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Reflexology VS. Massage Therapy – Advantages & Disadvantages

Before finalizing upon which form of therapy between Massage Therapy and Reflexology might best work for you and your body-type, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of both, along with their advantages as well as disadvantages. The content mentioned below; therefore, consists of all core details regarding both Reflexology and Massage Therapy, which […]

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Physiotherapy VS. Massage Therapy – Difference & Advantages

Restoring function as well as relieving pain from within the anatomy of clients are the two primaries; yet, common goals of Massage Therapy as well as Physiotherapy. Although variations do exist between the techniques incorporated into both the types of massages, they can; however, be combined to deliver patients with a full-service experience which relaxes […]

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Physical Difference Between Different Types of Massages

According to data collected by the AMTA through various studies conducted, an estimate of around 200 different massage techniques can be found in the world of massage therapy. Each method is specially designed to achieve a pre-set objective or assist in further promoting either recovery or relaxation.It was calculated that a sheer total of 300 […]

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How Does Sports Massage Therapy Benefits an Athlete?

According to studies carried out by McMaster University, situated within Canada, massage therapy can lead to an eventual growth of Mitochondria within the anatomy of receivers, leading to an enhanced level of muscle growth.Keeping the earlier mentioned benefit in mind, Sports Massage therapy was introduced as a form of replenishing and rejuvenating the bodies of […]

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Why Should One Drink Water Before and After Your Massage Sessions

The human body consists of 75% water; therefore, among the most commonly used phrases before and even after a massage session by professional massage therapists to their clients is regarding the consumption of a sufficient intake of water.For those of whom are already accustomed to getting frequent massages will know the painful consequences may follow […]

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How Often Should You Get a Massage

According to studies conducted by AMTA, the American Massage Therapy Association, an estimate of 50% of the American adult population whom of which received massages between the periods of July 2015 till July 2016, did so primarily to alleviate medical pains or conditions associated with physical health.Out of the research conducted a sheer 89% of […]

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