What Makes a Good Massage Chair?

Massage chairs have taken over the global market, according to the American Massage Therapy Association, massage therapy alone was a $16 billion industry within the United States of America.

So, if you have found yourself skimming through this page, then it is safe to say that you have been lately contemplating about either purchasing a massage chair or even upgrading to a newer more innovative model.

Regardless of whether it is the latter or the former, let me assure you of coming to the right place.

massage chair advice

Being cautious as well as carrying out extensive research before spending money on a massage chair, which by the way does not come cheap, is an essential step to finding the massage chair which will best suit your individualistic needs.

Whether you wish to purchase a massage chair for sheer relaxation or even for enhanced physical recovery, particularly pain alleviation as backed up by several researches, knowing the basics, starting with what makes a massage chair worth the price is of primary importance.

As I mentioned below, the core reason behind purchasing a massage chair can be rooted down to two; relaxation or recovery, therefore, each massage chair manufactured to cater either of the purposes will contain similar, yet a different set of features.

A massage chair which may seem ideal to an athlete seeking muscle therapy via great deep-tissue massage may not be too satisfied with a manufactured massage chair featuring only vibrations as a form of comfort.

Coming to my point; the worth or otherwise, how good a massage chair performs, depends upon the very initial reason behind why the massage chair was purchased in the first place.

Carefully evaluating the features of a massage chair before making the purchase; thus, is a highly vital factor. Within this post, I will further discuss the most distinctive features of massage chairs which significantly caters to delivering an exceptional massage experience depending on a buyer or prospective buyers specific needs.

So what exactly makes a good massage chairs?

Let's get to it then, shall we!

massage chair heat transmitters

Heat transmission is among the vital most elements required in a massage chair regardless of whether you may be seeking enhanced recovery or sheer relaxation.

Effective heat transmission not only aids with increasing blood flow but also helps significantly with the reduction of swelling. Within the market sphere, although a majority of massage chairs have heat therapy incorporated within; however, the efficiency may differ.

While some massage chairs such as the Kahuna LM6800 offer heat transmitters which provide coverage not only to the Vertebrae of users but also heat therapy targeted to the calf of users, making among an ideal massage chair or physical recovery purposes. 

For those seeking a massage chair for relaxation, can opt for massage chairs which have heat transmitting nodes, each of whose intensity can be controlled to attain the best-preferred level of heat therapy. Thus, if it's a good massage chair you are looking for, then heat transmission nodes is a must-have.

Automatic Massage Motions and Manual Massage Settings

An automatic massage setting offers users the convenience of selecting a preset massage style embedded within each massage nodes.  Automatic massage settings control not only the motion style but also the motion frequency, location, and timing altogether.

Although it may sound ideal; however, the option for being able to create a manual massage setting alongside automatic massage settings is what should highly be preferred.

how to choose good kahuna massage chairs

For example, being an expert with a massage chair, I prefer having the ability to set my massage motions, intensity as well as timing depending upon my mood. For a more deep-tissue massage style, my preference stays with a relatively higher massage intensity, while for a regular massage session, the intensity, as well as timing, stays moderately low.

If in case you want a massage chair which specifically covers targeting massage areas, such as the lower Vertebrae, then when an automatic program fails, ensure that manual massage node setting is available to cater to your needs adequately.

Regardless of whether you are a first-time buyer or an expert with massage chairs, whether your budget extends to $500 or $5000, let me assure you, a massage chair which caters both automatic and manual massages is always an advantage.

Footrest Extension

A foot extension gives users the leverage of adding 3-4 inches, which to a layperson may not seem like a lot; however, can make a significant difference between fitting or not being able to fit into a massage chair.

Being relatively on the taller height frame myself, believe me when I tell you, a foot extension for those above the 5’7 height frame should be among the vital most component in case you do not want to be crouched up on a massage chair which does not seem to accommodate your body height frame.

L-track Rollers or S-track Rollers

l track rollers

If it is enhanced recovery you are searching for, I would highly suggest opting for specialized L-track or S-track rollers. If it is relaxation you want, it will be relaxation you will get via S-track rollers targeting all core acupuncture point within the Vertebrae.

An L-track rollers system initiates a deep-tissue massage type all the way from the neck, till the lower thighs while an S-track mimics the shape of a curved ‘S’ while delivering a controlled massage session. Thus, giving utmost comfort, relaxation and increased recovery via an extensive massage coverage experience.

Coming to the core point, at the end of the day, the value or worth of any massage chair entirely depends upon requirements of the prospective buyer.

A gamer will want to purchase a massage chair featuring different core elements while a sports athlete would wish to features which can deliver an effectively thorough deep-tissue massage experience to relax their targeted muscles.

My advice to you would be to carry out an adequate amount of research before making your mind up about which massage chair to possibly buy. Good luck with your massage chair affiliated endeavors!

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