How to Give a Head Massage?

Originating from the tradition of Indian family grooming, the Indian Head massage can be dated back to a practice which was prevalent even a thousand years ago. 

The practice of an Indian Head Massage consists of the utilization of a mixture of pure essential oils merged within the process of massaging the head of both men as well as women in particular for attaining lustrous and long beautiful locks.

In today’s time, the most commonly found form of Indian Head Massage is labeled as ‘Champi’.

indian head massage

The Indian Head Massage was said to have primarily been formalized into a form of relaxation therapy by Narendra Metha, a blind man who was brought up in a community where Champi was very commonly practiced.

In the 1970’s Metha received training as a physiotherapist in England. Following the return from the training received in England, Metha further studied the techniques and practices of Champi in India during the year 1978.

As a result of his comprehensive knowledge regarding the Champi or the Indian Head Massage, modern knowledge about Acupuncture and Shiatsu was integrated within the techniques of the Indian Head Massage.

Alongside with various updated massage techniques, the massage coverage area was also extended to the shoulders as well as the neck.

The purpose of the Indian Head Massage is to restore as well as rejuvenate the harmony within the anatomy of those receiving it as well as the balance of the human body by targeting core acupuncture points.

Professional therapists trained in the art of delivering an Indian Head Massage specifically target three core points, also known as the higher three Chakras.

In the language of Sanskrit, the Chakras are labeled as Vissuddha  (the area around the throat), Sahasrara (the crown) and Ajna (the forehead and surrounding area).

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In aggregate, there are seven different Chakras inside the human anatomy, the crown chakra, mentioned above as the Sahasrara is where the Chakras end while the root Chakra is situated at the very base of the Vertebrae.

Indian Head Massage practitioners have a strong belief that once the core three Chakra points as those mentioned above are balanced, the vibrations travel to the remaining Chakras; therefore, enhance the general wellbeing of clients.

Depending upon the wishes of the client or the individual receiving the massage, as mentioned above, a mixture of essential oils may be used; however, at certain circumstances, a dry head massage technique is also utilized as per the objective required to be achieved.

To find out more about the wonders of Indian and other associated head massages, keep on reading!

does head massage help with hair loss

Are you tired of having to pick up bundles of your hair from the floor, everywhere you go? Have you had enough of splurging money on expensive hair masks at the spa or anti-hair loss supplements? Well, I have a solution for you.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, a calculated 40% of the total American population that suffers from hair-loss are women. If you consider yourself as being among one of the 40% or are facing hair-loss issues and wish to opt for a solution to your hair-loss by rather traditional methods, then keep on reading.

Head massage, not only now, but since decades has been known as among the most reliable as well as effective forms of hair growth.

Debra Jaliman, a highly well-known dermatologist of Manhattan's Upper East side also purports the stance and states that frequent head massages can lead to an enhanced level of blood flow to both the head and the scalp.

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According to a study carried out via EPlasty, in January 2016, it was indicated that with the help of only 4 minutes of a scalp massage attained on a daily basis, enhanced activity among the anatomy genes responsible for hair growth was noticed while reduction of inflammation and hair fall was also among the components that saw reduction.

The subjects within the study carried out also reported to have relatively thicker new hair growth as a result of the regular head massages due to an increased flow of the blood within the scalp; therefore, the follicles of hair as well.

Via dilating the nerves as well as arteries present within the scalp, blood flow is increased to the hair follicle which further enhances the growth cycle of the hair of those receiving a regular head massage.

Head massages or scalp massages are also very commonly used as a form or a relaxant or to alleviate discomfort being felt as a result of a headache.

Increased stress or tension being felt by individuals suffering from hair-loss associated issues can further worsen the problem by increasing the level of hair loss taking place.

The notion of frequent head massages reducing levels of stress within the anatomy; therefore, reducing hair fall is supported by a study carried out via The Journal of Physical Therapy Science.

During the study carried out, receiving a head massage twice a week resulted in lowered blood pressure levels, heart-rate as well as the decrease in stress associated hormones being released into the body.

How Often Should You Get a Head Massage?

how often should you get a head massage

If you are relatively new to the world of receiving head massages regardless of whether it is for hair growth and promotion or mere relaxation, this post has you fully covered.

Featuring some comprehensively explained head massage details as well as in particular how along with when to get a head massage, you can rely on this post for giving you all the required information to get you fully hooked to receiving head massages on a regular basis.

The most prominent deterrent most usually puts people off from receiving head massages on a regular basis as a form of hair growth or relaxation therapy is the price tag that comes along with it if one relies upon the spa for it.

An average estimate between $60-$125 per hour is charged, depending separately upon the spa being used or the personal therapist being hired.

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For those that have no issues with paying money on a regular basis to receive head massages must initially check the qualifications of the therapist being hired to ensure that he/she has a minimum of at least 500 hours of massage training.

Although therapists that are relatively inexperienced may offer their services at comparatively lower price rates; yet, it is advised to take caution in such circumstances since an improperly trained masseuse may not be able to deliver the same results as an experienced professional would.

If you intend on opting for a Spa or wellness centers for getting head massages on a regular daily basis, then be sure to initially check out their membership or package plans being offered as well as the choice of therapists within the place.

However, in cases where you may not have a separate budget assigned to get a head massage from experienced professionals, you can opt for doing it yourself with the help of instructional guides and head massage training books.

Although you may not be able to excel in the techniques being used fully; however, giving yourself a head massage provides the advantage of being able to carry it out whenever you wish, without having to make prior reservations, etc.

Giving yourself a head massage to attain an enhanced level of growth and decreased levels of hair loss can even be done once you may be in the shower shampooing your hair or if you have time, then it can be done on dry hair, pre-shampooing.

Jessie Cheung, a well-known dermatologist, states that if one intends on giving themselves a head massage for hair growth, then an average of a 3-minutes continuous head massage should be carried out via both hands for encompassing a large massage coverage area.

Utilizing essential oils depends upon the individual themselves, there are several essential oils such as Garlic oil or Amla oil that have been known to aid with the enhanced promotion of hair growth, although, both the oils themselves have an extremely strong scent to them.

If one wishes to leave out the essential oils completely, they may choose to do so and can opt for hair serums instead to ensure that the locks are thoroughly moisturized during the massaging process as well.

If you do not have the time, not the resources, then one can simply opt for a dry head massage as well; although, the results being attained may vary from a head massage which utilizes essential oils for hair growth.

Best Oil for a Head Massage

best oils for a head massage

Since centuries, the secret to beautiful long lustrous locks among South Asian women has been head massages which feature either one or a carefully created combination of essential oils for the optimal growth and nourishment of hair.

If you wish to know about the oils best suitable for your head massage routine, then keep on reading and let us decode the basics for you!

Coconut Oil for Head Massage

coconut oil for head massage

The most commonly found oil in the markets, coconut oil, is among the most nourishing hair oil. Coconut hair oil is well known to have a sweet; yet, still, a relatively strong odor that may not suit the liking of certain people.

I would highly recommend Coconut hair oil to those that have dry, thinning hair since the oil itself fully nourishes the shaft of the hair from the scalp till the tips.

To ensure optimal results as well as a thoroughly relaxing head massage experience, mildly heat up some coconut oil with some Bhringraj herbs incorporated within and apply it to the scalp while massaging it with both hands. When done on a regular basis, the Coconut oil can do wonders on damaged hair.

If you are in search of a Coconut hair oil for you, then Coconut Oil for Hair & Skin By COCO&CO is among the most highly recommended among many brands; therefore, should be opted for.

Mustard Oil for Head Massage

mustard oil for head massage

Mustard oil has had a very dominant reputation within the list of strongly scented oils which is why many refrain from using it; however, for those suffering from hair loss associated issues, trying out Mustard oil alongside a head massage should be a must.

Although there is no harm in using Mustard oil among the warmer summer months, it is most commonly utilized in the winters since it aids in emitting heat; therefore, can highly stimulate hair growth.

Unlike Coconut oil, since Mustard oil in itself is extremely strong, it does not require to be merged with herbs or base oil.

For using it in a relaxing head massage, simply heat up the oil till when it is lukewarm, spread it upon your hands and massage it onto the scalp till the tips of your hair. Be sure to utilize Mustard oil at least once every fortnight for obtaining optimal results.

The True Oils Mustard Oil is among the most highly recommended brand of Mustard oil for incorporating within a head massage.

Out of the two oils mentioned above, any would and has been known to do wonders with promoting not only relaxation but also hair growth when incorporated into a head massage.

Head Massage Techniques

head massage techniques

The techniques utilized within any head massage depends upon the experience one may have with giving massages themselves.

Trained professionals will fully be aware of the specific kinds of strokes and the amount of pressure to place upon various areas of the scalp. 

If you intend on giving yourself a massage without proper training and wish to know about some of the basic techniques utilized, then keep on reading!

To start off, one must always use slow, gentle strokes when delivering a head massage. On the scalp, it is mostly slow movements rather than vigorous massage strokes which promote optimal relaxation as well as an eventual increase of blood flow.

Once a slow pace has been maintained, the massage can take up repetitive circular motions via the tips of the fingers going up and down the scalp in laps.

For those who suffer from dandruff or a relatively dry scalp, it is best to utilize essential oils for fully nourishing the scalp as well as preventing any discomfort from being caused due to dryness while the massage is taking place.

As you move towards the upper portion of the scalp/head, you can utilize relatively deeper massage circular motions with the help of your thumbs. This one particular style is what helps with fully optimizing blood circulation reaching the hair follicles.

Head Massage Benefits

head massage benefits

Head massages especially when delivered by a professional within the field on a regular basis can have some various benefits for those at the receiving end of the massage. Benefits such as those I have listed within this post are just a few out of the numerous that are delivered via head massage therapy; which is why it has been prevalent for centuries.

With the help of repetitive motions, the scalp receives a higher, more enhanced level of blood circulation. Increase in blood circulation, as a result, enhances the oxygen as well as nutrients being delivered to the scalp; therefore, stronger and healthier hair growth is promoted.

As mentioned above, once the blood flow increases, the Lymphatic flow automatically also increases as a result of which any accumulation of toxins that may have been present is eliminated.

In cases where the head massage is accompanied by the utilization of nourishing hair oils, such as Coconut or Mustard hair oil, dry or flaky scalps can as a result of the massage be cured.

Even if you opt for a dry head massage, repetitive motions aids in the distributions of your natural scalp oils evenly; therefore, adding shine and moisture in the hair to prevent it from damage and breakage.

As per some studies conducted, an average of a 3-minute head massage when received on a regular basis can aid with decreasing blood pressure levels as well as balancing out the heartbeat; therefore, reducing strain or stress within the body.

Regardless of whether it is hair growth you wish to achieve via traditional methods or sheer relaxation, head massages have you fully covered with a range of specialized techniques passed down from decades as well as a vast number of physical benefits. Head massages are a must try!

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