Can a Massage Chair Improve Your Health?

Massage therapy is an effective as well as a widely utilized form of pain alleviation, according to the American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society. 

Being passed on from decades ago, massage is used for either the promotion of recovery of physical healing or for merely delivering sheer relaxation.

Regardless of whether utilized for the former reasoning or the latter, massage, when received on a frequent basis, can be extremely beneficial for the human anatomy, for those more curious, mentioned below are major core health benefits delivered via massage therapy.

Relieves Pressure on the Spine 

A constant incorrect body posture, such as a continuous hunchback or any cases of a misaligned spine can often lead to compressed nerves within the back or the lower-back of individuals or even in severe cases, chronic back pains.

relieves pressure on the spine

A large number of core nerves of the human anatomy pass through the vertebrae into peripheral body parts; therefore, the pressure being placed upon the nerves can lead to some effects upon the functioning of the feet, toes, the hands, and fingers.

Massage therapy can; however, efficiently aid in reducing the pressure being placed upon the spine initially by loosening up strained muscles and secondary, by setting the spine in a zero-gravity positioning for the elimination of pressure.

Relaxes The Muscles

relaxes the muscles

Massage therapy consists of some specialized stokes as well as motions being incorporated into a session as per each's needs when being delivered by a professional masseuse.

Pressure-prone areas within the body are located, and a set of modified strokes are created to best deal with the problematic body areas/muscles effectively for loosening them as well as allowing for regularised blood flow to continue.

With the help of massage, when existing imbalances within the muscles are corrected via the decrease of strain/pressure trapped within, a better body posture, as well as enhanced mobility, can be attained.

Along with ensuring a better body posture, according to prior studies via clinical trials conducted, massage therapy has been known to relieve pain being experienced by women during their menstruation cycle as well.

Enhanced Levels of Endorphins 

Massage therapy time and again has been utilized as not only a form of reducing physical pain being felt but also enhancing psychological recovery via lessening the levels of anxiety or stress being experienced if not completely eradicating it.

Endorphins, also known as the ‘happy hormones’ are neurotransmitters that aid in decreasing the sensation of pain being felt by the body, or even the anxiety/stress within.

Massage therapy has been proven via various studies to have played a role in the increased secretion of Endorphins within the anatomy; therefore, significantly enhancing the immune system.

Aside from the above mentioned, massage therapy plays a significant role in overall enhancing the wellbeing of the human anatomy in cases where individuals are subject to receiving massages on a frequent basis. For those of whom which do not have the time nor the finances for making daily trips to the spa, a more efficient alternative can be in the form of a massage chair.

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