Best iJoy Massage Chair Review 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

According to the reports, there are a vast number of beneficial reasons behind wanting to purchase a massage chair. The real question is regarding whether the Human Touch iJoy massage chair should be purchased or not depends on each individual's needs as well as the purpose of making the purchase.

ijoy massage chair

Alongside the two elements aforementioned, it is also necessary to analyze whether the Human Touch iJoy massage chair fits within the defined budget limit of each prospective buyer, as well as the features integrated within.  

So, if it is the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 you are intrigued about, then you have most definitely come to the right place. This post is specifically designed to discuss all possible aspects to the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit Massage Chair there could be, let’s right get into the core then, shall we!  

iJoy Massage Chair Review 2019

1. A Brief Introduction of iJoy Massage Chair

Featuring an overall price of below $650, the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit Massage Chair is an excellent choice for those of whom on a relatively low budget of under $1000. Aside from featuring a reasonable price, the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit offers users a vast number of features packed within, ranging from automatically preset massage sessions aimed at refreshing users, rejuvenating clients as well as caters the ability to recline to a 180-degree angle for utmost comfort.

ijoy massage chair active 2.0

Each massage node further has professional hand-like motions pertaining to stretching, orbiting and gliding embedded within to deliver a fully 3D massage experience, ideal for the eradication of any tension spots or strain trapped within the anatomy.

Keep on reading to find out more about the highly reasonable, Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage chair!

2. Similar Models

If you seem to like the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0; however, are still unsure and wish to seek out other similar models, then those enlisted below can be of much help.

3. Important Specifications

  • Product Name: iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit Massage Chair
  • Product Dimensions: 32 x 27 x 30 inches
  • Product Weight: 100 pounds
  • Product User height capacity: 4’0 till 6’0
  • Product User Weight Capacity: 200lbs

4. Pros VS Cons 

Featuring such a highly reasonable price, let us take a look into the advantages as well as the disadvantages the iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair has to offer users, or in other words, it’s Pros as well as its Cons.


  • An aggregate of 3 automatically preset massage sessions are integrated within the Massage chair.

  • Alongside automatic massage sessions, users also have the option to create customized massage programs.

  • The massage chair is extremely lightweight and can be moved around with much ease.

  • The massage chair is delivered fully assembled.

  • Specialized massage techniques such as glide, orbital and stretch are available for users.

  • Massage variation between vibration and deep-tissue rollers is further offered as well.


  • The massage chair due to its compact design cannot accommodate users above the 6.0 hight-frame.

  • Highly limited warranty is delivered to users;therefore, causing inconvenience.

  • The rollers massage may be a little too intense for those who prefer relatively moderate massage intensities.

5. Main Features

human touch ijoy massage chair review

Keeping the highly reasonable price tag of the iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair in mind, the massage chair itself has a vast number of features integrated within aiming to deliver a sufficiently satisfying massage experience. Let's take a look, shall we!

5.1 Automatic Massage Settings

Automatic massage programs when integrated within a massage chair are massage sessions already preset with the help of professionals aiming at delivering an optimal quality massage experience of each user. The Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair has a total of 3 different automatically preset massage sessions incorporated within, each of which is devised to be able to either cater to delivering sheer relaxation or enhanced physical recovery.

Think, Refresh and Perform are the massage settings integrated within. ‘Think’ aids with targeting the Vertebrae of the anatomy to eradicate any strain trapped inside while ‘Perform’ helps with massaging the shoulders and neck of users leaving ‘Refresh’ to focus specifically the lower back of each user.

5.2 180-degree Recline

The feature of reclining incorporated within a massage chair aids with placing users in such a positioning, which specifically allows the enhancement of balancing out the body pressure; therefore, aligning the overall posture of the anatomy.

The iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair has a lever on its rear side which can be used to place users in a reclined positioning ranging from 90-degree till 180-degree to help with the effective eradication of tension points within the Vertebrae.

5.3 Compact Design

When living within an urban designed residence, the rooms tend to be relatively smaller in size, for which massage chairs of a compact design are ideal, not only with placement but their relatively smaller size helps with being furniture-friendly as well.

Featuring an extremely compact design also gives the users or prospective buyers of the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair, the advantage of being able to move it around with utmost ease due to a relatively light-weight structure.

6. User Feedback

The input received by the users of the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 ranges from users praising it for its flexible price element as well as lightweight structure, to users extremely unhappy with its limited warranty being offered. Let's take a closer look, shall we!

The iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair scored an aggregate of 3. 5 out of 5 stars via users ratings, with a majority of its users praising the massage chair for its ability to deliver a highly intense deep-tissue massage experience for the effective eradication of strain trapped within the anatomy.

ijoy massage chair user feedback

At the very same time; however, there were several users whom of which had many complaints specifically regarding the inability of the massage chair to function following just a couple of months into the purchase, as well not being able to cater users higher than the 5’9 height frame e. g.

ijoy massage chair feedback

Overall, I would say that scoring 3.5 stars; the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0, for its reasonable price did effectively satisfy a high percentage of its users and buyers, specifically those of whom which prefer a relatively intense massage session.

7. Problems

As repetitively mentioned above within this post as well, the Human Touch iJoy is available at a highly reasonable price, yet, it does still feature some major drawbacks as well.

Among the core drawback of the iJoy Active 2. is the incapability of the massage chair to comfortably cater users of a higher height frame than 5’9 due to its extremely compact design. Furthermore, many users also complained about the massage chair suddenly seizing at functioning effectively altogether, while the limited warranty failed at providing adequate coverage for mechanical repairs.

Lastly, users whom of which gave preference to a moderate massage session were highly dissatisfied with the intense massage session being delivered via the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 via its deep-tissue massage rollers.

8. Most Preferred Online Sellers

If you are convinced with purchasing the Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0 Massage chair and wish to do it online, then the link mentioned below can take you to your desired destination, of among the most preferred online seller/distributor.

9. Most Frequently Asked Questions


Q#1 - Does this chair have roller massagers or just vibration massage?


Q#2 - Does the chair feature target massaging of a particular part of the back? E.g., Lower back, upper back or shoulder

Yes, it’s automatic massage programs target various body parts specifically.

Q#3 - What does 2.0 mean?

2.0 stands for the upgraded version of the massage chair itself.

Q#4 - What is the minimum width of the chair when folded?

When folded, the massage chair is 32” wide.

Q#5 - Does the chair have kneading, tapping, percussion and rolling massage?

The massage chair has integrated within kneading, percussion and tapping motions.

Q#6 - If someone is over 200 lbs. Can they use this chair?

It may cause discomfort since the weight limit is set for 200lbs.

Q#7 - Is there massage targeting the neck and shoulders?

Yes, the automatic programs target the shoulders as well as the neck of users with massage nodes.

10. Conclusion

If you are under the 200 lbs weight limit, as well as within the height frame of 5’9, I would suggest the Human Touch iJoy Active Massage Chair to you, but only if you have a highly limited budget.

The element of whether you prefer a relatively moderate massage session or enjoy an intense massage program should also be kept in consideration before the purchase is made since the massage being delivered via the iJoy Active Massage Chair by Human Touch can be a little intense for some prospective buyers.

Goodluck with massage chair hunting!


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