Best Inada Massage Chair 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Manufacturing luxurious massage chairs within the market sphere of American massage chairs are among the forte of Inada Massage Chairs. Every model manufactured is subject to the highest of quality checks while the most updated of technology is utilized to ensure that utmost convenience, as well as durability, is delivered to each buyer of Inada Massage Chairs.

best inada massage chairs

Due to the sheer level of luxury features incorporated within each manufactured chair, Inada Massage Chairs only tends to cater to prospective buyers with a relatively high preset budget. Potential buyers between a price range budget of $4000-$10,000 in search of an Inada manufactured massage chair should keep the listed choices within this post in mind.

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Best INADA Massage Chairs 2019

INADA Massage Chair Reviews (2019)

inada massage chair reviews
INADA HCP-S373 (B) Flex 3s Massage Chair, Black

What I would consider being the most particular component of the Inada HCP-S373 is an automatically integrated ‘S’ curve integrated within to provide extensive massage coverage overall core points within a user's Vertebrae.

Hybrid massage technology ensures that a combination of massages is delivered to each user as per their personal choice between an air-compression massage performed with the help of air-bags. A  more intense massage can be opted for via 3-D rollers technology embedded within the massage chair.

An advanced shoulder focus massage program integrated within when merged with subtle air compression motions delivers a targeted massage to the neck and shoulder area of a user for an optimal level massage experience.

To focus entirely on the lumbar back area of users as well as for delivering warmth to the fingers as well as the toes of users, highly active heat transmitters are embedded within.

Automatically preset stretching movements are also integrated within to ensure the optimal release of any strain or tension trapped within muscles of the user for eliminating a stiff or an imbalanced posture; therefore, mitigating chronic backaches.

The INADA HCP-S373 Flex 3s will particularly suit those seeking optimal physical recovery or healing via massage therapy particularly those on a relatively higher budget due to its vast as well as highly advanced range of massage options.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair, Black

Specifically designed reclining as well as stretching modes fully enhance the ability of the Sogno Dreamwave to penetrate massage motions within strained muscles for obtaining a balanced posture with the help of frequent massage sessions.

Users have an extensive range of choices to choose from between 8 different integrated automatically preset massage sessions including but not limited to relaxation, recovery, relief as well as rejuvenation. A total of 1,200 square inches of massage coverage is provided via Inada Sogno massaging technology integrated within to cradle the body of users fully.

What I especially love most about the Inada Sogno Dreamwave is its ability to apply just the right amount of air-compressions around the legs and calves of users for elimination strain as well as relaxing the muscles at the end of a tiring day.

Highly advanced proprietary Inada Dreamwave massage technology mimics the 3D massage tactics utilized by professional masseuse to fully relax as well as rid the body of excessive strain or tension trapped within.

The one prominent drawback that the Sogno Dreamwave comes with is that the massage chair itself is hugely bulky due to which it required at least two people for lifting it up and moving it around.  

INADA DreamWave Massage Chair, Dark Brown

A sheer aggregate of 16 different, specially formulated automatic massage programs is what defines the DreamWave. While the integration of Youth sessions which are designed explicitly by professionals within the industry to suit the massage needs and requirements of children is what makes the DreamWave stand out from among the rest.  

Active heating systems are integrated throughout the main seat itself to enhance massage motion penetrations within the anatomy of users, specifically around the Vertebrae to keep the body posture balanced.

Furthermore, each massaging node to be able to re-adjust itself as per each users body type as well as body length via a full body scanner incorporated within the massage chair for ensuring the highest level of massage efficiency.

Lastly, each massaging node can deliver a figure-8 aligned massage motion which targets core acupuncture points within the body for attaining optimal massage results.

In a nutshell, I would only recommend the INADA Massage Chairs to prospective buyers with an extensively high price budget. Considering the vast range of massage motions as well as fully advanced features associated with relaxation and recovery offered by each of the above-reviewed massage chairs, a considerably high massage chair price is entirely justified.

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