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Why Should One Drink Water Before and After Your Massage Sessions

The human body consists of 75% water; therefore, among the most commonly used phrases before and even after a massage session by professional massage therapists to their clients is regarding the consumption of a sufficient intake of water. For those of whom are already accustomed to getting frequent massages will know the painful consequences may follow […]

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Are there Any Side Effects of Massage Chair?

By side effects, if you mean to say ‘benefits’ then hell yes! I have been an advocate of massage chairs ever since I could remember, and this post is all about turning you, yes you, the reader into one as well. The concept of massage therapy has been present for decades, way before you and even […]

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How Does Sports Massage Therapy Benefits an Athlete?

According to studies carried out by McMaster University, situated within Canada, massage therapy can lead to an eventual growth of Mitochondria within the anatomy of receivers, leading to an enhanced level of muscle growth. Keeping the earlier mentioned benefit in mind, Sports Massage therapy was introduced as a form of replenishing and rejuvenating the bodies of […]

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Massage Chair VS. Real Human Massage

Massage as a form of physical as well as a psychological therapy has been commonly utilized for decades. Initially, massage therapy was only delivered via professionals or those qualified to be a masseuse.  However, with the growing technology of the world, massage chairs were brought into the sphere of massage therapy as a form of […]

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5 Tips to Reduce the Pain and Soreness After Massage

Have you ever experienced soreness after massage?Ironically, many whom of which are not aware of the basics of massage therapy will believe that a massage session may leave you feeling fully energized and rejuvenated immediately after the massage therapy, mainly if it is a Deep-tissue.  Well, let me pop the bubble here and say, that […]

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