Top 4 Daiwa Massage Chairs to Experience the Real-World Luxury

In a hurry? Here's our top Daiwa massage chair recommendations:

Daiwa Massage Chair Extended L-Shaped Track Massage Chairs Legacy Massager...
Daiwa Massage Chair Inversion Stretch Massage Chairs Relax 2 Zero 1.0 (Black)
Daiwa Massage Chair Majesty Space-Saving Design Lounger (Chocolate)
Daiwa Massage Chair Luxury Space-Saving Design Massage Lounger with Bluetooth...
Daiwa Massage Chair Extended L-Shaped Track Massage Chairs Legacy Massager...
Daiwa Massage Chair Inversion Stretch Massage Chairs Relax 2 Zero 1.0 (Black)
Daiwa Massage Chair Majesty Space-Saving Design Lounger (Chocolate)
Daiwa Massage Chair Luxury Space-Saving Design Massage Lounger with Bluetooth...
Daiwa Massage Chair Extended L-Shaped Track Massage Chairs Legacy Massager...
Daiwa Massage Chair Extended L-Shaped Track Massage Chairs Legacy Massager...
Daiwa Massage Chair Inversion Stretch Massage Chairs Relax 2 Zero 1.0 (Black)
Daiwa Massage Chair Inversion Stretch Massage Chairs Relax 2 Zero 1.0 (Black)
Daiwa Massage Chair Majesty Space-Saving Design Lounger (Chocolate)
Daiwa Massage Chair Majesty Space-Saving Design Lounger (Chocolate)
Daiwa Massage Chair Luxury Space-Saving Design Massage Lounger with Bluetooth...
Daiwa Massage Chair Luxury Space-Saving Design Massage Lounger with Bluetooth...

Are you tired of the usual names within the Massage Chair market sphere? Do you seek to break the monotonous trend of opting for different massage chair models manufactured by the same brand name every time, time and again?

If your answer to both of the questions above is ‘yes’ then let me tell you, you are at the right place at the right time, my friend. 

Being a massage chair enthusiast, I feel as though it is time to review and talk about a relatively unknown along with a newer name in the Market.

daiw massage chair

As the market sphere along with the massage chair demand is continuously increasing, so are the number of competing manufacturers, with the aim of winning the liking and the loyalty of the targeted audience.  

While in search of trying out massage chair models manufactured from relatively new names, I came across “Daiwa”. A highly promising name, which is why I chose to dedicate this entire post on comprehensively reviewing the top most Daiwa massage chairs available in the global market.

daiwa massage chairs

Before I get right into the core of the review, I will start by discussing a little about Daiwa itself as a manufacturer.

Based in Japan, the word ‘Daiwa’ means ‘Harmony’. While the manufacturers themselves strive to deliver an optimal most level of a therapeutic massage experience via enhancing body harmony along with body wellness.

Daiwa ensures the utilization of professionals within the field of massage therapy to ensure that only the most cutting-edge advanced techniques, and technology, are incorporated within each Daiwa manufactured massage chair.

Another feature which I was able to notice regarding the Daiwa Massage Chairs is that they are relatively quicker with introducing newer, more upgraded versions to the public than other competitors within the industry.

Daiwa utilizes a manufacturing process which only involves in-house manufacturing and assembly for absolute quality control, without the aid of any third-party involvement.

Without any further adieu, let’s get into reviewing the models, shall we!

Best Daiwa Massage Chair Reviews [2021]

1. Daiwa Massage Chair Legacy Massager Lounger
  • EXTRA LONG L-SHAPED MASSAGE TRACK runs 49 inches from shoulders to hamstrings. Typical chairs only offer the s-shaped massage...
  • SPECIAL HEAT THERAPY in lumbar region helps ease tension in joints and sore muscles in lower back.
  • BODY SCANNING SYSTEM allows for your massage to contour to the spine curvature of each individual user. This 3D scan ensures...

What I truly love about the Daiwa Massage Chair Legacy Massager Lounger is it’s exceptionally long L-track integrated within the seat, initiating a massage experience of an aggregate of 49” in length.

Alongside incorporating an L-track system, the massager further has an S-track roller working side by side the L-track for ensuring that all core acupuncture points within the Vertebrae are effectively targeted.  

For user convenience, the massage chair features an aggregate of 6 automatically preset massage programs each of which was designed with the help of medical practitioners for utmost efficiency.

Whereas, for users whom of which enjoy a more customized massage session, the allowance of creating manual massage programs is also offered by the Legacy Massage chair via five different massage motions to choose from.

For giving the Legacy a more classical touch, gentle rocking motions were also incorporated within as among the features for those users whom of which still prefer a good-old rocking chair.

Another unique feature about the Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair comes in the form of an extensive heat transmission coverage, which targets not only the Vertebrae but also the shoulders as well as the thighs of each user.

An easy to use remote control allows for optimal most convenience when maneuvering the functions of the massage chair regardless of whether opting for spot-massage treatment or even with trying out the full body stretches offered by the Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair.

The sheer number of airbags integrated inside the massage chair can be controlled as per their massage speed and intensity, as each airbag consists of 3 varying massage intensity levels catering the Vertebrae, shoulders along with the thighs of users.

Zero-gravity positioning aids with placing users in a stance which mimics that of astronauts right before shuttle takeoff, for optimal most blood flow in the body. The Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair goes a step ahead and has two, rather than the usual one zero-gravity positioning incorporated among the core functions.

For targeting the calves and the feet of users, tri-rollers are utilized merged with airbags, which when combined can deliver a massage experience which works best in alleviating tiredness along with strain for optimal most circulation.

Lastly, Bluetooth technology merged with high-tech speakers help with providing a profoundly relaxing experience by allowing users to listen to their desired choice of audio while enjoying their massage experience on the Daiwa Legacy Massage Chair Lounger.

2. Daiwa Massage Chair Inversion Stretch Massage Chairs Relax 2 Zero 1.0
  • Zero-gravity body positioning, air bag technology, and super-long massage strokes are just a few highlights of the luxurious...
  • Set the chair into its zero-gravity position to remove all stress on the muscles and experience a weightless sensation. An...
  • This chair also features soothing heat and low energy consumption. Perfect for any home! State-of-the-art massage lounger for...

What I seem to love most about the Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 1.0 Massage Chair is it’s highly advanced full-body scanner, designed to carefully analyze the body type of each user, along with adjust the massage nodes and massage tracks per each user.

Quad rollers aligned with S-track rollers can carefully target the Vertebrae as well as the surrounding muscles with a deep-tissue massage experience for enhancing blood-flow and eradicating strain trapped in the anatomy, to ensure a more balanced posture.

Heat transmitters inside the Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 1.0 Massage Chair target the lumbar area of the Vertebrae to aid with enhancing the effectiveness of the massage experience by increasing massage penetration levels.

A full-body Shiatsu Massage is also offered to each user, which aids in delivering a thoroughly rejuvenating massage experience to each user, while the heat transmission helps with relieving tension trapped in the body via soothing contracted muscles.

The concept of Acupuncture points originated from the Chinese forms of massage therapy, which mainly caters to enhancing the physical wellbeing and recovery process of a user.

Daiwa Relax 2 Zero 1.0 Massage Chair utilized the concept of targeting acupuncture points located in the legs along with the feet of users.

Rollers merged with airbags can deliver an optimal level massage experience to the feet of each user for not only enhancing blood-circulation but also for treating any spraint muscles or ankles effectively.

The body-weight of each user is over-all evenly distributed with the help of highly advanced zero-gravity positioning integrated into the mechanism of the Relax 2 Zero 1.0 Massage Chair.

Zero Gravity not only helps with the balanced distribution of weight but also enhances blood-flow by eliminating strain trapped in the anatomy.

3. Massage Lounger Daiwa Majesty Massage Chair
  • Extra-long 49” L-Shaped Massage Track runs from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the hamstrings.
  • 42 Massaging airbags give a full-body compression massage. 3D body scan adjusts the settings to fit your shape. Includes 18...
  • Reflexology foot massager, Bluetooth speakers, optional heating, and zero-gravity recline included.

What makes the Massage Lounger Daiwa Majesty Massage Chair truly special is how each user can manually adjust the shoulder massage pads by altering the width and adjust the length as per the arm length for an optimal massage experience.

Alongside the shoulders and arms, the range of the leg massagers can also be changed easily via a user-friendly remote for delivering a consistent massage experience to each user.

A sheer aggregate of 48 air-bags are integrated into the massage chair to ensure an extensive massage coverage area for delivering the optimal most level of massage standards. The compression and deflation of each airbag in harmony, helps significantly with the eradication of strain trapped inside tired muscles.

To further ensure relaxation and increase physical wellness, a total of two different zero-gravity positions are integrated into the massage chair for effectively balancing out the body posture and weight distribution.

Even in its reclined or Zero-gravity position, the Massage Lounger Daiwa Majesty Massage Chair only requires 3 inches of backspace from the wall; therefore, can be placed in relatively smaller rooms as well such as those found in urban-styled homes.

A sheer aggregate of 18 automatically preset massage modes are incorporated in the massage chair for providing users with a vast range of expert-designed massage programs.

Whereas, users are also given the leverage of designing their own desired massage sessions featuring different speeds, massage intensity, and massage motions.

An L-track roller can initiate a deep-tissue massage experience from the neck all the way till the hamstrings for the effective eradication of strain trapped in the body of each user.

A highly advanced 3D body scanner can automatically assess the body type of each user for ensuring that a consistent massage experience is delivered to each user, regardless of their tall, short, narrow or broad shaped body structure.

Zero-gravity positioning, particularly one which allows for a low stance and the other which raises the feet higher than the heart targets the Vertebrae and joints with lifting any uneven strain being placed upon the tenderloins.

Furthermore, an ultimate massage experience is delivered to each user with the help of dual-action rollers targeting the soles of the feet while airbags are aimed at massaging the calves and the ankles of users.

The shiatsu massage featuring the option of rotation to it, is what I love most about the Daiwa Pegasus Massage Chair since it is effectively able to relax the lower-leg muscles of users, ideal for those with a labor-intensive work routine.

Each deep-tissue massage roller integrated into the Daiwa Pegasus Massage Chair has an aggregate of five different massage intensity settings along with the ability to allow users to select from any of the five that they desire.

Each roller placed in the massage chair is aligned with an L-track roller system allowing a profoundly relaxing massage experience to begin from the nape of the neck, all the way to the lower thighs of users.

Highly advanced automatic massage settings are offered by the Daiwa Pegasus Massage Chair, including but not entirely limited to 3D revive, Shiatsu along with 3D breathe sessions while each user can also create manual massage programs as per their requirement.

An automatic body scanner allows for users of all body types to be catered with an optimally consistent level massage experience via adjusting each massage roller and massage airbag fit in the interior of the massage chair. A foot-extension further aids the automatic body scanner in fully catering users effortlessly, as per their body height.

The Daiwa Pegasus Massage Chair optimizes comfort via enhancing blood flow through massage motion penetration levels with the help of effective heat transmission surrounding the lumbar area.

Furthermore, audio speakers when connected via Bluetooth can help with creating an entirely soothing environment for each user.

Daiwa Massage Chair Benefits

daiwa massage chair benefits

We now reside in a world where our lives are over-run by work and invariably dominated by our busy daily schedules. It is; therefore, an arduous task to take out time to relax or allow the body to comfort itself or rid itself of strain/tension created within the anatomy.

Since centuries, massage therapy has been utilized as a form of de-stressing and riding the body of any imbalances both physically and psychologically.

But in today’s time, making visits to the spa for a massage session can be taxing, both financially along with on the daily schedule, which is why the massage chair economy within the market sphere is fully booming.

More and more of the population is now investing in the purchase of a regular massage chair to attain comfort and relaxation or even for enhancing the physical wellbeing of their anatomy. To know more about the benefits a regular massage chair has to offer, keep on reading.

Pain Alleviation

Pain alleviation or reduction of pain is among the most common benefits a massage chair has to offer users particularly those that utilize it on a relatively regular basis. Massage therapy has been time and again associated with the help of researches with releasing a higher percentage of Endorphins in the anatomy.

Endorphins are hormones released via the brain, known to create effects of relaxation, along with relieve pain being felt within the anatomy; therefore, soothing the body both physically and psychologically.

The utilization of a massage chair is thus, highly beneficial to particularly those that suffer from acute or chronic pains in the body.

Enhancement of the Immune System

Another significant benefit of opting for a therapeutic massage session on a regular basis is the improvement of the immune system. The overall development of the wellbeing may not be a direct benefit being offered; however, via the increase of endorphins and eradication of strain within the anatomy, relaxation can effectively be achieved.

A highly effective along with a reliable massage chair will effectively be able to eradicate strain when utilized over a regular basis; therefore, increase lymphatic flow which is vital for the elimination of toxins from the anatomy.

In the long-run, the effective stimulation of the lymphatic flow, further plays a role in enhancing the creation of White-blood cells; thus, increasing the physical and the psychological wellness or immune system of the anatomy.

Reduction of Stress

In today’s ever monotonous, yet dynamic work-based busy lives, never-ending stress can play a vital role in creating not only anxiety but in a majority of cases, can lead to a human suffering from chronic depression.

Although massages have not been scientifically proven to have cured depression; however, time and again, regular massage sessions have been linked with alleviating stress levels in the body, if not entirely eradicate it.

With the increased creation of Serotonin and the enhanced levels of Endorphins in the body, a drop in stress levels has been commonly linked with the decrease in depression or even anxiety being felt by regular massage chair users.

Serotonin is commonly found within medication known to address depression alongside  anxiety.

Improvement of Sleep

As aforementioned, regular massage sessions has been time and again known to play a role in increasing anatomy relaxation alongside, reduction of strain or stress being felt in the body.

Physical complications such as spasmed muscles or tension or even pressure trapped within the body can often lead to sleep deprivation and difficulty being faced while trying to sleep.

A massage chair, in this case, can work wonders, via not only easing the mind psychologically but also by the eradication of strain trapped within the muscles.

A more balanced body distribution along with enhanced blood-circulation places users in the perfect situation to enjoy improved sleep patterns via regular therapeutic massage sessions.

Daiwa Massage Chair Buying Guide

daiwa massage chair buying guide

Being a relatively new name in the industry, an expert like me, was confused about the models available in the market; therefore, the confusion felt by many new prospective buyers as to which model of Daiwa manufactured massage chair to opt for, is entirely understandable.

It is due to this confusion that I feel vital to include a buying guide section for prospective buyers whom of which are confused about the model which would best suit their needs.

As mentioned in a majority of my previously published posts, a massage chair which might suit me, may not necessarily satisfy your needs since the ultimate goal of why we purchased the massage chair may differ.

However, below mentioned you will still find many components, each of which should be kept in consideration in accordance with your individualistic needs, before purchasing a Daiwa Massage Chair model.

Without any further delays, let’s get to the core then, shall we!

The Budget

One feature common to Daiwa Massage Chairs including the models I have reviewed above is in the form of an expensive price tag. The relatively more hefty price tag featured by Daiwa manufactured massage chairs can prove to be a huge disadvantage for many prospective buyers with a budget of a lower price category.

The Daiwa Inversion Massage Chair line, for example, features models from between the $8000 to $9000, such as the Daiwa Inversion Relax 2 Zero Massage Chair which costs $8000 while the Daiwa L-Track based models range from $6000 and go until a whopping $9000 price tag, such as the Daiwa Legacy 3D Massage Chair which costs $9000.

So if its a price range of under $4000 massage chairs you are in search of, then I am afraid, Daiwa Massage Chairs is not the right option for you, my friend.

L-track or S-Track 

l shaped massage track daiwa massage chair

Daiwa Massage Chair models are categorized between their types; several may contain only an L-track aligned rollers while others may consist of S-track rollers. There are even models which merge both L and S-track rollers. Therefore, identifying the version which will best cater to your physical and psychological needs is vital.

An L-track roller initiates a deep-tissue massage experience which caters not only the Vertebrae but also the neck as well as the thighs of users.

While an S-track roller is designed to target acupuncture points present within the Vertebrae of users, for the effective eradication of strain trapped inside.

If you are a prospective buyer suffering from chronic backaches, then an S-track massage chair or one which integrates both S and L track rollers is what I would specifically advise.

One such example where both roller tracks are carefully merged in harmony is the Daiwa Legacy Massage Lounger. However, if it is an L-track Massager you are in seeking, then the Daiwa Majesty Lounger Massager is what I would recommend since it incorporates an extra long L-track roller for optimal most level of deep-tissue massage coverage via quad-rollers.

Automatic 3D Body Scanner

An automatic 3D body scanner is a vital component in any massage chair since it helps with ensuring that a consistent massage experience is delivered to each user regardless of whether they have a broad or a petite body-type.

The one advantage of Daiwa is that as manufacturers, they incorporate automatic body scanners in each of their massage chair models; therefore, ensuring utmost convenience.

The Daiwa Majesty Lounger; however, on the other hand, goes a step further by allowing users to be able to adjust the length of their arm pads as well as their leg pads as per their body requirement with just pressing a single button.

Featuring only the top-of-the-line features incorporated inside, Daiwa massage chairs can effortlessly deliver optimal most levels of massage satisfaction along with psychological relief.

However, Daiwa overall is a massage chair brand, I would only recommend to prospective buyers whom of which have a relatively moderate price budget due to the high-end cost-range of each model.

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