How Often Should You Get a Full Body Massage?

According to studies conducted by AMTA, the American Massage Therapy Association, an estimate of 50% of the American adult population whom of which received massages between the periods of July 2015 till July 2016, did so primarily to alleviate medical pains or conditions associated with physical health.

Out of the research conducted a sheer 89% of those that received massage therapy during the one-year period agreed that their form of massage therapy was effective in relieving pains.

To attain an optimal level of results from massage therapy, the frequency of massages one must receive may vary from person-to-person. Specific factors, such as those mentioned below play a crucial role in either increasing or decreasing the need for enhanced massage frequencies.

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For Recovery or Treating Chronic Medical Conditions 

Muscles within the human body when overly exhausted can be the cause for not only Sciatica, or chronic pains but also severe cases of migraine. When seeking massage therapy, it is best to time massage sessions with a professional masseuse not less than three times a week, to begin with.

Once the process of relaxing and elongating muscles is efficiently achieved; therefore, decreasing the pain levels, the frequency can be reduced to once a week sessions.

Scheduling massages for recovery from an injury or surgery; however, needs caution, since the process primarily needs to be approved via your doctor. For patients whom of which are on blood-thinners, for example, receiving a deep-tissue massage can prove to be abortive whereas a massage associated with lymphatic drainage can be a preferred option.

For Improving Athletic

Varying forms of massages have been time and again proven to increase the mobility of joints within the body along with lowering injury risks by balancing the posture in a correctly aligned stance.

Releasing adhesions within the muscles becomes a necessity when athletes are involved in high-intensity workouts/routines; therefore, athletes may require at least 3 or more sessions per week to stay fit.

Massage therapists are usually apart of the athlete team, to enhance athlete convenience by providing services which athletes individually may not be able to sustain at such a frequent level financially.

For athletics with a relatively lighter training schedule, one or two massage therapy sessions per month are best advised by medical professionals.

Athletes should under no circumstances opt for a deep-tissue massage any less than four days before their big games since the massage can most often lead to a sore body; therefore, affecting the performance on the field.

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For General Wellness via Relaxation

There are no limitations on the frequency of generic massages such as the Swedish massage being delivered to users who are seeking either relaxation or general wellness.

For more specific massages such as the deep-tissue-massage individuals are advised sessions ranging from once-to-twice a month for allowing the latter massage session to build upon the progress of the former meeting.

The crux of this post is that those suffering from chronic conditions or recovering from injuries and even athletes require an increased level of massage therapy sessions than those seeking relaxation or eventual well-being.

Regardless of which category one may fit in, it is best to consult initially with a professional masseuse for efficiently scheduling massage sessions as per your individual needs.

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