Giantex Portable Massage Chair Review

Portable massage chairs are most commonly utilized in spa centers or salons that provide massage therapy sessions to clients; yet, it is not the only place where such nature of portable massage chair can be found.

Professional massage therapists or those aspiring to be whom of which provide at-home massage services to their clientele can also be found owning several of portable massage chairs.

Giantex Portable Lightweight Massage Chair

The most dominant features of such massage chairs include their highly mobile body frame which can be disassembled via much ease as well as the fact that they are utilized as an accessory for massage therapists rather than the transmitter of massage itself.

Just like regular massage chairs; however, prior evaluation and research need to be carried out for ensuring that clients are delivered a comforting experience.

The Giantex Portable Lightweight Massage Chair is among the most commonly purchased portable massage chairs, a comprehensive review of it can be found below if you are interested in knowing more regarding the features it offers, etc.

Giantex Portable Light Weight Massage Chair
  • 1. The massage chair with compact and foldable flat design along with a carrying bag makes it space-saving and easy for...
  • 2. Ergonomic adjustable armrest, seat, chest pad and head support, super versatile for changing positions and fit for...
  • 3. The simple and modern style of the chair perfectly matches different settings of the shops or houses, ideal for personal...

Advanced Space-saving Design

Professional massagers prefer portable massage chairs whom of which create the least hassle for clients as well as themselves, particularly in cases where home-massage services are provided.

The Giantex Portable Lightweight Massage Chair is specially framed and manufactured with a design structure which makes it extremely lightweight, as well as easy to assemble and disassemble in minimal time.

Alongside the factors of easy portability, the Giantex Portable Lightweight Massage Chair’s frame is manufactured as such to take up minimalistic space. Its space-saving design helps with fitting the portable massage chair even in tightly spaced rooms.

The reclining function; therefore, can effectively be utilized without any disruption caused due to insufficient backspace.

Manually Adjustable

Another great feature of the Giantex Portable Lightweight Massage Chair is that all core parts such as the ergonomic armrest, head-support, chest pad, footrest along with the main seat can all be manually adjusted about their positioning.

Manual adjustment works well with trying out versatile positions to be able to deliver an optimal massage experience.

The feature of adjustment also further provides user convenience by allowing owners to be able to adjust the portable massage chair length, in accordance to their clients body-frame, to avoid discomfort being caused.

PU Leather Upholstery

PU is a type of synthetic leather which mimics the feel as well as the outlook of genuine leather yet costs relatively cheaper. The Giantex Portable Lightweight Massage Chair consists of upholstery covered via PU leather to provide durability along with affordability.

PU was also specifically chosen to increase convenience for owners of the Giantex Portable Lightweight Massage Chair by making it not only water resistant but also oil-proof. Any stain marks as a result or grease from oil can easily be wiped off with a mild detergent without a problem.

The feature of being easy to clean; therefore, prevents the Giantex Portable Lightweight Massage Chair from looking old even after long-term usage.

Durable Frame

The material with which the frame of a portable massage chair is made is also considered as its foundation. It is of the utmost importance that an active material is chosen as the foundation to not only prolong shelf-life but also effectively be able to provide a consistent up-hold under clients of all body-frames.

The Giantex Portable Lightweight Massage Chair features a body-frame manufactured with Aluminium which is further upgraded with powder-coating to be able to deliver ultimate strength.

Soft Cushioning

The Giantex Portable Lightweight Massage Chair has 2inch soft foam padding placed on all core areas such as the seat, the headrest, the chest-rest along with the armrests and the foot rests. Such extensive padding is provided to be able to deliver utmost comfort to those that lay on it.

Compact Structure

To aid in enhancing portability, the Giantex Portable Lightweight Massage Chair features total product measurements of 30 inches long x 19 inches width x 45 inches height. The total weight of the portable massage chair does not exceed 20 pounds, making it extremely lightweight and easy to carry around by owners.

Pros and Cons of the Giantex Portable Massage Chair

Things I Liked

  • The Giantex Portable Lightweight Massage Chair can be easily assembled without needing any tools; therefore, provides optimal convenience to owners when taking it from one place to another.
  • The massage chair can be disassembled and fit into a carry-bag which is delivered for-free alongside the portable massage chair.
  • The headrest can be adjusted to any positioning, as well as completely removed if need be.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • PU leather ensures that no water or oil can seep into the foam padding below, and makes cleaning the Giantex Portable Lightweight Massage Chair very easy.

Things I Disliked

  • The zipper of the carry bag sent along with the portable massage chair broke during the very first usage; therefore, the carry-bag itself is not too durable.


The Giantex Portable Lightweight Massage Chair is an excellent massage chair for its price; it can provide portability due to a compact, lightweight structure; yet, its aluminum construction delivers optimal strength and durability.

I would take caution though when placing clients above the 300pound weight mark even though according to the manual the chair can take up to 350 pounds but I believe it is best to be cautious.

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