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9 Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs of 2020

Last updated: 11th January, 2020. If you are in search of purchasing a massage chair and have relatively low experience then let me tell you, a Shiatsu Massage Chair is one which you will come across everywhere all across the market sphere.What is a Shiatsu Massage Chair you may; however, ask, well let’s shed some detailed […]

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5 Best Massage Lotions of 2020

Last updated: 11th January, 2020.For all those at the giving as well as the receiving end of a massage session, the need for a source of lubrication to minimize friction between the hands of the masseuse and the client is an urgent requirement. While many would use oils for such a purpose, some clients prefer a […]

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3 Best Massage Chair for Tall People 2020

Last updated: 11th January, 2020. Being relatively on the taller side myself, I feel as though it is safe to say that tall individuals themselves have special needs too. By special needs what I specifically mean is that all tangible things such as clothes, shoes, the chairs we sit on have to be extra relatively large. The […]

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3 Best Pregnancy Massage Chairs 2020

Last updated: 11th January, 2020. I hear this question quite often “what is the best massage chair during pregnancy?”. I’m going to answer it THOROUGHLY in this post.Pregnancy is among the most miraculous milestones a woman can achieve, where new life is brought into the world over a, although wonderfully sentimental; yet, physically excruciating 8-9 months period. […]

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7 Best Titan Massage Chairs of 2020

Last updated: 11th January, 2020. If you have been a loyal customer of Titan, or are planning to opt for it, then let me tell you, this post is the idealistic place for you to be.  Mind you, when I talk about Titan, no, I am not referring to the assumed comic ‘rightful rulers of the […]

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