Ficmax Gaming Chair Review

Work regardless of whether it is at the home-office or the workplace can always pay a toll upon many resulting in low work efficiency levels as well as productivity.

To overcome such issues, many opt for purchasing office massage chairs which serve the purpose of being a compact, easily movable office chair as well as have certain features of a massage chair to help promote relaxation even in a stressful environment for users.

Ficmax Swivel Gaming Ergonomic Racing Style PU Leather Office Massage Chair

The category as mentioned above of massage chairs whom of which are particularly meant to be kept in work spaces has several distinct features including the fact that they cost comparatively lower than other types of massage chairs found within the market.

The Ficmax gaming chair is among the many office massage chairs available for prospective buyers.

A detailed review of the Fixmax gaming chair can be read below:

Ficmax Gaming Chair
  • BUILT FOR COMFORT - Our leather office chair is built for long-lasting comfort. Wider than the average desk chair, and easily...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Designed with human-oriented ergonomic construction, users have full mobility whether you’re gaming,...
  • BIFIMA QUALITY-CERTIFIED - Our chairs pass all components of the BIFIMA certification, and are a reliable and sturdy option...

Large Cushioning for Better Comfort

Perfect for being utilized after a long day of work or even during the stress of work, the Swivel Gaming Racing Style Office Chair by Ficmax ensures comfort to be delivered to users via a relatively larger cushioning area provided to users.

Both the primary cushioning along with the back support cushions are specifically designed to provide consistent levels of accommodation to users of all body-types and frames.

Alongside extensive cushioning area, the Swivel Gaming Racing Style Office Chair by Ficmax specially designed the cushions used, with a comprehensive level of padding to ensure comfort for users.

The extensive cushion coverage area when merged with enhanced levels of padding, work together to be able to support the body of users with utmost consistent tranquility adequately.

Effective Massaging Function

Costing users less than $200, the Swivel Gaming Racing Style Office Chair by Ficmax has integrated within massage motors which generate vibration motions as a form of massage therapy. The massaging motions are specifically targeted towards the lower back of users.

Massaging motions when mainly focused on the lower Vertebrae help with eliminating any strain or tension trapped within; as a result, relaxing nerves and enhancing blood circulation to all parts of the body.

The Swivel Gaming Racing Style Office Chair by Ficmax is; therefore, ideal for prospective buyers whom of which wish to attain comfort while working as well as relieve chronic back pain issues via the vibration massaging motion.

Tilting Technology

To make sure that users are not discomforted by having to sit upright all the time, Ficmax integrated The Swivel Gaming Racing Style Office Chair with the ability to tilt till a 180-degree positioning. Capacity to recline and tilt manually, per user's wishes further enhances recovery within the lower back of users, particularly those that are subject to chronic back pain.

A reclined position helps to some extent with balancing the body weight of users; therefore, shifting the strain focus from the Vertebrae to other parts of the body resulting in comfort for users.

Manually Adjustable Footrest and Armrest

To be able to deliver consistency during the massage functions to various users, The Swivel Gaming Racing Style Office Chair is incorporated with the ability to be adjusted to accommodate various body-frames manually.

The armrests of the massage chair alongside the footrest can be elongated or shortened under each body type of users.

Those above; as a result, avoids users of differing body frames to be subject to any discomfort caused by The Swivel Gaming Racing Style Office Chair.

Stable Foundation

Since The Swivel Gaming Racing Style Office Chair includes core features such as vibration as well as the ability to tilt to a nearly 180-degree, it is essential for the massage chair to have a balanced and a strong base to avoid from toppling over.

Ficmax, the manufacturers of this particular massage chair, as a result, utilised heavy-duty castors during the creation of the base to provide optimal stability to users.

Another great advantage of creating a strong and a stable base via castors allows users of up to 300-pounds being able to utilize the chair for achieving relaxation and comfort.

Pros and Cons of the Ficmax Gaming Chair

Things I Liked

  • The pricing of the office massage chair is highly economical; therefore, a vast majority of prospective massage chair buyers can opt for this product to be kept in their offices.
  • The Swivel Gaming Racing Style Office Chair by Ficmax weighs only 55 pounds, making it incredibly easy for users to move around.
  • Although the office massage chair comes unassembled, it is delivered with an easy to follow instructional manual as well as essential tools for assembling the chair.
  • The customer service provided for this massage chair was exceptional.

Things I Disliked

  • The massaging function is a little impractical since the cord of the motor needs to be attached to the USB port and can cause minor discomfort when the wire gets in between.
  • Vibration motions are the only form of massage integrated within this particular massage chair.
  • Only a one-year limited warranty is provided with the Swivel Gaming Racing Style Office Chair by Ficmax.


The Swivel Gaming Racing Style Office Chair by Ficmax would be ideal for prospective buyers whom of which wish to purchase the cheapest office massage chair there is within the market.

I would recommend buyers with a relatively higher price budget to opt for other massage chairs available since this one, in particular, has its massaging feature limited only to vibrating motions which can eventually prove to be dissatisfactory.

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