Best Human Touch Massage Chair 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you in search of making your hectic life a little more comfortable with the help of an affordable, yet fully updated massage chair then Human Touch is your best bet.  

When it comes to Human Touch massage chairs, even a PRO like me can get confused upon which model to opt for due to their vast range of massage chairs.

best human touch massage chairs

With the help of some basic guidelines, as well as the 10 best Human Touch Massage Chairs I have listed in this post, you can easily maneuver through their best-manufactured massage chairs to pinpoint the one which will possibly best suits you.

Best Human Touch Massage Chairs 2019

Human Touch Massage Chair Reviews (2019)

Human Touch Novo XT Ultra High Massage Chair

For me, the core highlight of the Human Touch Novo XT Ultra High Massage Chair is its space-saving design since only 2 inches of backspace is required to recline or stretch fully.

A highly advanced L-track system runs with the use of rollers making sure that the user's body is completely covered via deep-tissue massages generating from the neck, all the way till the backside of the knees.

Several manual massage motions are embedded within the massage chair so that users can efficiently create massage programs of their liking to target a variety of objectives. Furthermore varying massage movements, users can also decide upon five different massage intensities for enhanced relaxation or recovery.

Air-bags are strategically placed within the massage chair to apply focused massages upon core acupuncture points within the body for being able to deliver optimal recovery and eradication of tension trapped within.

The L-track rollers, the air-cells, as well as the rollers, present within,  are supported by an automatic body scanning system, to ensure that the individual body of each user is contoured via massage motions consistently. Furthermore, an efficient heating system is utilized around the lower back to enhance massage motion penetration for soothing muscles.

The one major drawback of the Human Touch Novo XT is that it weighs 273-pounds which is incredibly heavy to move around without additional help.

Overall, the Human Touch Novo XT Ultra High Massage Chair is an excellent massage chair as per its highly advanced features embedded within, particularly the foot rollers for the foot-rest as well as the L-track massaging system.

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Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Swivel-Base Massage Chair

Dual heat transmitters target the Vertebrae comprehensively in the form of warm air being generated from within the massage chair so that tensed muscles and nerves can successfully be relaxed, giving more room for enhanced blood circulation.

An aggregate of 5 automatically preset massage programs are embedded within, each of which was manufactured primarily with the help of professional masseuse to target specific objectives such as recovery, relief, rejuvenation, etc.

Users can select particular body-parts for enhanced intensity or even be isolated and then massaged; therefore, aiding in increased recovery.

The CirQulation, massage motion which imitates the tracks of a figure ‘8’ is ideal for delivering improved health for those of whom which suffer from high blood pressure or even sleeping issues. The circulation massage setting is; therefore, my most favored feature of the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair.  

Body map PRO; a user-friendly controller, allows users to quickly select and target areas which need to be extensively massaged. Whereas, versatility can be achieved via a 55” base, created to swivel.

The only flaw for me in the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Swivel-Base Massage Chair was regarding the foot-rest massage functions being relatively too subtle for my liking. The foot massagers apply not enough intensity in the form of pressure. 

Other than that, I would highly recommend this massage chair to prospective buyers since it applies the right amount of pressure upon the exact targeted area.

Human Touch -5040 Swivel-Base Massage Chair

Manual massage motions are also incorporated within the massage chair so that a vast number of customized massages can be formulated as per the user's choice. Massage movements, as well as different massage intensities, can also be chosen by users to aim for a deep-tissue massage or a relatively more therapeutic massage.

A total of 3 automatically preset massage programs, each of which was created under the individual supervision of world-renowned chiropractitioners as well as therapists are embedded within. The purpose of each is either for delivering optimal recovery, relief or rejuvenation.

The Calves, as well as the feet of users, are massaged via multi-directional motions which regulate the blood flow in a manner so that constant circulation takes place to and from the heart into the lower legs.

What prospective buyers would love most about the Human Touch 5040 would be that not only is it delivered fully assembled but also weighs only 136-pounds, making it relatively easy for users to move it around.

The massage chair allows for eventual and slow reclining as well as stretching so that any negative energy trapped within usually tricky body parts can be eradicated.

One of the significant disadvantages of purchasing this massage chair is that it cannot comfortably accommodate users whom of which exceed the 5’7 height range which can prove to be a considerable inconvenience.   

Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 Swivel-Base Massage Chair

An aggregate of 3 massage motions including toning, flexing, and stretching can be used to create customized massage programs to best suit the user's mood or desires. Several automatic massage motions have also been incorporated within specially designed and accepted by the Human Touch wellness council.

CirQulation, a specially formulated massage pattern by Human Touch is among the automatically preset massage settings utilized to soothe and relax the muscles of both the feet as well as calves of users.

What makes the Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 so unique is the ability to deliver muscle-specific massages via choosing to target problematic areas efficiently within the body.

Dual massage motors are embedded within the massage chair so that the messages aimed at the back, as well as those designed for the legs,  can separately be adjusted or altered for enhanced user convenience and comfort.

Although, the WholeBody 5.1 Massage Chair provides excellent massaging features at a reasonable cost; yet, it cannot sustain users of a height limit greater than 5’9 comfortably making it inconvenient for taller users due to a compact design.  

Human Touch iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage Chair

An aggregate of four manual massage motions including rolling, compression, and kneading is available for creating customized massage settings. Aside from which, three automatically preset massage functions within the massage chair are specially designed by Human Touch to either achieve optimal relaxation, recovery or even rejuvenation.

The most distinctive feature of iJoy-2310 comes in the form of its extremely compact design and structure. Human Touch specifically designed this model to fit in relatively urban environments with smaller rooms comfortably.

Regardless of its compact design, the iJoy-2310 can comfortably accommodate users till a height limit of 6’1. The ability for users to manually recline till a 180-degree angle makes sure that any strain or tension trapped within the Vertebrae of users can effectively be eliminated following a fully reclined angle.

I would highly recommend the Human Touch iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage Chair to prospective massage chair buyers with a relatively tight budget. That is; although, if they do not have an issue with having to stand up from a seat which is comparatively lower than usual.

Human Touch Novo Massage Chair

A vast number of automatic massage programs are embedded within the Novo massage chair so that users can choose from a broad variety of massage modes to best suit their specific massage objective.

Furthermore, massage programs regardless of whether manual or automatic, can be adjusted as per the user's body frame according to his/her height as well as width to ensure that all essential body parts are effectively targeted.

Being specially designed, a highly advanced zero-gravity feature is incorporated as among the critical components of the massage chair. The angled positioning effectively eradicates any strain being placed onto the lower Vertebrae of users; therefore, allowing for enhanced blood circulation to take place. 

Its space-saving structure needs minimalistic back-space to recline considerably improving user experience.

A constant lower-back heat transmitter makes sure that the back of the users is kept warm so that an increased level of massage motions can penetrate the anatomy of users.

The highly advanced, yet durable functions of the Human Touch Novo Massage Chair work excellent for delivering optimal recovery in medical cases of chronic fascia or muscle pain as well as sores on the body.

ZeroG 5.0 Massage Chair

To start off, a highly advanced body scanner embedded within the massage chair makes sure that each user can be provided a consistent massage experience regardless of their body-frame as well as body height.

The most distinctive feature; however, of the Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 Massage Chair is its 3-D massaging technology which ensures that a professional massage experience is delivered to users via massaging nodes due to its intricate feel.

The Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 Massage Chair is especially as such to accommodate users till a height limit of 6'4 with much ease.

The zero-gravity positioning makes sure that users are placed in such an angle which best compliments the eradication of strain or pressure built-up within the lower-back of users. Whereas four automatic massage motions along with four manual massage settings allow a vast number of massage options to choose from, for users.

Heat coverage is provided via dual heat transmitters initiating from the shoulders all the way till the lower-back, enveloping the user's vertebrae for optimal massage results.

For its price, the ZeroG 5.0 Massage Chair is only just average. I would have highly recommended the massage chair had it incorporated a higher, more specific number of manual as well as automatic massage settings.

iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair

The iJoy-2580 makes its way into the Top 10 Human Touch Massage Chairs of 2018 as a result of featuring a vast number of components, my favorite of which is the choice it offers to users for altering the massage intensity via removing or keeping the additional padding attached to the chair.

The massage chair allows users to be able to recline to almost a 180-degree angle, which is essential for being able to eradicate or reduce any chronic back-pain conditions. For an enhanced massage experience, three different automatic massage settings are integrated within which target each specific body part, such as the shoulders, the neck, and the back, as well as the entire body to refresh it.

The extremely compact design allows it to be placed just about anywhere and is ideal mainly for urban, small homes. Furthermore, an incredibly easy to use, a built-in controller can be utilized to configure the massage chair with just one touch.

The one drawback I experienced with the iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair was related to the leather of the massage chair not being durable at all, following minimalistic usage, it began peeling off.

iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit Massage Chair

What makes the iJoy Active 2.0 genuinely unique is its highly contemporary outlook, which gives it a very stylish vibe.  

Individually updated by Human Touch, Orbital strokes work seamlessly to enhance recovery, relaxation via circulation by avoiding any pinching or harsh massage motions. Whereas, a total of 3 specialized automatically preset massage chair programs designed with the help of professional masseuse, are incorporated for delivering exceptional relaxation, rejuvenation as well as recovery of the body.

An advanced space-saving framework of the massage chair makes it extremely compact; therefore, can ideally be fit even in the smallest of rooms. Alongside, the iJoy Active 2.0 can easily be reclined with the help of a strap to place users in their desired angle or reclined position.

The iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit Massage Chair is an excellent massage chair as per its price, yet for me, it was not among my favorites due to a relatively subtle massage being delivered which is what I considered to be the only major drawback of owning it.

Human Touch Navitas Sleep Massage Chair

Which one feature makes the Human Touch Navitas Sleep Massage Chair so unique? For me, I would say it was an integrated acupoint scanner, which automatically analyses the body frame of users to best locate as well as target massage motions upon core acupuncture points for optimal recovery.

The presence of 8 user-memory incorporated within the programming of the massage chair allows each user to be able to save their separately customized massage sessions for future usage; therefore, enhancing convenience.

A whopping total of 36 automatic massage programs embedded within allows users a vast diversity of massages to choose from. Each automatic program is specifically designed to achieve a separate objective relating to either optimal relaxation or enhanced recovery and healing.

Any strain or tension trapped within the Vertebrae of users can successfully be eliminated via specially Zero-gravity positioning embedded within as among the core features of the massage chair.

Circulation within the feet is enhanced via under-foot rollers located within the foot-rest leading to increased relaxation. An incredibly easy-to-use controller is made more efficient and understandable by making it color coded so that users can function the massage chair without any difficulties.

Human Touch Navitas Sleep Massage Chair is an exceptional massage chair mainly due to a profoundly vast number of specialized preset massage functions it offers.

Human Touch Massage Chair Brand

human touch massage chair

Within massage chairs in specific, Human Touch ensures only to release their models following their inspection as well as approval by the World Federation of Chiropractic, as a form of validation of their massage chairs to prospective buyers.

Human Touch has been within the global market, to provide therapeutic remedies for optimal health as well as relaxation via their various products for over 35 years now.

Human touch utilizes the help of professional masseuse as well as world-renowned chiropractitioners to individually design each massage chair model of theirs to ensure that it can deliver exceptional massage experience even after heavy-duty usage.

human touch massage chair brand

Alongside the core purpose of providing optimal recovery and healing, relaxation and comfort at a physical as well as a psychological level, Human Touch also pays sufficient attention to the outlook of their massage chairs.

Each massage chair is designed to appeal somewhat to the eyes, but much consideration is placed on making the massage chairs of a compact design so that users do not face difficulty while assembling it, nor is moving the massage chair around made arduous without additional help.

Human Touch makes it easy for prospective buyers on a tight budget as well as a high budget to choose from among their models. Beginning from massage chairs at the price of less than $500 to massage chairs costing above $7000, Human Touch caters it all.

Tips to Choose the Best Human Touch Massage Chairs

human touch massage chair reviews

Purchasing a massage chair is nothing like buying clothes or other commodities, particularly due to the price factor. Even with the manufacturer finalized under which you wish to buy the massage chair from, finalizing upon the model to purchase can still be an arduous task.

Human Touch alone, has a vast number of massage chair models present within the market, each of which if specifically looked into, caters a separately categorized group of prospective buyers.

It is; therefore, highly advised to analyze and evaluate each Human Touch massage chair, potential customers are interested in to count their pros as well as cons as per the individual objectives.

The basics mentioned below must at all times be kept into consideration to be able to finalize upon a Human Touch massage chair which best suits your needs.

1 - Ultimate Objective

The primary purposes of prospective massage chair buyers can eventually be divided into two different categories, enhanced recovery, and healing or optimal comfort and relaxation. Although the goal of all massage chairs is to deliver not only comfort but also to some extent enhanced healing in-cases of specific conditions yet some models may be ideal for enhanced relaxation just while others concentrate on improving recovery.

After the ultimate objective of prospective massage chair buyers is identified, the features of each Human Touch massage chair model needs to be evaluated via reviews and product specifications to judge what it is best for.

The Novo XT Ultra High-Performance Zero-Gravity Massage Chair, Long and Wide Range 3D L-Track Massage Chair, for example, will work exceptionally well for those wishing to utilize their massage chair to attain an enhanced physical well-being. While the iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair would not be able to deliver the same level of physical recovery like that of the former.

2 - The Budget

Finalizing upon a budget is one of the primary steps a prospective massage chair buyer should do. The decided budget, as a result, categorizes all the Human Touch models either within the agreed budget or external to the boundaries of the budget, making the decision relatively easier.

For prospective buyers whom of which have a comparatively cheaper budget particularly under $500, then the iJoy Active 2.0 would be ideal. It provides comfort and relaxation, which too only a little below the $500 price mark.

The budget between $2000 - $4000 offers a higher number of choices for prospective Human Touch massage chair buyers. The HT-5040 Swivel-Base Massage Chair, the WholeBody 5.1 Swivel-Base, as well as the WholeBody 7.1 Swivel-Base all lie between the price range mentioned above, each of which consists of various features.

For prospective buyers on a relatively higher budget, models such as the Human Touch "Novo" Full Body Coverage Zero-Gravity L-Track Massage Chair would be ideal.

For prospective buyers of the Human Touch massage chairs, the budget, as well as the objective expected from the massage chair to be purchased, needs to evaluate before the acquisition so that minimal inconveniences are caused for users. 

Besides the primary most factors mentioned above, components such as the upholstery, the total weight as well as the warranty offered by Human Touch should also be considered for making your experience a little less stressful.



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