massage therapy you should opt for between receiving a real human massage and a massage chair, then the pointers mentioned below can be of significant help with deciding upon the option that best suits your individual needs.

massage chair vs real human massage


Massages like the classical/Swedish massage require clients to undress completely and wear a towel around their body which is then removed from places which are to be targeted by the masseuse.

Similarly, the traditional Thai massage is carried out in a room which consists of some clients lying on mats while they receive their massage. Extroverts or those of whom which are comfortable with the above mentioned should give a real human massage therapy higher preference.

While at the very same times, there are certain individuals whom of which may be shy; therefore, not fully comfortable with someone directly touching them. For such introverts, opting to purchase a massage chair to serve their desired purpose whether of attaining relaxation or recovery is highly advised.


When it comes to being cost-effective or relatively more economical, massage chairs take the lead by a mile.

One session alone with a personal masseuse or at the spa can cost around an average $100; therefore, even with keeping the massages frequency at a minimal to once a month, a whopping $1200 estimate is spent.

Whereas in the case of a massage chair, an average massage chair costs between $3000-$6000, it may seem like a hefty amount initially; however, it is essential to consider that a durable massage chair can last several years even with daily utilization.

A massage chair present within the vicinity of your home or even the workplace provides the comfort and convenience of delivering a massage whenever one may have the time; therefore, better results can be obtained via higher massage frequency.


The quality of massages being delivered by massage chairs is much more consistent than those being provided by hand via a masseuse. The massage motions are fully integrated within the massage chair system; therefore, a standardized massage is offered each time to users.

Keeping the pointers mentioned above in mind, it is safe to say that when it comes to cost-efficiency and consistency, massage chairs manufactured via a reputable brand should be opted for above a massage being delivered via hands.

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