How Does Chair Massage Therapy Help People with Paralysis?

Paralysis can happen to just about anyone at any particular point in their life, which is why it is necessary always to be aware of it as well as ways by which it can be recovered from to some extent via non-conventional methods.

Damage to the nervous system as a result of a Spinal cord injury, a stroke or other causes such as ALS, Parkinson’s disease, etc. can result in subtle or even severe cases of paralysis.

So does massage therapy really help paralysis? The short answer is ‘YES’.

To know more about unconventional methods such as massage therapy for aiding patients who have paralysis then keep on reading. 

Muscle Regeneration

If the paralysis caused is done so as a result of inflammation or swelling generated as a result of a stroke then massage therapy over a gradual period can aid significantly with regaining natural body motion and movement.

Specialized motion movements of a Deep-tissue massage can efficiently penetrate the anatomy of patients and aid in loosening up tension-knots or strain trapped within the muscles.

With the help of active bodily stretching as well as deep-tissue massage strokes, blood circulation will increase; therefore, aiding in enhancement in the sense of proprioception.

Increased Blood Circulation

massage therapy increases blood circulation

Improved blood circulation levels were time and again seen within patients subject to a gradual massage therapy plan executed via professional masseuse within the field.

A Swedish massage incorporated with specific motions which may best suit the patient, not only helps with decreasing inflammation of the body due to its subtle stokes but also enhances the blood circulation process by relaxing previously compressed nerves within the anatomy. 

Increased Release of Endorphins

It has been stated that massage Therapy, when delivered with the help of a professional masseuse, has been most commonly known to increase the levels of Endorphins as well as Serotonin being released into the anatomy.

Also known as the ‘happy cell,’ Endorphins help with lowering the levels of depression as well as anxiety being felt by patients as a result of paralysis.


A more relaxed psychological state of mind can as a result aid with enhancing the general well-being of the body as well as the healing capabilities of the anatomy itself.

The points listed above are just a few out of the many advantages as well as benefits massage therapy via a professional can deliver to patients who have paralysis, regardless of whether from a Spinal injury or a stroke.

Reduction of pain, strong mental health and increased self efficacy are also stated to be among the core benefits massage therapy has to offer paralysis patients. 

Care must be taken; however, with choosing the massage therapist to hire, only the most experienced professional within the industry should be opted for to ensure that the healing objective preset in the patient's mind is gradually met.

Consultation with your medical practitioner or doctor should be done before beginning massage therapy as a form of recovery or healing from paralysis to obtain the best advice on the matter.

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