Do Massage Oils Work?

When you dim the lights, switch off the cell phone and spend a few minutes massaging your body with essential oils or when you meditate with various sweet scents like tea tree oil or lavender, they are generally known as enjoyable experiences.

And there are many shreds of evidence that prove the fact that these practices are legitimately beneficial for the health. Hence, it is safe to say that massage oils actually work and they bring along countless benefits. 

There are various essential oils, and each of them comes with multiple properties and different chemical compositions.

Most of them are natural and have zero side effects. We sometimes get asked about the best massage oils or gels so here I have a rundown of the most amazing massage therapies and oils that work amazingly well.

aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy is one of the most famous massage therapies in the spa these days. It is available everywhere on today’s date and is probably one of the most comfortable therapies out there.

In this treatment, various massage oils are mixed. Almond oil, jojoba oil, and lavender oil are mostly mixed. A customized blend of luxurious oils makes everything exceptionally fantastic for you.

Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint Massage Oil by Bath & Body Works is the best one that you can get for aromatherapy. It can help you with getting your muscles relaxed and is specifically great for physical stress.

Deep Tissue Massage 

deep tissue massage

This is another amazing massage therapy that includes firm pressure and slow strokes to reach a more profound layer of muscles.

Deep tissue massage is used to heal the body aches and contracted areas, for example, neck stiffness, low backache, sore shoulders, etc. Deep tissue massage is the perfect cure for issues like fibromyalgia pain, tennis elbow, and sciatica.

Prossage Heat Warming Relief Massage Oil is an ideal option for deep tissue massage; it is the best solution for all the chronic pains and ailments. From the rate of absorption to the scent and texture, it is a phenomenal massage oil and works like magic!

Shiatsu Massage

thai massage vs classical massage

Shiatsu massage was originated in Japan, and it was invented by traditional Chinese medicine. The word ‘shiatsu’ means ‘finger pressure,’ and this is the technique behind this massage therapy. In this therapy, pressure points of the body are targeted.

When the pressure is applied, the immune system of the body is stimulated, and that is how it provides relief not just to the body but the mind as well.

The Masculine Amber Massage Oil by Shiatsu is a remarkable massage oil for this therapy. It can help in restoring and maintain the energy of the body, it can improve the circulation, and it can help those dealing with insomnia. Shiatsu massage is an ideal remedy for people living with arthritis.

Massage therapies can work wonders for you but make sure to select the massage oil wisely. The massage oil that you choose can make or break your overall experience. Also, take care of the scent when choosing the massage oil; it is another significant factor that is going to affect your massage practice.

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