BestMassage Chairs 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Can’t make up your mind regarding which BestMassage massage chair model to opt for? Would you prefer for an expert to help you make the correct decision in your final massage chair purchase? Well then, you have come to the right place.

With the objective of providing high-quality massage chairs, BestMassage manufactures therapeutic massage chairs which not only incorporate high-end massaging features; but, I specifically have noticed and experienced, are also tagged under relatively more affordable price ranges. 

To aid you in your treasure hunt for the ideal BestMassage chair, I have solely dedicated this particular post to discuss the top 8 BestMassage massage chairs of 2019 to help you with finalizing upon the one that best suits your needs.

BestMassage Chairs 2019

BestMassage Chair Brand Reviews

bestmassage massage chair reviews
The BestMassage EC-06 Massage Chair

What indeed makes the EC-06 worth the money paid for it is its additional heat transmitted embedded not only within the main seat but also embedded within the footrest to deliver an optimal relaxing massage experience.

An aggregate of 4 automatic massage settings or programs are incorporated into the massage chair each of which is specialized explicitly in either of the following; recovery, refresh, relief as well as relaxation.

Users can also maneuver between manual massaging motions to allow the convenience of creating a combination of their customized massages as per their mood and requirement.

A neck massage is delivered with the help of concentrated massage nodes each of which is located to target ‘Tsubo’ points within the neck.

A total of 20 airbags along with numerous rollers function together in harmony while also providing users with the convenience of altering the intensity and speed of the massage as per the user's wishes.

The main seat of the EC-06  along with its footrest can recline till a pre-set positioning via automatic reclining, for ensuring that any strain placed onto the Vertebrae of users can better be released while the seat efficiently massages the back in a well-contoured positioning.

The only prominent drawback of owning the EC-06 Massage Chair by BestMassage is that it weighs a whopping total of 300-pounds making it a highly arduous task of moving the massage chair around without any additional help on the side.

Features embedded within the BestMassage EC-06 Massage Chair are of high-quality and can deliver a profoundly relaxing massage experience; yet, many users have complained about the massage chair defaulting or seizing to stop function after only several months of daily usage.  

While I have not faced such a scenario with the BestMassage EC-06 Massage Chair, I would recommend caution being taken before purchasing this particular model.

The BestMassage EC-161 Massage Chair

If you ask me what it is that makes the EC-161 unique; I would tell you that it is the sheer massaging capability of the EC-161 taken a step further by increasing the massaging coverage provided by a total of 60% via capable airbags as well as rollers.

Efficient body scanning takes place with the aid of highly advanced OPTO sensors embedded within which can locate specific body parts successfully; therefore, delivering consistent massage standards to users of different body types.

The Vertebrae of users is efficiently targeted via heat-transmitters each of which functions to reduce, if not wholly eliminate any strain or tension trapped within the Vertebrae of users; therefore, efficiently correcting any unbalanced postures over time.

Relaxation, Refresh, Relieve and Recovery are among the standard automatically preset massage settings users can choose from along with the option to create several customized massage settings.

Furthermore, specialized zero-gravity positioning helps significantly with the recovery process of those that suffer from chronic back pains.

The BestMassage EC-69 Massage Chair

A variation of 5 different massage motions is offered to the users by the EC-69, each of which provides an extensive coverage not only on the main seat but also to the feet of users along with the calves.

User convenience is highly enhanced with the help of a color-coded remote control making the EC-69 of utmost ease for users to function without any difficulties.

A useful deep-tissue massage experience is delivered via power rollers, each of which is designed to efficiently loosen any tension points trapped within the body of users; therefore, making the EC-69 ideal for those suffering from chronic pains due to bad posture.

Users of the EC-69 can recline to either a preset position or even a manually set positioning via its ability to recline for balancing out any unstable strain being explicitly placed on the lower-back of users. The absence of a heating system embedded within did prove to be rather a bit disappointing.

What's the bottom line, well! For me, I would consider the highly affordable price of the EC-69 as its most prominent element, making it an excellent choice for those on a limited budget.

BestMassage EC-02 Massage Chair

A highly therapeutic massage experience is delivered to users of the EC-02 via active 3-D massage rollers. What I find unique about the EC-02 is its 3-D massage rollers which utilize a hand-like 3D motion under each selected massage programs; therefore, efficiently imitating the techniques of professional massage therapists from around the world.

For those of whom are seeking to purchase a massage chair which can deliver a robust and rigorous massage, then the BestMassage EC-02 should be considered.

A total of 4 preset massaging programs within the chair allows users to be able to select one which best suits them while avoiding the time-consuming inconvenience of creating a customized massage setting.

To cater the varying needs of users options to create fully customized massage settings are also provided to users by allowing them to alter the speed, timing, and intensity of the massaging motions along with the level of recline for optimal convenience and comfort.

Zero-gravity positioning places the entire body of users at an angle which imitates that of astronauts right before space shuttle takeoff. Such a specialized positioning helps with lifting any strain that may be trapped within the body of users to increase circulation.

The one drawback I would like to point out here for prospective buyers is that the EC-02 is only able to accommodate users below the 5’8 height frame comfortably.

The BestMassage Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair

What makes the BestMassage Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair special is its incredibly sleek outlook featuring a space-saving design, via which users can move around the chair with utmost ease as well as place it in relatively smaller or tighter rooms.

A total of 2 manual massage motions are embedded within the massage chair which can be utilized on their own by users, or users can also opt for a massage setting from a total of 2 automatically preset programs as per their mood or massage objective.

For a massage chair which costs users less than $500, I was impressed with finding a built-in Bluetooth allowing users to play music or their choice of audio via high-quality 3D speakers embedded within the massage chair for further enhancing the therapeutic experience.

Below the armrest, an easy-to-use control pad is strategically placed so that users can easily maneuver the functioning of the massage chair without having to go through the inconvenience of disrupting their massage to reach out for the remote elsewhere.

Due to its highly compact design, the BestMassage Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair is unable to accommodate users effectively, with a somewhat taller body frame which should be kept in consideration by prospective buyers.

The BestMassage EC-12 Massage Chair

What I found the most intriguing about the EC-12 is that when switched on, it instantaneously begins delivering a standard massage to users for getting the body accustomed to more complex massage motions/sessions. 

Embedded within the massage chair is an aggregate of 4 preset automatic programs, allowing users the convenience of choosing an already carefully, formulated massage program.

The blood-circulation is significantly increased by the ability of the EC-12 to recline automatically especially when merged with efficient heat generation via heat transmitters aimed at loosening tension knots created within the body of users.

The massage experience being delivered is enhanced all the more via massage nodes located under the buttocks, calves and thighs area of users providing improved massage coverage.

An aggregate of 30 airbags is embedded within, each designed to target core acupuncture points within the body if users specifically. While, the rollers integrated within the EC-12 can provide an in-depth tissue massaging experience initiating from the neck and rolling all the way vertically till the tailbone; therefore, delivering an ultra long range massage.

Although, the EC-12 itself weight a total of over 300-pounds which can be a significant issue when moving the chair around without additional help; yet, I would still highly recommend it due to its immense number of massage features being delivered to users.

The BestMassage EC-03 Massage Chair

The EC-03 has incorporated within it, vibrating motors embedded not only in the man seat but also extensively in the footrest which targets the calves, feet and the thighs; therefore, considerably increasing blood-flow via a vast massage coverage area.

The one feature which I find truly unique about the EC-03 pertains to the squeezing massage motions targeted explicitly at the feet of users delivers an extremely therapeutic massage effect.

Users of varying body-frames are effectively accommodated with the help of manual as well as automatic leg extensions situated within the foot-rest. Users also have a diverse number of options to choose from to create their own manually customized massage programs with not only different motions including tapping, chopping, kneading, etc. but also varying time-periods and intensities.

Automatically preset massage sessions are also integrated within allowing users to choose the one which best suits their specific massage objective. Each automatically preset massage program consists of varying combinations of already formulated massage motions, changing speeds, massage target spots as well as a massage period.

One of the disadvantages of the EC-03 is its hefty weight; however, can quickly be subsided considering its effectiveness with successfully eliminating tension knots within the body for enhanced healing and recovery, that too at such economic pricing.

The BestMassage E-190 Massage Chair

Possibly the best component about the E-190 would be hands-down its S-track rollers system incorporated with an ultra-long L-track technique whose massage initiates from the neck and reaches down all the way till the lower thighs.

The feet of users, when placed in a zero-gravity positioning, are individually relatively more alleviated than the main body for redirecting the blood-flow back towards the heart of users efficiently to enhance blood flow.

To deliver a full-body optimal massage experience, the calf rest along with the footrest can seamlessly be extended to cater to the desired height of users without jeopardizing the massaging experience.

Users can manually adjust the intensity of the massaging experience via 3-folded additional cushion which they can either keep attached to the massage chair for a subtle experience or by taking them off for more strengthened massaging motions.

Embedded within the E-190 is an aggregate of 78 air cells merged with an S-track roller system. Together, the air cells and the rollers work towards delivering a profoundly relaxing full-body massage experience to users which targets core acupuncture points along with areas of the body which are prone to trapping strain.

Furthermore, the calves along with feet massage settings are incredibly intense; therefore, ideal for relaxing the lower body of users.

Although the massage chair is extremely bulky and heavy, I would still recommend purchasing the BestMassage E-190 Massage Chair to those of whom which personally like an intense massaging experience.

BestMassage Brand

Astonishingly low and budget-friendly price ranges are commonly found to be distinctive features of chairs manufactured under BestMassage while at the same time being incorporated with highly advanced massaging features.

bestmassage brand

With the initial most priority to deliver optimal therapeutic massage experiences to users, high-quality commodities are utilized within BestMassage massage chairs for thoroughly satisfying customers, particularly those on a relatively tight budget.

Specific distinguishing factors of BestMassage which can be considered as particularly disadvantages for prospective buyers include a highly limited and short-lived warranty which is provided alongside their massage chair models, most commonly lasting only a year.

Another drawback comes in the form of the massage chairs being extremely heavy; therefore, additional help becomes a necessity when attempting to move the massage chair from one place to another.

Whether you consider yourself to be a prospective buyer searching to purchase a massage chair below the $500 limit, the $1000 price range or even below the $1500 pricing, BestMassage can cater all the earlier mentioned budget categories with ease.

Overall though, I consider BestMassage to be an excellent choice for those on a relatively tight price budget when looking to purchase massage chairs packed with a variety of different massage features.

BestMassage Buying Guide

bestmassage brand

Massage chair models manufactured under BestMassage are ideal for prospective buyers on a relatively low budget. Even with a small budget, the decision of finalizing upon the exact model to purchase produced by BestMassage can still be a tricky task for many.

With a vast majority of massage chair models categorized under the $1000 price limit, it is essential for you to be able to analyze specific factors before making the final purchase. The most prominent of which can be found in the content I have listed down below as a form of a buying guide for your convenience.

1 - Budget Limit for the Massage Chair 

The limit for the budget a prospective buyer agrees to spend is what makes the most significance upon the massage chair which should be purchased. BestMassage models such as the Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair are ideal for those with a budget limit of $500.

While prospective customers with a $1000 price limit have a more excellent range of options such as the BestMassage E-190 or the EC-06 Massage Chair or even the EC-161, all of which are exceptional at delivering a relaxing massage experience.

2 - The Space Allotted 

Although this particular factor may seem minor; however, it is of the utmost significance for particularly those prospective buyers whom of which are highly conscious about their furniture or live within relatively smaller-sized homes. Bulky massage chairs which take up too much of space within a small room can be extremely inconvenient; therefore, for such cases, space-saving designs like the EC-69 Massage Chair or the  Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair are best advised.

While relatively larger in size massages chair models such as the EC-02 or the BestMassage E-190 Massage Chair would be the perfect choice for relatively more ample spaces.

Aspects such as the weight and warranty should also be considered before purchasing a BestMassage massage chair since both the factors are as such that they may be the result of causing inconvenience for buyers.

The best summarize Massage chairs manufactured under BestMassage, I would state that they cannot only deliver relaxation and recovery but also do such at highly affordable prices for prospective buyers.

Caution might need to be taken when selecting a BestMassage manufactured chair with minimal warranty; however, for the features being delivered as well as highly reasonable prices, buyers cannot complain much about the limited warranty provided via manufacturers.  


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