Best Cozzia Massage Chair 2020

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Cozzia Living Room 710 4D Massage Chair
Cozzia CZ-810 Zero Gravity Massage Chair - Black Color
Cozzia 6027 Robotic Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair Upholstery:...
Cozzia Living Room 710 4D Massage Chair
Cozzia CZ-810 Zero Gravity Massage Chair - Black Color
Cozzia 6027 Robotic Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair Upholstery:...
Cozzia Living Room 710 4D Massage Chair
Cozzia Living Room 710 4D Massage Chair
Cozzia CZ-810 Zero Gravity Massage Chair - Black Color
Cozzia CZ-810 Zero Gravity Massage Chair - Black Color
Cozzia 6027 Robotic Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair Upholstery:...
Cozzia 6027 Robotic Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair Upholstery:...

A relatively new as well as an uncommon name within the massage chair market sphere is that of Cozzia Massage Chairs.

Although not a conventional brand; yet, Cozzia features an array of different models within the market integrating elements which aid with fulfilling their motto of providing unparalleled services via pain relief as well as sheer relaxation. 

cozzia massage chair

If you consider yourself to be a prospective buyer as well as individually in search of non-conventional names among massage chair manufacturers, then Cozzia should be among your top choices.

To end your confusion regarding the Top 5 Cozzia Massage Chairs of 2020, keep on reading!

cozzia massage chair reviews
1. Cozzia Living Room 710 4D Massage Chair
  • Automatic Knee & Calf Adjustment Quick Access Buttons Embedded in Armrest One Touch Zero Gravity Position One Touch Lie-Flat...

What makes the Cozzia Living Room 710 4D Massage Chair truly special as well as idiosyncratic among other models is its highly advanced ability to readjust knee as well as calf massage placements via an active full body scan. Such alterations as per each users body aid with delivering an optimal massage experience.

An effective L-track rollers system helps the Cozzia Living Room 710 4D Massage Chair with targeting the neck of users all the way till the lower buttocks with the help of 3-inches each, deep-tissue massaging rollers embedded within.

Furthermore, an aggregate of 15 automatic massage settings is preset within the Cozzia Living Room 710 4D Massage Chair alongside 6 different massage motion each of which can be used to create numerous manual massage settings.  

For users whom of which enjoy a relatively subtle massage experience, a sheer total of 64 airbags are embedded within the Cozzia Living Room 710 4D Massage Chair, the massage intensity for each of which can manually be altered between 3 differing air-massage intensities.

For me, the one drawback of the Cozzia Living Room 710 4D Massage Chair came in the form of its bulky weight. The massage chair weighs a total of 322-pounds making it extremely bulky for users to move it around from one place to another without any additional help.

2. Cozzia CZ-810 Zero Gravity Massage Chair - Black Color
  • 6 Function Back Quad Roller Massager: Kneading; Tapping; Shiatsu; Clapping; Swedish and Rolling
  • Air Massage in the Neck Pillow; Shoulders, Upper and Lower Back
  • Air Massage in the Arms, Thighs and Seat

An aggregate of 6 highly specialized massage motions, including Kneading, Rolling, Tapping, Swedish, Clapping and Shiatsu embedded within each massage node is what I believe makes the Cozzia CZ-810 Zero Gravity Massage Chair worth its price. 

To optimize the massage experience being delivered to each user, airbags are embedded within the neck pillow alongside the shoulders as well as the upper back to fully target core areas of a users body which are most prone to trapped strain and tension points.

A total of 10 automatic massage settings embedded within allow users the option to be able to enjoy professionally preset massage sessions without having to go through the process of manually creating any settings when undesired.

Zero-gravity positioning allows users to be reclined in a strategic location which thoroughly aids in eradicating strain trapped within the anatomy of users via a highly user-friendly controller which delivers optimal convenience.

Moreover, automatic foot extensions allow users of varying heights to be able to attain similar massage standards regardless of their body type, specifically their height.

For such a luxurious chair like Cozzia CZ-810 Zero-gravity Massage Chair, what I do not like about it is that heating is only provided around the lumbar area; therefore, solely targets the lower back of users.

Such limited heat therapy can prove to be an inconvenience for those of whom which suffer from Vertebrae related chronic back problems.  

My most favorite feature of the Cozzia EC363E Shiatsu Massage Chair by far is its ability to be able to deliver a full body massage experience to users initiating from the neck and going all the way till the feet of users; therefore, optimizing comfort being offered.

Users of the Cozzia EC363E Massage Chair are also given the ability to manually alter the massage being given via selective massage targeting regardless of whether it is only the shoulder area users want to be massaged, or even the hips.

Alongside active massage nodes, heat therapy is also delivered via an easy to use the remote control as a result of which penetration levels are significantly enhanced.

Furthermore, to be able to cater users of varying body types as well as heights, the Cozzia EC363E Massage chair has embedded within a full body scanning system which allows for massage nodes to be adjusted as per the body placement of users for an optimal massage session.

The one aspect I; however, do not specifically like about the Cozzia EC363E Massage Chair pertains to the airbag massage around the ankles and calves being relatively painful and extremely discomforting, even though I prefer an intense massage experience. 

Aside from the drawback mentioned above, for me, the EC363E massage chair is an ideal choice and should be opted for by prospective buyers on a relatively moderate budget.

4. 6027 Robotic Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • Swedish Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Kneading, Clapping, Tapping, Rolling, Dual-Action, Vibration, Tri-action With 5 Levels Of...
  • Wireless Mini-Controller - Zero Gravity - One Touch Power Recline
  • Omni-Directional Air Pressure System - Back, Seat, Calves & Feet

One of the principal reasons behind why I recommend prospective buyers keep the 6027 Robotic Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair by Cozzia as among their top 5 options is the incorporated Omni-directional Air Pressure Massage System.

Specially designed with the advice of a professional masseuse within the industry, the Omni-directional Air Pressure Massage System helps with delivering a multi-directional massage targeted upon the body-part of desire by users.

Zero-gravity functioning embedded within helps with elevating the body of users and thus, placing them in an astronaut like position to best eradicate strain.

A highly advance one-touch power recline button is incorporated to allow utmost convenience for users, which allows for the chair to recline in the blink of an eye.

Users are furthermore able to alter the footrest and the back each of which can be adjusted independently as per the wish of users.

The Cozzia 6027 has an automatic body scanner which allows adjusting the massage rollers according to the body height as well as body width of each user.

Users can choose from an aggregate of 6 preset automatic massage settings each of which features different speed, intensity, and strength.

A stimulating air-massage is delivered to users via an aggregate of twenty-two airbags distributed evenly throughout the massage chair to attain optimal relaxation. To further enhance your massage experience, the lumbar area has an S-shaped back rail which entirely aids with perfectly contouring to the body of users.

Prospective buyers whom of which are highly furniture friendly may not prefer the extensive design and size of the Cozzia 6027, which can prove to be a disadvantage for some, especially those residing in urban-styled areas which feature relatively small rooms. 

5. Cozzia EC366 Leather Shiatsu Spa Massage Chair
  • Cozzia EC366 Leather Shiatsu Spa Massage Chair - Brown

The most striking feature of the Cozzia EC366 Leather Shiatsu Spa Massage Chair without a doubt has got to be its Caramel brown upholstery which is hugely appealing to the eyes. Such a vibrant; yet, comforting choice of upholstery makes the Cozzia EC366 stand-out significantly.

The Cozzia EC366 has embedded within an S-shaped backrest allowing to engulf as well as perfectly contour each users spine by being able to make automatic adjustments.

A sheer number of airbags integrated within the seat, calves and feet areas can effectively deliver an air pressure massage, which aids with subtly eradicating sore and aching muscles.

A total of five different manual massage motions are embedded within the EC366 including Shiatsu, Kneading, Swedish, Rolling, Tapping, and Dual-action.

Users via preset massage motions can create their own fully customized massage settings, while the option for choosing an automatic massage session is available for utmost comfort and convenience.

An active, user-friendly LED remote is placed strategically for easy access to users to ensure all functions are available at the touch of a finger without having to disrupt massage functions.

The relatively higher price range of the EC366 is what may prove to be a disadvantage for prospective buyers whom of which may not be able to cater to the higher cost of the massage chair.

For those of whom which have a moderate budget set for the massage chair, they intend on buying should opt for the Cozzia EC366 Leather Shiatsu Spa Massage Chair.  

Guide to Choose Cozzia Massage Chairs

how to choose cozzia massage chairs

Whether it is an amateur entering the market sphere of massage chairs or a PRO, it is of the utmost importance to be able to set specific elements as well as categories to ensure that you can limit the choices available as well as purchase the chair which best suits your needs.

If you are unsure of what it is I am talking about or are unable to pinpoint which Cozzia Massage Chair model will best suit your needs, then keep on reading!

The Purpose of Purchase

Ultimately, the purpose of any massage chair can be targeted down to two options, either for attaining relaxation after a tiring day or for enhancing recovery from injuries or even chronic aches and related conditions.

The idealistic factor I got to notice regarding each of the Top 5 Cozzia Massage Chairs I reviewed above pertains to the incorporation of heat transmitters within each of the models; making them an excellent choice for not only increased relaxation but also enhanced recovery.

For prospective buyers whom of which are in search of a massage chair to specifically aid with chronic back affiliated medical conditions then I would not recommend the Cozzia CZ-810 Massage Chair.

The Cozzia CZ-810 offers heat therapy only within the lower back area rather than target the entire vertebrae regardless of being categorized as being among the luxury massage chair models manufactured under Cozzia Massage Chairs. 

Whereas, the Cozzia Living Room 710 4D Massage Chair would be an ideal option for enhancing physical recovery via readjust knee as well as calf massage placements as well as a highly effective L-track system to entirely eradicate strain and tension trapped within the Vertebrae as well as the lower body of users.

The Decided Budget

The budget decided by each user or prospective buyer of a massage chair is what significantly influences the choices available within the market.

Cozzia Massage Chairs in specific manufacture models with feature an array of price ranges initiating from $1000 and going all the way to $7000 depending on the massage components embedded within. 

The Cozzia 6027 Robotic Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair as well as the Cozzia Living Room 710 4D Massage Chair are such examples of models whom of which lay within the relatively more expensive and a higher price range initiating from $4900; therefore, accommodating a moderate preset price budget.

Whereas for prospective buyers whom of which are in search of a Cozzia Massage Chair under $3000 may opt for the Cozzia 6027 Robotic Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Massage Chair which does a comparatively lesser number of massage features embedded within when in comparison with other more expensive Cozzia Massage Chair models.

Works ideally to deliver an active massage experience to users.

Swedish or Deep-tissue

Another aspect which needs to be taken into consideration by buyers is regarding whether they wish to purchase a massage chair which can deliver a relatively intense deep-tissue massage experience via active 3D rollers or give preference to a subtle massage experience similar to a full-body Swedish massage.

Although airbags are mostly known to deliver a subtle massage session; yet, Cozzia incorporates air-pressure massage intensities within manufactured models such as the  Cozzia EC363E Shiatsu Massage Chair which has embedded within a total of 3 varying air-pressure intensities and; therefore, may be too intense for several users to handle as per their liking.

It is best advised to carry out thorough research of the model which has been pinpointed for the purchase especially by going through customer feedback to best identify which Cozzia Massage Chair model may be able to cater your preferred massage type and intensity.

Common Problems with Cozzia Massage Chairs

problems with cozzia massage chairs

Although Cozzia is still considered as among the relatively newer brands within the Massage Chair Market sphere; yet, that has not stopped them from introducing an array of luxury massage chairs within the market which aid with delivering both relaxations as well as enhanced recovery depending upon the model purchased.

During my experience of utilizing the above listed Top 5 Cozzia Massage chairs as well as the research carried out via customer feedback, it has come to light that among the core disadvantages of prospective buyers opting for Cozzia comes in the form of poor customer service.

When buyers choose to pay $1000’s of hard earned cash on a massage chair, among their initial most expectation comes in the form of a comprehensive warranty delivered by manufacturers as well as utmost convenience via an effective customer-service. That; however, is what I believe to be lacking from Cozzia Massage Chairs.

Minimal warranty, that too of a limited standard is delivered to buyers along with many facing the issue of not being able to find spare massage chair parts in case of a breakdown due to Cozzia discontinuing old models.

One such example of a distraught customer of Cozzia Massage Chairs can be seen below.

cozzia massage chair review

Aside from this one issue, I genuinely believe that Cozzia in eventual time will be able to make its position among dominant massage chair manufacturers around the globe via their motto of delivering not only consistent optimal relaxation but also increased physical recovery via highly advanced massage features.

Frequent Asked Questions About Cozzia Massage Chairs

What is the warranty on Cozzia chairs?

Each of the Cozzia chairs has a different warranty, varying in standard and time-period.

What is the weight capacity of a Cozzia chair?

Cozzia Massage Chairs can safely hold up to 300 LBS.

How long has Cozzia been making massage chairs?

For over 20 years now.

Where are Cozzia chairs made?

Cozzia Massage Chairs are manufactured in Xiamen, China.

Where can I find my chair’s User Manual?

The manual is delivered alongside each Cozzia Massage Chair or can be found on the official website of Cozzia.

What If I experience a problem with my Cozzia chair?

Email: or call 877-977-0656 to speak to our customer service team.

How do I clean my Cozzia chair?

To clean your chair you should use simply dust/vacuum over the leather or even wipe via a mild cleaner. 


Incorporating comfort as well as all the essential components required for effectively enhancing recovery, the Cozzia Massage Chairs as a manufacturer is one I would definitely recommend to prospective buyers.

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