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Can I Use a Massage Chair as a Computer/Office Chair?

Within this technologically advanced world, massage chairs have boomed with the market due to not only the sheer amount of convenience they have to offer their users but also because of the vast number of benefits being delivered to the human anatomy when utilized on a regular specialized basis.  Due to the continued popularity among the […]

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Are there Any Side Effects of Massage Chair?

By side effects, if you mean to say ‘benefits’ then hell yes! I have been an advocate of massage chairs ever since I could remember, and this post is all about turning you, yes you, the reader into one as well. The concept of massage therapy has been present for decades, way before you and even […]

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Massage Chair Advice – What Makes a Good Massage Chair

Massage chairs have taken over the global market, according to the American Massage Therapy Association, massage therapy alone was a $16 billion industry within the United States of America.  So, if you have found yourself skimming through this page, then it is safe to say that you have been lately contemplating about either purchasing a […]

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Head Massage – Tips, Techniques, and Benefits

Originating from the tradition of Indian family grooming, the Indian Head massage can be dated back to a practice which was prevalent even a thousand years ago. The practice of an Indian Head Massage consists of the utilization of a mixture of pure essential oils merged within the process of massaging the head of both […]

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Best Massage Techniques for Stroke Patients

With the National Stroke Awareness month coming up, three months from now, in May, I took out the time to specifically dedicate this post to explaining as well as discussing the advantages as well as the best massage techniques suitable for stroke patients. If you wish to know more, keep on reading! A stroke is caused […]

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Does Massage Therapy Help Paralysis?

Paralysis can happen to just about anyone at any particular point in their life, which is why it is necessary always to be aware of it as well as ways by which it can be recovered from to some extent via non-conventional methods. Damage to the nervous system as a result of a Spinal cord […]

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