How Much Electricity Does a Massage Chair Use?

Having a massage chair at home is more of a necessity now rather than a luxury, given the range of health benefits it bears. Yet, I know a lot of people that are still hesitant to purchase a massage chair of their own.

Even the ones that love getting a chair massage therapy think of a massage chair as something too high maintenance. Thereby, they don’t agree with the idea of having your personal massage chair.

Alright. It’s natural to think that way. I mean, you’re making a significant investment just because you think it’s a one-time thing, but if it turns out to be an even bigger expense later down the road? Yes, what if it consumes lots and lots of power? How would you manage your electricity bills? All these questions often make the rounds in the minds of potential buyers.

However, let me assure you that it’s mostly just a myth. A massage chair doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and most of the high-end massage chairs are the ultimate energy savers as they don’t consume much power. What else would you expect from a massage chair anyway?

Massage Chairs & Power Consumption

massage chair power consumption

Whenever buying a digital appliance, everyone wonders about the power consumption. It’s no secret, and as I mentioned before, it’s a natural thought.

Well, here I have a perfect answer for you and let me tell you, it may surprise you. Let’s take an example of an advanced high-end massage chair, Kahuna LM6800 it is. Start counting the primary parts of this incredible massage chair that may draw around 100v.

To make it more precise, the primary components of a massage chair are its motherboard, power circuit, and energy supply system. Besides that, you have your recliner, rollers, airbags, infrared heating unit, foot massager that may draw around 200v each.

Please don’t panic. All these components never work at the same time. They work one by one, which is the ultimate theory behind the advanced energy-saving system.

In simple words, a massage chair with all those incredible features working simultaneously draws around 200-400 watts. When you’re done using it, simply switch it to the standby mode, where it will consume no energy at all.

How Much Difference Will a Massage Chair Make in Your Electricity Bills?

A standard refrigerator consumes around 500-800 watts of energy, and it’s the life of every house. The best part being, a massage chair takes significantly less power than that. In fact, it uses three times less energy than a traditional refrigerator.

As a matter of fact, the energy consumption of 15 minutes of chair massage is equivalent to 5-7 minutes of refrigeration. Henceforth, buying a massage chair is truly a one-time cost. It doesn’t require a lot of power, cleaning, or repairing.

I’m a massage freak, so I use my massage chair thrice a week. Fifteen minutes to chair massage three times a week, and trust me, there’s minimal to no difference in my electricity bill.

In simple words, if you can keep things like a refrigerator, iron, oven, or dishwasher at home, why not a massage chair? It’s economical and won’t cost you anything afterward. You have my word.

My Top Energy-Saving Massage Chair Picks

Finding the right massage chair is one complicated task. Start visiting the markets or check out the online retailers, and you’ll be overwhelmed with the number of options available.

Every brand swears by its products, which makes the decision even harder. Oh wait, I’m not leaving you high and dry.

Here I’m going to list down a few of my favorite massage chairs that are pretty economical when it comes to power consumption.

1. Osaki OS-Pro Maestro 4D Zero-Gravity Massage Chair
  • 4D L-Track Design
  • Heated Rollers
  • Zero Gravity

2. Titan Pro Alpha Full-Body Massage Chair
  • THE TITAN PRO MASSAGE CHAIR - This massage chair is a premium line product with the latest features of Titan related to the...
  • THE ADVANCED L-TRACK TECHNOLOGY - As the roller system massages into the neck area, it continues through to the lower back...
  • 2 STAGE ZERO GRAVITY - When reclined into the zero gravity position, the complete weight of your back is virtually supported...

3. Infinity Evolution Full-Body 3D/4D Massage Chair
  • 3D/4D Mechanism - 3D allows for adjustable intensity while the embedded 4D technology varies the speed of the speed of the...
  • Industry Leading 49" L-track design reaches from neck and shoulders to the gluteous muscles
  • Kneading and oscillating calf massage deeply kneads sore tired muscles

4. Human Touch Sana Full-Body Massage Chair
  • 9 AUTO-WELLNESS PROGRAMS - Reap the therapeutic benefits of a rejuvenating massage in the comfort of your home. This deluxe...
  • CALMING CLOUD TOUCH ACUPRESSURE - Built with strategically placed aircells apply pressure to key healing points and...
  • S- AND L-TRACK MASSAGE - Designed with a state-of-the-art S and L track that extends coverage of the massage from your neck...

5. Panasonic EP-MA73KU Ultra Prestige 3D Massage Chair
  • Stretch, soothe and restore tense, tired muscles with the premium, high-comfort luxury massage chair designed to simulate the...
  • Multi-directional thermal massage rollers create soothing warmth to help loosen tense muscles in the neck, shoulders and...
  • Ten soothing Ultra Knead Junetsu massage techniques help relax tight muscles while a thumb-like massage roller kneads...

Other than that, there are dozens of other options available that are power-friendly. Just make sure to research well before you actually make up your mind and purchase one. 

A General Maintenance Guide

maintenance guide

Now that we’ve established how there’s no additional expense of having a massage chair at home, let’s see how you can make it last.

Needless to say, buying a massage chair is going to be one of your most prominent purchases. With all its glory, I think it’s no less than a prized possession. Ever wonder what you can do to take care of your massage chair or how you can make it last longer?

Okay. I’m going to shed some light on how you can make a little effort and protect your massage chair from all the external changes. Here you go:

Data Cable: Always use the right data cable and adapter for your massage chair. I reckon that it doesn’t appear to be a significant issue, but it can have a considerable impact on the life of your massage chair.

Mechanics: Unless you’re a tech expert, please don’t mess with the massage chair. Believe it or not, your massage chair doesn’t require any kind of mechanical maintenance. It has its own sustaining mechanical aspects.

Sun Exposure: Keep it away from the sunlight. Constant exposure to the sun can eventually damage the upholstery of your massage chair. I’m confident you won’t want that to happen or would you? 

Upholstery: Whether it’s synthetic leather or original, make sure to polish it every six months. If the upholstery of your massage chair starts fading, it will only scar your living room rather than make it appear extravagant.

The Takeaway 

There are so many myths attached to having a massage chair, let me assure you that none of it is true. A massage chair is nothing but a blessing in disguise. 

Try it out today, and you’ll know how everything I’ve mentioned above is true. I purchased mine a year ago and I promise it’s the best decision I made. Could you give it a thought, my pals? 

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