Best truMedic Massage Chair 2020

With the mission of delivering utmost high quality, professionally relaxing, as well as a healing massage experience, TruMedic, as a manufacturer of massage chairs, is the new talk of the market sphere. 

As manufacturers, TruMedic takes pride in formulating professional high-grade massage chairs that, too, at relatively affordable rates to ensure a life with minimal pain or physical stress for their massage chair buyers. 

If you are on the lookout for purchasing an effective and relatively cost-efficient massage chair, intrigued about TruMedia Massage Chairs, then you have landed at the right place. 

Within this post, I intend to comprehensively review the Best TruMedic Massage Chairs 2020 to analyze whether the claims made by manufacturers are all credible, or are their models genuinely able to deliver what they significantly advertise. 

Without any further adieu, let's take a look, shall we! 

trumedic massage chair reviews
truMedic Instashiatsu Massage Chair, MC-2000, 304 Pound
  • Multiple massage functions including shiatsu, rolling, kneading, tapping, and pressing
  • High-Resolution LCD remote control
  • Heat-Assisted massage promotes relaxation and helps release muscle tension

The massage chair I am about to review is one, which will be sure to catch your eye, at first sight, trust me on this. 

Featuring a highly rare, deep-Brown rustic upholstery and a highly classical outlook, the InstaShiatsu MC-2000 by TruMedic is without a doubt among the most aesthetically appealing massage chairs I have till date come across. 

For its price, I would have preferred a variety of color upholstery choices within the massage chair featuring a similar rustic theme. Still, even with the current beautiful deep-brown upholstery, I will not complain much since I am already a big fan of the way it looks.

Zero-Gravity functioning integrated within the MC-2000 is derived from a NASA-inspired stance astronauts are placed within right before shuttle take-off. The strategic recline aids with eradicating any imbalanced strain being placed upon the Vertebrae of users. 

The MC-2000, therefore, optimizes Spinal wellbeing of users by not only eliminating previously placed strain upon the Vertebrae but also allows for maximum user weight to be placed upon the massage nodes present within the massage chair to optimize penetration. 

An extremely user-friendly LED-lit remote controller aims at maximizing convenience being offered to users. With the help of LED-based lighting, the functioning of the MC-2000 can be effortlessly maneuvered even in a slightly dimly lit room. 

The remote is further designed in an organized manner to ensure users of all ages, including teenagers, can function the massage chair for their session of sheer comfort without getting overwhelmed by the technicalities and multiple features. 

For delivering a deep-tissue massage experience to eliminate strain trapped inside pesky and somewhat hard to reach muscles, L-track rollers are integrated inside the MC-2000 for providing a comprehensive massage coverage area. 

The L-track initiates the massage from the nape of each user's neck, following an automatic scan of the body type of users, and provides coverage till the lower thighs. 

Having incorporated within a sheer total of 6 highly advanced 3-D rollers, users of the massage chair are delivered a massage sensation that mimics the hand-like motions, professional masseuse, and therapists. 

Core acupuncture points are consistently targeted with the help of rollers and strategically placed air-bags to optimize functionality for blood-circulation; thus, helping out with the Lymphatic flow as the eradication of toxins from within the anatomy. 

Highly advanced built-in Bluetooth technology optimizes the quality of excellence and comfort being delivered to each user by allowing them to enjoy the sound of their choice by directly connecting the MC-2000 with their iPod or phone. 

Automatic massage sessions are also among the core advantages the massage chair has to offer buyers. 

The InstaShiatsu program, for example, aims at utilizing subtle; yet, highly effective massage combinations merging air-bag compression, kneading, vibration as well as specialized reclined angles for enhancing the anatomy wellbeing. 

A soothing, therapeutic atmosphere merged with a deep-tissue full-body massage experience; what more could a prospective buyer ask for at the end of a tiresome day!

The one significant drawback of the Instashiatsu MC-2000 is its extremely bulky size, weighing up to 304-pounds. 

Buyers need a professional hand with not only delivering the massage chair to your desired location but also for moving it around indoors, making it quite an inconvenience if additional help is not around. 

truMedic Instashiatsu Massage Chair, MC-1000, 264 Pound
  • Multiple massage functions including shiatsu, rolling, kneading, tapping, and pressing
  • S-Track roller system follows the natural curvature of your spine
  • Zero-Gravity position relieves pressure on spine and mimics the feeling of weightlessness

Are you a fan of an excellent quality full-body air-bag massage session? Well then, I suggest you take a look at the Instashiatsu MC-1000 Massage Chair by TruMedic. 

The highlight feature of the massage chair pertains entirely around its highly innovative, yet, an extremely comforting multi-layered air-bags integration inside the main seat. 

Dual-layered air-bags massage sessions of the MC-1000 are capable of optimizing functionality and enhance penetration levels to attain the desired result. 

Regardless of whether it may be Chronic back-pain eradication or even Arthritis affiliated complications, higher massage coverage via strategically placed multi-layered air-bags will have users wanting more after each session of sheer rejuvenation. 

Unlike the usual massage chair models within the market sphere which do not pay much heed to target body parts such as the hands, the MC-1000 ensures a full-body experience via a comprehensive set of air-bags integrated inside. 

Users can benefit from a dual compression massage experience to relax their arms as well as their hands to ensure circulation is maximized throughout the anatomy and not just core body parts such as the Vertebrae or the legs. 

Auto-programmed massage modes can allow users the convenience of choosing from among highly specialized massage types formulated by professionals in the industry. 

The InstaShiatsu, a preset massage program, exclusive to TruMedic, delivers physical healing and rejuvenation by targeting core acupuncture points located within the anatomy. 

While the InstaShiatsu works its magic, users can also opt for Zero-Gravity, particularly those suffering from Vertebrae related ailments or even an imbalanced posture. 

Zero-Gravity functioning incorporated inside the MC-1000 not only works well with enhancing physical rejuvenation of the Vertebrae but also consistently delivers cognitive ease by mimicking the feeling of being cradled. 

Another great advantage of owning the MC-1000 is its ability to cater to users of all body types. Even if you consider yourself to be a petite or a slightly curvy, tall individual, the massage chair is equipped with a fully automatic full-body scanner to analyze each distinctive body shape. 

Depending upon the body type, the massage chair can re-adjust and place massage nodes to fully cater to natural body curves via contouring effectively for a consistently satisfying massage experience. 

Aside from the automatic massage session, for those of whom that want to play around and create fully customized programs to satisfy varying moods and needs, the manual massage programs of the MC-1000 are an excellent feature. 

Knocking, Deep-tissue Backrub, Tapping, Kneading, Knocking, and Rolling is among the few out of the many manual massage motions the massage chair has to offer.

Users can easily pick from a variety of massage motions as well as merge them with suitable massage intensity, speed, and timing to create their own desired massage sessions. 


As previously mentioned, TruMedic promotes its vision of delivering sheer relaxation to each user, that too at an affordable price. 

The reviewed models do optimize massage chair functionality; thus, maximizing benefits; however, I cannot stand with their claim of being budget-friendly. 

I would categorize the InstaShiatsu TruMedic Massage Chair series in a rather high-end budget than an affordable option. 

Furthermore, although the Instashiatsu MC-1000 Massage Chair by TruMedic is an excellent choice for prospective buyers seeking both cognitive and physical relaxation or even rejuvenation; however, it lacks the feature of heat transmission. 

For its price, I feel as though an adequate heating system should have been incorporated inside. If you have no issues with a lack of heat therapy, then my friend, the Instashiatsu MC-1000 Massage Chair by TruMedic, is a must-buy for you!

Good luck! 

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