Why Should You Drink Water Before and After Having a Body Massage?

The human body consists of 75% water; therefore, among the most commonly used phrases before and even after a massage session by professional massage therapists to their clients is regarding the consumption of a sufficient intake of water.

For those of whom are already accustomed to getting frequent massages will know the painful consequences may follow if the advice of massage therapists regarding the intake of water is not observed.

A more detailed overview regarding the importance of proper hydration prior as well as post Massage Therapy can be found within the content below:

Hydration Essential Before Massage Therapy

Healthy, hydrated muscles, as well as tissue within the body, can be identified through touch by professional massage therapists whom of which have extensive experience.

A hydrated body feels spongy as well as supple, when dehydrated though, the muscle tissue becomes tough or tight. The tightness leads to decreased blood-circulation around the area which lowers levels of lymphatic drainage being carried out for the necessary eradication of toxins or metabolic waste from the human body.

The buildup of waste within the body can lead to worsening the initial issue for which Massage Therapy was sought, rather than improving or curing it.

Hardened muscle tissue is eventually converted into fibrous adhesions, which most often results in intense pain being caused during a Deep-tissue Massage session.

The build-up of wastage can also lead to more adverse consequences since the immune systems weaken and become more prone to viruses or infections.

Massage Therapists, in particular, are trained to locate ‘sore’ or ‘tension’ knots within the body. Once the problematic zones within the client’s body are found, particular massage combinations are utilized for promoting the blood circulation.

Once the blood begins transferring blood and oxygen into the hardened muscle tissues, water which is transported through blood circulation helps with removing toxin and waste buildup; therefore, causing dehydration.

When water intake, before a Massage Therapy session, is low, clients may feel light-headed or even in extreme cases may be subject to nausea. 

An aggregate of 2 liters of water is considered as the average daily intake, on the day of a Massage Therapy session, additional water intake should be opted for, to efficiently excrete any toxins trapped within muscle adhesions without getting dehydrated.

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The Importance of Intake of Water Post-Massage Therapy

For Constant Eradication of Toxins

Drinking water, after a Massage Therapy session, is just as crucial as intake of water before it, for optimal effectiveness.

Following a full-body massage session, regardless of whether it is ‘Swedish Massage’ or a ‘Deep-tissue Massage’ both aid in redirecting an enhanced blood-flow.

Through the constant removal of the toxin with the assistance of regularized blood-flow, water levels tend to drop within the body.

The intake of at least 80 oz of water is advised by professional massage therapists, to help the continuous flow of toxins being removed from the body, if such is not done, the redirected flow may decrease, and waste may relocate itself within muscle tissue once again.

For Effective Functioning of the Kidney

To make up for the continually decreasing water levels, it is; therefore, essential to drink water even after the Massage Therapy session has ended.

Within the human body, it is the kidney which processes the blood to purify it, and for all human anatomy organs, a hydrated body is essential for regular bodily functions to take place.

To Avoid Nausea or Lightheadedness

Specifically, in cases of Deep-tissue Massage Therapy, lightheadedness can very often be caused when muscle adhesion's are being removed, and not enough water is infused into the bloodstream or the cells of clients due to dehydration.

It can; therefore, be deduced that the need for replenishing the body’s supply of water prior and post individual massage therapy sessions is essential to not only enhance the beneficial effects of the massage session but also to keep the functionality of the body uninterrupted.

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