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Kahuna Massage Chairs, as manufacturers are among my absolute favorites. Although, the massage chairs manufactured by Kahuna belong to a category of a relatively expensive price range, however, their products seldom receive any bad reviews.

One of the primary reasons behind why massage chairs by Kahuna are so highly recommended is because of an extensive amount of the main features integrated within each product, working perfectly to deliver an exceptional level of massages to users.

Kahuna Massage Chair With New SL-Track With 6 Rollers SM-7300

The Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 is among one of the highly valued massage chairs manufactured under Kahuna. Available in a color combination of black as well as brown, further details of the Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 are mentioned below:

Main Features of Kahuna SM-7300

1. Vast Variety of Automatic Massage Programs

Automatic massage programs provide users with the convenience of selecting an already preset massage setting specifically designed with the help of professional masseuse and medical practitioners to best attain the desired results.

Each automatically preset massage program aims at achieving one of the following results or can be categorized under one of the following; Rejuvenation, Relief, Refresh or Recovery. 

Depending upon the types of massage motions integrated within as well as the intensities, massage timing, and speed, the ultimate objective of a particular massage program can best be judged by a user.

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Massage chairs of all prices ranges tend of consist of several pre-set massage programs integrated within them by manufacturers. The higher the price range of each massage chair goes, greater the number of automatic massage chair programs are expected by prospective massage chair buyers.

The Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 regardless of its medium price range, consists of a sheer total of nine automatically set massage programs. Five out of the aggregate of nine are of a standard type which can commonly be found in some other massage chairs within the market, whereas the remaining four are considered as being the premium programs in nature.

Each of the premium automatically integrated massage setting such as Recovery, Yoga-stretching, etc. functions on the basis of a zero-gravity position for achieving optimal results.

2. Manual Massage Selection

Aside from the massage programs mentioned above, the Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 also provides users with the option to customize and create massage programs in alignment with their particular mood.

Alongside the ability to manually control the massage intensity, as well as the period of the massage program along with its speed, Kahuna Massage Chairs also integrated within several different massage motions for users to choose as per their desire.

Kneading, tapping and knocking are just three out of a total of six manual massage settings available for users.

To further enhance user power over manually creating massage settings, the Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 also allows customers to be able to select each body part which is meant to receive the massage created. Whether it should be a full body motion or partial body massage, is completely up to users.

The comprehensive extent to which the Top Performance Superior Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300 allows users to customize massage programs particularly the targeted massage area fully is an exceptionally helpful feature for those whom of which primarily seek physical recovery and healing via massage therapy. 

The ability to manually select the massage target area can be used by those that suffer from chronic pains or associated ailments to best allow for maximum massage penetration specifically within the problematic body section.

3. Air-cells Massage Technology

Airbags are the most common form of delivering relaxing moves to users, within massage chairs due to their effective results. The Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 consists of a vast number of air cells integrated within, to be able to provide an extensive massage coverage area for users, e.g., inside the arm rest to be able to provide relaxing acupressure points for optimal results.

A total of 35 air bags are integrated within this particular massage chair, completely spread out, to deliver an exceptional full-body massage experience to users.

An extensive amount of air cells integrated within makes the Top Performance Superior Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300 ideal for those that give preference to a rather subtle massaging experience as compared to a deep-tissue roller massage. Via the help of frequent massage sessions, strain or tension trapped within the body is effectively released for ensuring optimal levels of relaxation being delivered to users.

4. Advanced SL-Track Roller Technology

While the air cells massage technology is ideal for users that like a soft massaging experience, the Top Performance Superior Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300 also caters those whom of which wish to attain an intense, deep-tissue penetrating massage therapy session.

The Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 contains a highly advanced SL-track system with an aggregate of 6 rollers working together. Each roller integrated within functions to provide deep tissue massage beginning from the neck, going all the way till the under the buttocks and thighs of each user.

The SL-track rollers technology within the Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 can work towards aiding in recovery as well as great relaxation by targeting to eliminate any possible strain or tension points within the Vertebrae.

Initiating from the back of the neck and gliding all the way in vertical massage motions till the lower thighs allow users to reap optimal results mainly by those that suffer from chronic back pains or such associated issues. 

The extensive roller massage effectively reduces and eventually eliminates strain trapped within the Vertebrae by increasing the Lymphatic flow as a result of loosening up previously compressed nerves; therefore, enhancing the general wellbeing of the user via frequent usage.

5. Zero-gravity Technique

The zero-gravity position is one such which enhances the physical recovery process of users significantly. The position itself mimics that of astronauts right before shuttle take-off takes place. With all the body parts of users completely lifted off the ground in a position similar to 180-degree, any strain being put on the spine is neutralized; as a result, relaxing the posture and nerves present within.

Zero-gravity in it's balanced out stance, also allows for a higher level of massage penetration to take place; therefore, not only aiding with recovery but also rejuvenation, relaxation, pain relief and many other therapeutic effects.

Therefore, the Zero-gravity program integrated within can further enhance the ability of the Top Performance Superior Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300 to increase the levels of recovery and healing taking place within the anatomy of users via accentuating the blood-flow as a result of a balanced body posture.

6. Fully Covered Leg-Extensions

The leg-rest of Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 is manufactured to be able to wrap around the calves of users, along with the feet to be able to provide a full coverage massage experience.

The integration of dual-natured air cells within the leg extension, merged with several massage techniques such as rolling, scraping, etc. work together efficiently for bringing about excellent massage results.

By effectively targeting the nerve endings present within the feet and lower calves of users with the help of a variety of massage motions, the Top Performance Superior Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300 can improve the overall well-being of the anatomy effectively.

Pros and Cons of SM-7300 Massage Chair

Things I Liked

  • The massage chair consists of a lower back heating system.
  • Designed to deliver the advantage of space-saving, even while in a reclined stance.
  • An aggregate continuous massage timing of half an hour.
  • The chair contains a highly advanced yet user-friendly LCD remote controller.
  • The Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 is delivered with a premium 2-year warranty to customers.
  • The extendable features of this particular massage chair can help easily accommodate users till the height mark of 6’5 feet while taking up a weight capacity of 320 pounds.

Things I Disliked

  • No massage is delivered to the thighs, only compression and decompression takes place in the thighs area.
  • No heating therapy is provided to any body areas aside from the lower-back of users.
  • The LED light situated on the side of the Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 cannot be switched off while the chair is being utilized.

Final Verdict

Each of the cons mentioned above is personally for me, not a deal breaker. The Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with SM-7300 consists of a vast number of advantages for its users because of which minor issues such as the absence of a heating system for the entire body and not only the lower back can definitely be over-shadowed.

For its price, I definitely think that the Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 is worth every dollar spent by buyers, since the product is able to perform consistently well even after long-term utilization

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