Best Jakroo Massage Chair 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you new into the market sphere of massage chairs, in search of relatively new models featuring the most advanced of massage chairs?

Are you tired of coming across the same old manufacturing names within the market, and want to indulge in a relatively new; yet, highly reliable manufacturer. If such is the case, then my friend, this post will be helpful for you. 

Within this post, I intend on comprehensively reviewing Top 10 JAKROO Massage Chairs of 2020 available in the world of massage therapy, each of which features price ranges of all categories along with the most advanced of massage features. To get to know more, keep on reading!

Best JAKROO Massage Chair Reviews 2020

jakroo spa intelligent electric massage chair

My most favourite feature about the JAKROO Support Intelligent Electric Massage Chair is without the doubt the comprehensive number of airbags integrated within to deliver a profoundly relaxing massage experience.

An aggregate of 60 massage airbags is strategically placed inside the JAKROO Support Intelligent Electric Massage Chair for carefully targeting core acupuncture points located within the anatomy of users.

Furthermore, for delivering optimal convenience during a massage session, a total of 5 highly specialised; yet carefully designed automatically preset massage modes are incorporated inside for providing professional quality massage programs.

Occupational therapists within the field of medical along with massage therapy were utilized for developing each automatically preset massage program to deliver maximum relaxation. 

Automatic massage sessions include but are not entirely limited to; Shiatsu, Kneading, Rollers, Vibration as well as Portazo.

Although the JAKROO Support Intelligent Electric Massage Chair itself weighs 72 kgs, rolling wheels placed at the bottom of the massage chair aids with making it of much for ease for users to move the massage chair around from one place to another without hiring professional help.

Automatic tilt support merged with a mechanical body scanner significantly aids with adjusting each massage node along with analyzing the angle of tilt/recline which will best suit each users idiosyncratic body-type for effective eradication of strain/tilt trapped inside.

Available in two highly appealing upholstery options along with, a $5000 price tag, the JAKROO Support Intelligent Electric Massage Chair is an option I would recommend to prospective buyers with a relatively higher budget range.

jakroo electric massage chair

What is it that I love most about the JAKROO Electric Massage Chair? Well, it is it’s exceptionally user-friendly massage chair rotation with the help of a controlling remote. The massage chair rotation helps with rotating the massage chair towards whichever direction is required for the utmost convenience of each user.

An aggregate of 8 highly effective massage nodes are further embedded in the JAKROO Electric Massage Chair carefully spread throughout to cover not only the legs but also the shoulders, back, thighs, hips as well as the calves of each user adequately.

Alongside each massaging node situated to target the Vertebrae of users, heat transmitters are further embedded to enhance the level of massage penetration taking place for utmost comfort and relaxation.

To ensure that a standardized massage experience is delivered to each user, regardless of their height, manually extendable leg rests built inside the JAKROO Electric Massage Chair.

Those users of whom belong from a relatively taller height-frame can easily manually extend the leg rest to best accommodate their body without any jeopardisation in the massage experience being delivered.

Profoundly comforting, multi-layered foam is utilized for padding of the JAKROO Electric Massage Chair to deliver optimal comfort while a user-friendly remote makes the massage chair extremely ease to function.

Featuring an aggregate price of less than $2100, the JAKROO Electric Massage Chair should be taken into consideration by those in search of a basic massage chair.

JAKROO Electric SPA Leisure armrest Chair

What makes the JAKROO Electric Spa Leisure Armrest Chair unique for me is without a doubt it’s exceptionally classical; yet, highly appealing outlook.

High-quality Cowhide utilized as the contact surface top layer of the massage chair itself helps give the massage chair an extremely attractive upholstery colour along with the royal feel of leather.

Environmental friendly splint utilized alongside wood for creating the inner structure of the massage chair helps with delivering consistent standard of utility, even following prolonged usage.

Maximum weight capacity of 180 kgs makes the JAKROO Electric Spa Leisure Armrest Chair ideal for being utilized within salons, nail spas or even massage spas seeking to deliver a profoundly comforting massage experience.

Alongside the allowance of large maximum weight capacity, the JAKROO Electric Spa Leisure Armrest Chair further gives users the ability of 360-degree rotation making it very easy for each user to find the ideal lying position.

For an extremely comforting experience, users can connect their electronic devices with the JAKROO Electric Spa Leisure Armrest Chair to enjoy their desired choice of audio via highly advanced music speakers embedded inside.

Featuring a price tag of less than $1500, the JAKROO Electric Spa Leisure Armrest Chair should be kept in consideration by prospective buyers seeking to make an addition to their salon or spa centre.

JAKROO Intelligent Full Body Massage Chair Armchair Relaxation Chair

What I prefer most about the JAKROO Intelligent Full Body Massage Chair is its ability to automatically shut-down a massage program following a specified time to avoid the massage chair from heating up; therefore, maximizing user safety.

A highly thorough; yet, sufficient massage experience is delivered to each user with the help of infrared carbon fibre heat transmission system built inside.

Users of the JAKROO Intelligent Full Body Massage Chair can enjoy a heating experience of up till 40/50 C for optimizing the eradication of strain trapped inside the muscles. Alongside effective heat therapy, automatic massage programs are also integrated inside the massage chair formulated with the help of professionals in the industry to deliver optimal results.

To fully deliver the benefits about not only relaxation but also enhanced physical recovery, the JAKROO Intelligent Full Body Massage Chair has Kneading, Portazo, Vibration, Roller and Airbag massage as among its core automatically preset programs for each user.

An aggregate of 7 massage concentration points to aid with delivering massage motions to core acupuncture points located within the anatomy of users for effectively not only eradication strain via eventual utilization but also for enhanced blood and Lymphatic flow.

Alongside automatically preset massage settings, users are further able to manually create massage motions of their desire and preference depending upon their mood, featuring not only varying massage motions but also intensity, type and timing.

High-quality speakers embedded inside, allow users to not only enjoy a comforting massage experience but also enhance the experience with the help of listening to the music or audio of their choice with the help of Mp3 high-quality speakers.

Featuring an extremely easy to clean upholstery of PU, highly durable leather, the JAKROO Intelligent Full Body Massage Chair can opt for prospective buyers with a relatively higher price budget.

jakroo electric sofa

My most favourite feature of the JAKROO Intelligent Electric Massage Chair/Sofa is the Magnetic Smart Arm automatically preset massage program integrated inside the massage chair.

The Magnetic Smart Arm massaging program is successfully able to deliver a hand-like massage motion mimicking those of professionals in the industry to provide optimal massage comfort alongside relaxation best.

Furthermore, 3D massage technology further helps the massaging program with carefully relaxing any strained muscles present within the anatomy. Automated massage programs aside from the Magnetic Smart Arm include but are not entirely limited to Vibration, Kneading, Hot compress and Pneumatic.

A sheer aggregate of 62 airbags inside the built of the JAKROO Intelligent Electric Massage Chair/Sofa aid in providing an extensive massage coverage area to each user.

Whereas, an L-shaped roller track aids in delivering an optimal; yet, intense massage session to users initiating from the nape of the neck till the lower back thighs for effective eradication of exhaustion and tension trapped inside the anatomy.

High quality and easily cleanable PU leather upholstery ensure that the massage chair stays looking clean and new regardless of constant utilization by users.

Bluetooth technology embedded inside helps users in connecting their smartphones or electronic devices to listen to the music/audio of their preference for a holistically comforting massage session.

Featuring a price tag of less than $6500, the JAKROO Intelligent Electric Massage Chair/Sofa does lack an automatic body scanner making it challenging to maintain a consistent massage standard for users with varying body types.

Therefore, caution does need to be taken when planning on purchasing the JAKROO Intelligent Electric Massage Chair/Sofa.

jakroo 3d massage armchair

For me, what makes the JAKROO 3D Massage Armchair worth its price is without any doubts the highly advanced massage heads integrated inside. Each massage head features the ability to not only move horizontally but also vertically for maximum massage effectiveness.

An aggregate of 4 automatically preset specially reclined positions is integrated inside the JAKROO 3D Massage Armchair.

Each position is specialised in helping with delivery either optimal relaxation or enhance physical recovery with the help of balancing out any excessive strain trapped within the Vertebrae or the overall body of users.

Furthermore, a sheer aggregate of 9 automatically preset massage programs helps with further delivering maximum relaxation and comfort levels.

Each preset massage program is done so with the help of professional top-most masseuse in the industry to fully achieve the desired goal regardless of whether it is sheer relaxation or improved physical recovery.

Zero-gravity positioning helps with placing each user is a stance specialised to lift any imbalanced strain being placed upon the Vertebrae or the lower body of users by increasing blood-flow towards the heart.

Due to the fully ergonomic design, the JAKROO 3D Massage Armchair can fully recline in a zero-gravity positioning with minimal back-wall space as less as 5cm’s; therefore, being extremely space-saving.

An automatic body-scanner not only works well with analysing the body-height of a user but the advanced technology also calculates the natural body curves of each user to effectively mimic each body with massage nodes for a holistic experience.

Last but not the least, Magnetic therapy integrated into the functioning of the massage chair significantly helps with eliminating any negatively charged ions present in the anatomy of the body for not only physical but also mental relaxation.

Available under a $5400 budget, the JAKROO 3D Massage Armchair, featuring a vast number of highly advanced and updated massage functions is definitely worth the buy.

3d finger pressure full body massage chair

Featuring an extremely ergonomic structure, the 3D Finger Pressure Full Body Massage Chair only requires back-space from the wall as minimal as 5cm’s to go into its preset reclined positioning entirely; therefore, increasing user convenience significantly in relatively smaller rooms.

Highly specialized automatically preset massage programs include Thai-stretch which is ideal for the eradication of imbalanced tension/strain trapped within the anatomy due to being overly worked. Additional automatically set massage sessions include but are not exclusive to Deep V-floating, Kneading, Rolling, Vibration, as well as Air-massage.

For optimal customization, users can also create manual massage sessions as per their desire featuring the massage intensity, motion, timing and mode of their liking to best attain the preset objectives. 

Multi-point massage nodes aid with ensuring that the natural body curves of each user are carefully contoured with the help of analyzing the body type of each user, regardless of whether tall or short, lean or curvy; therefore, delivering a standardized massage experience throughout.

Featuring a Beige and Dark brown coloured upholstery, as well as a highly appealing outlook, the JAKROO 3D Finger Pressure Full Body Massage Chair can be found available under a $4600 price tag, for prospective buyers or those interested.

jakroo spa support health electric sofa

The most distinctive feature of the JAKROO Spa Support Health Electric Sofa is the most minimalistic backspace required between the wall and the electric massager to recline fully.

Only an amazingly 3cm’s back-space is needed by the JAKROO Spa Support Health Electric Sofa to be able to place itself in a preset zero-gravity or a manually set reclined angle due to a highly ergonomic design.

Fully upgraded heat transmitters incorporated in the massage chair allows users to benefit from an extensive heating therapy alongside their massage session, going all the way up till 40 degrees, for maximum massage penetration into the deep layers of the muscles.

Automatically preset massage programs usual to JAKROO Massage Chairs such as Kneading, Vibration, Postazo, Shiatsu, Roller and Airbag massage programs are all integrated inside the massage technology of the massage chair itself.

Furthermore, users are provided with the option to create massage sessions of their liking and physical requirements with the help of massage motions and types of their choice along with massage intensity, massage timings or even massage frequency.

A built-in high-quality metal structure aids with allowing maximum weight capacity of users as well as enhances the performance ability of the JAKROO Spa Support Health Electric Sofa. Whereas, a whopping total of 60-airbags aid with delivering optimal most massage coverage area throughout the massage chair for providing a full body experience.

The absence of a fully automatic body scanner does affect the functioning of the JAKROO Spa Support Health Electric Sofa and should be taken into consideration before the purchase by prospective buyers.

jakroo health spa health electric sofa

The combination of dark Red and Beige upholstery is what I genuinely love about the JAKROO Intelligent Electric Massage Chair. Ideal for prospective buyers with an inclination towards purchasing aesthetically appealing massage chairs featuring bold upholstery colours, the JAKROO Intelligent Electric Massage Chair should be taken into consideration.

To best eradicate the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue being felt, the massage chair has a total of 7 massage concentration node points, emitting specialized massage vibrations, each of which carefully targets core acupuncture points to best eliminate strain/stress.

A wide array of automatically preset massage programs is embedded inside the JAKROO Intelligent Electric Massage Chair.

However, the one highly specialized massage session that stands out is the Magnetic Smart Arm which goes a step further from just massage motions to additional utilizing magnetic powers for eliminating negative energy trapped inside the user's body.

Such a specialized preset massage session helps with not only physical relaxation but also with psychological soothing via eventual utilization.

An L-track massage roller helps with the effective reduction of strain trapped inside the body by coverage a massage session coverage from the back of the neck down till the backside thighs. Whereas, a sheer total of 62 airbags situated inside the JAKROO Intelligent Electric Massage Chair help in maximizing massage coverage area.

Although extremely heavy, the JAKROO Intelligent Electric Massage Chair does have rollers situated at the bottom of the massage chair for allowing smooth movement, without having to hire professional movers for moving the massage chair from one place to another.

jakroo professional massage and relaxation chair

Another JAKROO Massage Chair model which I am absolutely in love with due to the distinctive upholstery colouring combination utilized is the JAKROO Professional Massage and Relaxation Chair.

Featuring a Beige and a Rustic colour scheme with hints of Golden tint, the JAKROO Professional Massage and Relaxation Chair is extremely intriguing as well as appealing to the eyes.

For delivering a massage experience to users whom of which prefer an intense massage session as well as those that like a subtle massage for relaxation, the JAKROO Professional Massage and Relaxation Chair has four varying vibration massage intensity speeds.

Two-way massage push technology integrated into each massaging node helps with fully stretching the anatomy muscles for the elimination and escape of trapped strain/tension or negative energy; therefore, delivering optimal results.

A full body automatic scanner can calculate the body height alongside the natural body curves of each user for carefully contouring the massage nodes to body parts that may otherwise be missed; therefore, keeping massage consistency levelled regardless of varying user body types.

Alongside customization, users can also select from an array of already highly specialized preset massage programs, each of which is carefully designed to either deliver sheer relaxation, maximum physical recovery or in cases even both.

Consisting of a price tag featuring less than a $4100 budget, the JAKROO Professional Massage and Relaxation Chair should be taken into consideration by prospective buyers with a relatively higher price budget.

Buying Guide - How to Choose JAKROO Massage Chairs in 2020

jakroo massage chairs buying guide

Being an extremely new name within the industry of massage chairs, JAKROO has initiated itself as massage chair manufacturers with an array of highly advanced models.

For prospective buyers; therefore, especially those relatively new into the world of massage chairs, deciding upon one model, which will best suit their objective the most effectively can eventually become an arduous task. 

For this reason, I believe this section of the post can significantly aid you in keeping specific categories in consideration before selecting the JAKROO Massage Chair Model best for you. Without any further delays, let’s begin the buying guide for the ideal JAKROO Massage chair model for you. Keep on reading.

The Budget

The overall price limit you are willing to spend is what makes the initial most decision for prospective buyers.

With my experience utilizing JAKROO Massage Chair models, particularly those listed above in this post, I did notice that each of the models was relatively more expensively priced than those manufactured by rival manufacturers.

Fully equipped massage chair models such as those featuring not only varying automatic and manual massage programs but also a full body scanner alongside zero-gravity positioning belonged from a price range of above $4000.

Whereas regular models featuring necessary massage technology manufactured under JAKROO start from a budget of above $1000 such as the JAKROO Electric Spa Leisure Armrest Chair costing above $1300.

Therefore, If it is JAKROO Massage Chairs you are opting for, I would thoroughly recommend having a price budget which is relatively more towards a moderate to a higher end than a minimal spending budget.

Relaxation or Recovery

Another aspect which I did carefully notice in the JAKROO Massage Chair models I tried out was that only a limited number of them had full body automatic body scanners embedded within their system.

For physical recovery, in particular, it is of the utmost essence for a massage chair to have a full body automatic scanner for best adjusting each massage node in accordance to users body height along with natural curves.

In this case, models such as the JAKROO Intelligent Electric massage chair or the JAKROO 3D Massage Armchair had incorporated inside handy body scanners; therefore, an ideal choice for attaining enhanced physical recovery.

While models such as the JAKROO Professional Massage and Relaxation Chair are an excellent choice for sheer relaxation, featuring all core highly advanced massage sessions as well as a two-way push massage technology for optimal elimination os strain tapped inside muscles.

Being new to the world of massage chair manufacturers, JAKROO has made a name in the market by releasing a significant number of highly advanced massage chair models altogether.

I would recommend the JAKROO Massage Chairs, particularly those reviewed above to prospective buyers with relatively higher price budgets.

Those with lower budgets are best advised to opt for other manufacturers such as Kahuna or Real Relax for best purchasing the massage chair ideal for their needs.

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