Can I Use a Massage Chair as an Office Chair?

Within this technologically advanced world, massage chairs have boomed with the market due to not only the sheer amount of convenience they have to offer their users but also because of the vast number of benefits being delivered to the human anatomy when utilized on a regular specialized basis. 

Due to the continued popularity among the worldwide populations, massage chair manufacturers now offer massage chairs to best suit the targeted audience convenience as well as needs; therefore, massage chairs are now available in a wide range of sizes, weights, as well as types when it comes to assembling.

Such varying sizes and features now allow users to be able to select from a variety of places to keep their massage chairs, whether within the vicinity of their homes, or even their office space.

massage chair as an office chair

Yes! You read that right. Massage chairs can now be used as a computer chair or even as an office chair if that is what you were wondering while reading this post. How though?

Well, that's the exciting part, when I stated that massage chairs could be utilized as office chairs or computer chairs, I was not referring to those such the Kahuna LM-6800 or any such similar models due to their relatively big sizes, weights as well as features integrated within. 

When I say massage chairs as office chairs/computer chairs, what I am referring to are models such as the BestMassage Executive Office Massage Chair. 

What is it that makes the difference, between a regular massage chair and an office/computer massage chair, well keep on reading to find out!


To start with, the size of a massage chair is among the vital most components which distinguish between which model should be utilized as an office chair/computer chair or a regular massage chair.

Unlike our homes, most commonly office spaces especially if they are in the form of cubicles relatively smaller, a daily massage chair can take up a considerable amount of space.

Such a vast take up of space not only creates inconvenience for users but also makes it of significant discomfort at times, trying to enter, refurbish or exit the cubicle office space.

Considering the overall size of a massage chair, before purchasing it, to keep it as an office chair/computer chair is of vital importance to avoid inconvenience.


The size and weight of a massage chair are almost always in a directly proportional relationship, the bigger the size, the heavier the weight is expected to be.

How is weight related to whether a massage chair qualifies to be an office chair or a computer chair? Well, imagine having an office space on the 17th floor, and having to take up a massage chair, even if it is via a cargo lift, especially if it does not have an element of disassembling.

Even if you manage to place the massage chair where it should be, continually having to move it while entering or exiting the office space can be a highly arduous task.

Therefore, it is always advised to opt for a massage chair which not only has the option of easy dis-assembling but furthermore, is relatively lightweight as well as has back rollers integrated to allow ease with moving it around.


I would advise against splurging on thousands of dollars for a fully featured massage chair, integrated with advanced back rollers, heating, various massage motions, zero-gravity and so on, mainly since it might hinder the effectiveness of work.

Heat therapy when featured with a full body massage experience on a massage chair for, I  comforting enough to put me to sleep immediately.

Such a scenario, if takes place in the workplace can be enough to get me into trouble with my superiors.

Thus to stay on a relatively safer side, a massage chair featuring a minimal number of massage features such as vibration alone being utilized to deliver a massage experience can both efficiently serve as an office/computer chair as well as not hinder the work efficiency levels.

Keeping in consideration all three of the factors as mentioned above along with making the right choice when purchasing a massage chair for serving as an office chair can help you achieve an optimally relaxing experience even when at work. Enjoy!

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